Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh no!

One hour...

And we're full-blown addicts.

What do we do?

After just one episode, I couldn't believe this show.

I always knew it was about some people on an island.

I knew they were lost.

I knew the main character looks like Charlie (he does!).

But no one told me about the big jungle monster.

And the polar bears

And the giant boars

And the convict

And the Japanese Man

We watched all four episodes we rented last night.

I stayed up until 1 a.m...I never do that! I'm a late night wimp.

Aaron didn't come to bed until 2:30*.

This morning, I asked him...with deep suspicion in my voice...

"What were you doing up so late? Huh?"

He started floundering around with his words...and then he caved...

"I only watched half of the next episode. I was trying to see if we could watch them on my laptop. I was just testing everything out."

A Ha! I knew it! I let him know that if he cheats on me, he's dead meat. DEAD MEAT.

So what is that huge thing in the jungle?

Aaron says, "It's got to be some huge's just got to be."

I say when this is all over, we're going to find out it's the Iron Giant.

We have loved having relationships with all of you...and having a job...but all that might be over because of our new obsession with Lost.


Steph said...

Oh, girl! I know. I know! My husband and I have watched every season, and what are we doing now, while we're waiting for the next season?...watching it all over again!!!! It's just as wonderful and addicting the second time! I know...we're sick. It's not our's The Island!

Happy watching!!!

Hendrick Family said...


I should admit this, after accusing my husband of having a Lost affair on me...

He's gone all day today working at the shelter...and for the record...

If the next four episodes were here, I would watch them, and then lie about it.

I know...I'm sick! I don't even think I can look myself in the mirror. I have lusted in my heart.


The Lourceys said...

We did the same thing! We actually bought the second season on ebay for only $17. It's much cheaper than renting all of them. We're all caught up now and can't wait for the new season to start.

D.O. said...

YES! Oh man. I'm so excited that you've begun watching the best drama on television. It's truly brilliant.

When you're all caught up, google the "time loop theory"... and read for forever... and be blown away. Then call me and we'll discuss.

Anthony and Sharon said...

Ok, so I just tried to post a comment and it was funny and I took a few minutes typing it, but as internet goes in Southeast Asia, it dropped and didn't post (I don't think anyway)...

There will be only 6 seasons no fears about your unhealthy addiction! It can only be a temporary insanity with watching the next Lost. Also, you will see the monster and believe me, my blog friend, it's so much more creative and mysterious than any ol' dragline in the bottom of a lake.

Also... Emily Lourcey? You read this blog? Did I direct you here? Or did I direct your sister who directed you here? Or do you know the Hendricks? CRAZY small world... this just goes to prove that everything that happens on Lost flashbacks could totally be real.
(Emily and I grew up in the same small town in central Florida. She's adorable. As are her 3 sisters)

Jennifer Bacak said...

What did I tell you?
Sleep deprivation and too much dirty laundry piled up.
That's what results from LOST.
But Rusty and I LOVE it! (and sometimes hate it.)
We caught up on the most current season on our laptops this summer and it worked fine.
Schedule in a few naps, sister!

Kari said...


So when are we having a LOST party???


Did Aaron tell you about a guy at the shelter who looks like Michael, Walt's dad. Seriously! He was like, "Hey I know him..... oh wait.... I'm not in a LOST episode!!" I laughed so hard!!!

Good times, good times!!!!

The Lourceys said...

Sharon, it was you! You posted a link to the Hendricks blog sometime last year when you guys were going to be away for awhile and wouldn't be able to update. I've read it ever since. I'm pretty sure all of my sisters do too...they just won't comment. Stalkers.

Hendrick Family said...

Ahhhh! How cute are you guys?

Happy reunion!


Renee said...

Anthony, Sharon and the Lourceys...
Okay you don't know me Emily but I am a friend of Ashleigh's. So I can say I know Ashleigh reads this Blog because she shared it with her peeps in NC and we all read here(10 of us)
Love me some Andersens especially Shae Shae!! Those Wilson girls are a hoot! Since October Rocks!!
Thanks to all of you for sharing this blog!! Now I have something else to stalk besides podcasts and news releases about LOST.
My Husband and I have watched from the beginning, read all the theories we could find including "Lost is a game".
Renee ( shae babysitter!) NC

The Heslip Twins said...

Lost is very's about the only thing on TV I watch, and now we have to wait until each February for it to return! What torture!

Wait until you get caught's gets stranger and more'll find yourself analyzing each episode trying to figure out what they mean, how everyone is tied together. I think I have become smarter because of watching lost; only because my brain has been working a lot!