Friday, September 26, 2008

Hudson Learns to Laugh

Hudson graduated from smiling to laughing this week!

Most of the laughter on the video is Hudson...but you can hear Ashton's voice too. We asked Ashton repeatedly to be quiet, but I guess laughter is just too contagious.


Denese said...

Way too precious!! I'm having to catch up with all your blogs & that's almost a full time job. Hope to see you & baby Hudson in the very near future. Meg's Mom

Reba said...

He is so very precious. I treasure those little laughs. What a happy baby you have!

pbmciver said...

How cute - I always love to hear a baby laugh or see their smile. Thanks for sharing.

Kirby said...

ADORABLE. I love all the videos you've been sharing!

How come it feels like forever since I've seen you?