Saturday, September 13, 2008

Howjuh Hunker?

What is it about imminent doom that makes me so excited, feel so cozy, and in love with my family and friends?

We in College Station seem to be doing pretty well. Nothing but a bunch of tree limbs and leaves to be found in our yard.

We still have power.

Lots of Houston and none of Galveston has power.

We live about 90 miles from Houston...which means we're about 3 hours from Galveston.

It looks so weird outside, but we're doing well.

The trampoline is still where it belongs.

Good SO does not match my living room furniture.

We spent the evening with sweet friends, eating good food, watching Geraldo be a drama queen on Fox News.

We loved the "Certain Death" picture that flashed on the screen any time the news mentioned the Galveston residents who stayed on the island during the storm.

Certain Death

Who stays in a place with a flashing "Certain Death" picture hovering over their home?

Can you imagine the search and rescue?

When someone gets picked up by a helicopter, what do the people in the helicopter say?

I'm sure the people who stayed on the island get into the helicopter and start making excuses for why they thought it was a good idea to stay somewhere that the police were telling people to write their social security numbers on their arms with a Sharpie so their bodies can be easily identified.

Surely the coast guards cut the goobers off and just say..."You need to stop talking. You're an idiot. What part of certain death did you not understand?"

For, a safe distance from the storm...

For some reason, our hunkerin' involved going out into the front yard at around 10 p.m. and watching each other do gymnastics.

You read that right.

The GROWN UPS took turns doing cartwheels, hand stands, back bends, front hand springs and walk overs.


We don't know.

I still can't remember how that started.

And no...our hunkering did not involve alcohol of any sort.

What I do know is...

I'm hurting and sore.

I haven't done a cartwheel since I was in school...I'm sure of it.

Once our kids turned into sleep deprived lunatics, we went home.

Aaron and I watched Baby Mama.

Oh funny day.

What did you do?

How did you hunker?


marylou said...

fritos and dip.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that everyone is doing great... and that there is still power. Power... that means I will be allowed to come home tomorrow.

I am super bummed... gymnastics in the front yard... that is like my favorite thing to do!! And I would pretty much pay money to see you do a cartwheel... so sometime when you are not hurting and sore... I am going to request that you do another cartwheel... since I know you can do it. :)

I will see you all soon!


Landreneau Family said...

My cousin and her daughter evacuated here with all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. We made beignets, chocolate chip cookies and watched GG.


UW said...

I went to the beach

MacKenzie said...

My brother came in from austin (I think he was the only person driving into college station from that direction) and we ate cookies and watched movies.

Garratts said...

I did a cartwheel and a roundolf(sp?).

I hurt too.

Reba said...

I am in NWArk and we are having the effects of the hurricane...lots o' rain. Apparently this will go on for the next couple of days due to Ike. So we just hung out at home, ate some baked potato soup, and chilled. Last time I tried a cartwheel, I was in pain for days. Now I just cheer my daughter on...

Kirby said...

(Okay...just for the record, Ashley and I SO called this post after you left last night!)

We went to the frontyard so I could practice doing my cartwheel that I was supposed to perform...then everyone else followed.

I'm not sore...but maybe that's b/c I don't quite know how to do cartwheels.

By the way, Asher hasn't stopped doing somersaults all day!

And, one more thing you should all know...Heather acrobatics were BEAUTIFUL...she is a closet-gymnast. I mean, what can't she do?

Anonymous said...

I cleaned my house. Because that what you do when your house might get damaged by a storm! If people are going to come in here and help repair any damage, it's going to be clean.

I also watched my oldest son and his friend design a "wind ship" that they could ride down the street in the high winds. It was quite entertaining watching them gather materials from the garage and decide how to attach them to our "dolly" in a way that would catch the wind and send them flying. They didn't even try it out on Saturday! When I mentioned how sad that was, my son said, "Mom, it's all about designing it. We were bored, so we spent the day designing a cool ship." There you have it. Boys. By the way, they didn't try it out because the other boys' parents wouldn't let him out in the rain! I was the mom yelling, "Let's go, people! It's pouring and there's no lightning! Let's play!"

I believe it's "round off," Ashley, because you "round off" the circle by bringing both feet down at the same time. I'm no gymnast, though. I was a cheerleader back in the day when they didn't have to be gymnasts!


Julie said...

I heard this morning that people are ticked that they're just now getting to them. Uh, again what part of certain death didn't you realize?
I'm glad you and your family are fine.

John Mark said...

I went out with a friend and built a "wind ship", i'm gonna put pictures of it on my newest blog. I probably need to stick with one blog, but I needed another one for my band. You can check out the pics at