Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday

I'm pleased to announce a new segment on Sit a Spell. Hopefully, while Ashton is in this hilarious stage of his life, we can post these regularly.

What is this new segment I'm so excited to reveal?

It's called....(drum roll)

"Guess What Song Ashton is Singing."

Ashton loves music. He loves to sing. He actually can sing really well when he can hear himself doing so, but one of our favorite things these days is hearing Ashton sings songs while listening to his mp3 player.

Bless his heart.

So...try to guess what song he's singing.

Your answer should contain the song title and the artist.

Your prize...bragging rights. If you guess the song, you're pretty dad-gum amazing, since most of the time, Ashton isn't speaking English....actually, he's not speaking any language.

These posts will reveal two things. funny Ashton is. Two...the kinds of songs Aaron thinks his sons should know. If you're only comfortable with worship leaders who never ever listen to any music other than "Christian" then these posts are not for you. You'll be terribly disappointed in us. I promise our kids love and know songs filled with truth from God's Word, but they also know a lot of other songs too.

Enjoy...and guess away! We'll start with an easy one.


Brooke said...

oh my goodness... this is absolutely amazing! besides the fact that he should be the next lead singer for relient K, i'm pretty sure he could barely form a sentence the last i talked to this boy. he's growing up so fast!!!!! i'm planning on stopping down your way in november... and i'll have to hear this live. :) love you hendricks!!!

Bob & Judy said...

No idea - but thank you so much for posting this!

Poppi's guess is something from High School Musical, sung by a guy and his chihuahua.

Love you.


Landreneau Family said...

I have NO idea, but that was so darn cute!!!

Bob & Judy said...

Cheated like a big dog and found it's Sadie Hawkins Dance, by ReliantK

Becca said...

SADIE HAWKINS dance! ok so freshman year of high school my best friend and I were obsessed with this song because we have sadie hawkins at my high school. So we thought it was pretty much the most amazing song! :)

Kelly Owen said...

"Sadie Hawkins Dance" by Relient K

Am I the first one?!

What a fun game... I like this.

alisha said...

reliant k-sadie hawkins dance

too cute!

thoughtsbyryan said...

AWESOME... this is just great. I'm not allowed to guess though... but, if I was, I would definitely have this one in the bag!

Jennifer Bacak said...

I don't have a clue, but that's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Sweet Ashton, we love you!
My favorite part is the "Ow, Ow, Ow!"

Bethan Rogers said...

Sadie Hawkins Dance
-Relient K


The Kramer Family said...

Oh. My. Gracious. How do you have 3 hilarious boys living under one roof? Hudson hasn't quite developed his hilarity outside of his cute smiles and laughs, but my guess is he'll make 4 by the time he's laughing.

My guess:

Reliant K- "Sadie Hawkins Dance"

Now, the only words I got were the first "All the girls in the bathroom talking....." and the occasional "sweater" word.

I hope I'm know. For bragging rights. And life is much sweeter with all types of music making its way into our ears.

Love you crazy people! I can't wait to see what song he sings next. KK is going to HAVE to watch this when she gets up from nap.

matt, larra, and brody said...

Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K!!


Kyle said...

Sadie Hawkins Dance, by Relient K...that kid is so cool!


alice said...

Can't say I know what he's singing but it does sound a bit familar... and my kids and I have had a blast watching. He's too cute.

Loved seeing in the background one of your boys playing a gameboy, getting frustrated and dad??? stepping in and taking it away. Cracks me up only because we have dealt with the same issues here.

Can't wait to find out what he's singing. I don't know any songs with a dog bark in them...

Laurie said...

Could it be....

Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K?

By the way, such a cute video!!!

mary said...

Sadie Hawkins dance by Relient K of course!

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

That was awesome. I'm sure a bizillion people have already guessed this, but Sadie Hawkins Dance by Reliant K. A personal counselor favorite when I worked at Camp Buckner a few summers ago.

This video has made me even more excited about having children!!


so much more without words. said...

Sadie Hawkins Reliant K but we like Ashton's version much better.

nichols family

Hendrick Family said...

Yes, Alice! Don't you love Aaron taking the toy away from Hayden? Ha!

blaire blanchette said...

I am so sad that I missed out on this fun! Heather this is amazing/i'm laughing out loud... I can't wait for the next round!