Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Anson

How do babies turn nine?


Oh Anson...if I could, I would jump on time, pin it down and sit on it. You are growing up far too fast.

Nine years ago, we met you...our first born son. Looking back, it's amazing to me that someone so tiny could change me so much. God used your arrival in my life to reveal a million things about myself and a million more about the Lord. I will be forever grateful for the way you have let me love you, watched me fail, seen my selfishness, heard me mess things up, and forgive me every time and love me deeply. You, more than any of your brothers have had to watch your Daddy and I grow up.  There's always something special about your first born. You were handed you to us, Anson and all of us had to grow up together in so many ways.

Little man, there are so many handsome things about you. I love your smile, your Napoleon Dynamite impersonation and how witty you are.

I'm thankful for you you are - for your brilliant brain, your smart sense of humor.

Nine is hard for your mother, Anson. I just don't want to accept it. I remember when you were two weeks old. Your daddy came into the living room and found me holding you. I was crying. He asked me what was wrong. I said, "Today, he's two weeks old, and then he'll turn two months old, and then two years old and then he's going to be 10 and then 20. I don't want him to grow up and leave." I was a wreck. Your daddy reminded me that yes, those things were true, but he said, "Let's try to remember that today, he's still just two weeks old." I wanted you to stay little forever.

However, as you have grown, I'm thankful for the young man you are becoming, for our long deep talks, for your tender heart, for how you hurt when others are hurting. You are growing up into such a servant. I know I say it almost every day, but really..."What would I do without you?" This home hurts when you're not here, even for short amounts of time. Your love for your family is felt, not just in the things you say, but in the way you serve us, and honor us.

We love you Anson. So much. Grow big, sweet boy...grow in knowledge, grow in strength, in boldness, in love, in truth and grace. As much as it hurts me for you to turn another year older, my heart is also filled with joy thinking of the man, the leader, the husband, the father you will be one day. I feel terribly privileged and humbled to call you my son.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!


Bob & Judy said...

Happy, blessed birthday, precious Anson. We love you so much.

Poppi & Grandma

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anson. You are truly one of the most interesting people I know.


Garratts said...

Happy Birthday Anson! We love you and we are so glad we know you.

Mike, Ash, Reese, Bryce and Carter

The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Anson!! We love you and love being around you. We can't believe you are nine either!

Enjoy this special day!

Matt and Erin

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday Anson! I, too, am in shock that you are NINE! Crazy. Next are the double digits.

You are such a special boy. Your heart is amazing and full of so many wonderful things. And your precious hugs warm my heart each and every time. Thank you for not being "too big" for hugs.

We love you so much and are thankful for the gift of you in our lives.

Uncle Jason, Aunt Lynsey, KK, & Laney Rae

The Kramer Family said...

p.s. I was looking at the calendar today in the kitchen and said to your Uncle Jason,"Can you believe Anson is NINE today?"

He answered,"Are you kidding me??" And had the most shocked look on his face.

Mrs. H. said...

Happy Birthday Anson!
From Coach Harris, Mrs. Harris, and Jake :-)

Heather - so sorry we didn't know it was Anson's birthday on Saturday - the team would have sung to him! :-)

What a beautiful post you wrote!

katemcdonald said...

Beautiful little one is only 17 months old now, but I would swear he was born yesterday- where does the time go???

Jennifer Bacak said...

Anson, we thought of you and thanked God for you yesterday morning. (I hope your Mom told you we called to say so. But sometimes she gets sidetracked...she may have emptied the dishwasher and then forgotten.)
FYI, wonderful Anson, your birthday is also my oldest brother's birthday, and the day Rusty and I met and really started to like each other.
Cool hu?
We love you!
Ms. Jenn and all the Bacaks