Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Lovin

If summer was a person, I'd be hanging onto her clothes right now, pulling on the back of her t-shirt so hard, I stretch it all out and ruin it...I'd be crying, screaming, wailing...

"Please don't go. Please don't go!"

I love summer.

love it

I love vacation.

I love sleeping late.

I love my short to do list.

I love having Aaron to ourselves for so many evenings during the week.

I love the heat.

But only because I love the swimming pool.

When my kids grow up and think of summer, I know the first thing that will pop into their heads is the swimming pool.

We have lived there every summer since Anson was born.

My most precious summer memories have been at the pool.

Remembering when my kids have pooped in it.

No one likes it when their kid poops in the pool.

The whole place gets shut down and everyone there hates your family.

If our kids got caught pooping in the pool, I would never go back...I think I would ask Aaron if we could move out of the state. Seriously...people hate you that much.

I can see it now...Aaron sitting in an interview at a different job...

"So what makes you want to change jobs, Aaron?"

"My kid pooped in the public pool this summer...we had to leave town."

Our kids have CERTAINLY pooped in the pool before, but I'm sneaky...I always grab those little poop specks with my bare hands and get them out of the pool quick before anyone notices.

As a matter of fact, there's a big group of us that communicate our pool plans through email every day in the summer.

We love each other so much we not only swim together but we've been known to not only touch our own kid's floating pool poop...but to reach down, upon seeing poop specks floating out of a friend's kid's diaper and scoop that baby and that baby's poo out of the pool before anyone sees...using our bare hands.

That's the mom's version of Man vs. Wild. It's called Moms vs. the Lifeguard Whistle.

That's love for one another right there...

Pure love.

Like I said...every day, an email goes out that says something like this...

"We're swimming at Thomas Park pool today from noon-two, who's in?"

And then a large group of us descend on the pool, horribly outnumbered by our children...really, the child to mom ratio of our group is insane...

We eat lunch together, swim together, laugh together, encourage one another, say things like, "What's wrong with you today, you seem grumpy."

I love summer!


Kari said...

So much fun!

This was a great summer and once that I will miss as well!

Anonymous said...

yay is that Becky and Kaylynn in that last picture? if im wrong, yall can laugh at me, but ive missed them! I dont know the rest of yall (except thru bloggin) but Becky and I are hope groupers. PS-i dont have kids b/c im definitely not married, but this is something i look forward to. i lived at the pool too until i had to grow up halfway and get a job at 16.

~Anna Wilke~fellow LH member, Hendrick blog fan, and too lazy to make my own.

BrunerAbroad said...

I love that you're not afraid to talk about poop like that!

I hope I have kids one day to take to the pool! But my kids won't poo in the pool. Never. Ever.

Hendrick Family said...

Yes! That is Becky and Kaylyn!


At kid two, I learned to stop saying never! They proved me wrong every time!


Amanda said...

All that poop talk, and I think I'm pretty much done swimming for the summer. (Just kidding!)

That looks like a great group of friends. What a blessing.

Bev Brandon said...

What pictures---how could you not do anything but love it. Cute baby! Stopped by to tell you that Brooke Brandon now officially lives in Austin. We move today!!!

Bob & Judy said...

Let's see - Hudson is swimming at 4 weeks. He'll be driving when he's 12!

The Heslip Twins said...

We never made it to the pool this year. It may be harder next year with another little one, but we're going to try our best! Emmy and Caleb love water.

Please add us to your e-mail list so we can tag along next year.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved spending the summer with you at the pool!

I loved... the water... the friends... the conversations... the diving board...

Everything... thanks for letting me hang out with you and your family all summer at the pool! :)

I am going to miss summer.


Jennifer Bacak said...

You forgot to mention the monsoon of water that hits you when you catch your kids at the end of the slide.
Oh, and if summer was a person, I would be shoo-ing her out the door. Go...go away...I'm tired of sweating...I want to run outside before 9pm...go and stay shorter next time.

Hendrick Family said...

Don't listen to her summer...

she's mean to you

she loves that no good, ugly awful winter

Roll your eyes at her summer, and come sit by me.