Thursday, July 03, 2008

This Crazy Thing Called Life

One minute, you can be trying to hit Patrick Williams in the face with a dodge ball...

And the next minute, you can get a phone call from your adoption agency.

And then, within 24 hours, you can be driving to Houston to meet a birth mom who is due within two weeks.

How's that for crazy and unexpected?

We meet a precious birth mom at 5 p.m. today.

She is due in two weeks.

Pray we love her today and encourage her.

It's so different this time.

This time, I am completely fine with meeting this sweet birth mother, praying for her, supporting her...but I would be okay if her baby never comes home to us.

Not okay as in I don't care. I want a baby. I might even steal yours.

Just okay as in I've learned...God's in control of this, not me. He calls us to love. I'm eager to do so. And no matter what...He'll either grow us by blessing us through adopting a baby...or He'll grow us through our grief, and perseverance as we wait on Him.

Either way...we grow.

And for the first time in my life, I'm fine with growth being the only reward.


Kari said...

Heather, I pray that you will rest in His peace.... And through your growth throughout this whole entire experience, I pray that you will receive more and more of God's wonderful blessing, no matter what that may look like or what form that may take!!!!

Praying for you!
Luv ya all!!!

the amy's said...

so that was the serious call last night. That is awesome. His ways and thoughts are certainly not ours. It's moments like this that remind us. We love you and know that Hendrickville will definitely be 5+ one way or another. GO GOD!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

kristian & katy said...

Looking so forward to hearing what happens!!

Erin said...

Heather, I love you and your family in a way that is only explained by Christ. I, regretfully, did not spend much time getting to really know you all past sundays at Living Hope. But through reading your stories, my heart heart has become so full for you all. I love learning from you as you walk ahead of me in things that I hope one day to do : be a godly wife, raise godly children, write a book, and adopt sweet little babies that need a mom and dad. I am praying for you as you meet with this birth mom today. I am praying that she will encounter Christ as she hears your heart for her. I pray that the Lord will bring you a baby soon, but that it would happen in His time. I pray He would give you a peace about His timing. Praise God that He doesn't know what is good for us but rather what is BEST for us. I love you.

Michelle Omo said...

that's beautiful heather!

SaraEaker said...

I am so stinkin excited about this! It reminds me of Abram when God waits 89 years to reconfirm His promises to him. Abraham was probably just walking along, maybe playing dodgeball with his friends and whamp! God is back talking to Him. Waiting is hard. Expecting is hard. I am so thankful that we have a great cloud of witnesses of faithful people that have perservered before us. It reminds me...I can wait.

Angie Daniel said...

praying for you all and what He has planned!


Jeanie said...

Heather -

What growth in the Lord. You have found the real blessing and it is not just a child. It is knowing in the depths of your heart that God's plan is perfect for you.
In a million years I could not have planned my crazy life story (I will share that with you at another time.) I have simply learned that God loves me so much that He is willing to break my heart to give me what I really need. And the blessings are greater than anything I could have wished for on my own.


BrunerAbroad said...

I'll be praying for y'all!

And on a completely unrelated note, last night I saw a she-male and it made me think of you.

marylou said...

i'm sitting here following kirby's blog to see when McKlayne is going to be born (Charlie can see lots of hair), and to kill time i look at your blog. oh my goodness. i'm just going to pray. y'all are incredible.

bighousetx said...

I am praying for you and your family in the midst of the unknown and the excitement.

Karen said...

Although I have never met you, I read your blog "religiously".

It is really GREAT to see your growth to being able to accept with some ease whether it is a child for you, or simply the opportunity to minister to this woman at a critical time of her life.

That is amazing1!!

lisasmith said...

I'm praying...keep us posted!

Reba said...

I prayed for you tonight. I hope it was a precious time, whatever the outcome, and that God was present. And I continue to pray for your baby...whomever and wherever he/she is...