Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Boy...

I have so much more to write and even can with a baby tied to me...but I'm so tired!

Which is obvious since after waking up from a short nap, Hayden looked at me and said:

"Did you take a good nap, mom?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Oh...good. Because, man...you are looking older and older."


just super

Later, I repeated what Hayden said to Aaron.

Hayden then said, "Well...it's true! You were looking old...and really white and..."

Thankfully, Aaron interrupted our far too honest child and said...

"Go away, and I don't think you need to talk to your mom."

Give us a break.

That's what parenting looks like on no sleep!


Reba said...

Gotta love the honesty of children. :) Today my son was giving me a hard time because we were arriving fashionably late to a swim party (within thirty minutes of the start time). I told him when he has four kids (one just one year old) to get ready, get sunscreened, get snacks/juices packed, and make a side dish for the party...WHEN he can do those things and still be at the party at the starting time...then we will talk. :)

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Way to go, Aaron!

I love that we have cameras - to commemorate all our children's embarrassing moments ... and the internet - to share them with all our friends. :)

Anonymous said...

Amen, Reba! When our adoption worker sat down to talk to us recently, she asked, "So, do you see yourself adopting again in the future?" Mark said something like, "We'll always be open to whatever God puts in our path." I was screaming in my head, "Do you realize that I work out so hard every day because I'm about to be 42 and I'm raising tons of kids, the youngest of which just turned 1recently??? I'll be 100 when he graduates!" But instead I said, "I would find it very hard to turn down any child in need - which is true - but at this point, I'm looking at being 60 when our youngest graduates from high school. I think I'll hold off on any more adoption talk at this point in my life." ha!!!!!!!! She laughed and totally understood.

I LOVE being a mom. Love it! But wow. The thought of going through that newborn, no sleep stage again is a bit daunting! Our 1 year old was the toughest newborn of all of ours, so I'm really thankful to be in THIS stage right now!

Sleep is my friend.....:)