Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Milk and Sharks

Hayden came into the kitchen and said...

"Mom, there's something I've been wondering about."


"I've heard of this stuff called Skin Milk. I was wanting to know what that is."

It's always more fun if you don't answer Hayden directly, so I said...

"What do you think it is?"

"I think it's milk that comes out of your skin."

Never a dull moment around here...nope not a single one is dull.

In other news...

It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

I'd love to blame our love of this fabulous week on our boys...but Aaron and I lived for Shark Week even while we were in High School.

So, in case you were wondering...yes...we've always been big dorks.

Right now, we're spending our evenings bonding with our baby, piled up on the couch with our boys watching Great White Sharks eat people.

What sweet times these are.


Kari said...

We too have been watching shark week, nightly!

It's amazing that I haven't been dreaming that I'm being eaten by one!

Did you see the one last night with the guy swimming with 20 tiger sharks, black tip and oh shucks, I can't remember the other type!

People are crazy, but I love watching them!

The Kramer Family said...

I love Hayden's crazy head and you guys nestling up on the couch watching the mayhem of shark attacks. Hudson is most def being brought into this world Hendrick-style.

Love it and love you!