Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's like peeing in the river

That's going to be my new saying when something is really great.


When we go to a fantastic concert and people ask us how it was...

I'm going to say...

" peeing in the river."

There were so many firsts during my camping trip.

Peeing in a river was one of those firsts.

For days, I wouldn't do it.

That's just gross.

Who pees in the river?

Well, when I took a poll...everyone. Everyone on our trip was peeing in the river except me.


but sort of exciting.

The first time I peed in the river I announced it to everyone.

I stood there...

in the water and declared...

"I'm peeing in the river."

It was exhilarating.

The river was cold.

My tee-tee was hot.

It was one of the most wonderful, relaxing feelings.

I was peeing on myself and enjoying it.


It felt EXACTLY like having your water broken.

Who doesn't enjoy that?

Sitting in that cold room, shivering...and then that hot liquid comes pouring out of your body.

I love it.

And, there are not many things I love about childbirth.

Oh..I love seeing the anesthesiologist walk into the room.

I love it so much that I once told the anesthesiologist that I loved him.

Really. I said that...and I DEEPLY meant it.

Just wanted everyone to know that I pee in rivers.

Heather Hilton pees...

in rivers.

If I were anywhere near a river right now, I would pee in it.


Jon & Sally said...

I just know SO FEW people who would admit that to the world...the WIDE OPEN blog world at that!!
But as long as we're being open, I do indeed share your fondness of peeing in rivers! And, yes, the sheer fun of my water breaking!! ...but that's a whole 'nother subject!

BrunerAbroad said...

I love your honesty.

And I will admit that I have never had any scruples peeing in rivers, lakes, or oceans. :)

D.O. said...

Next step: Pee your pants (or swimsuit) on the shore before you get in the river... its always a crowd pleaser and it goes without saying that its fun.

Hendrick Family said...

Can't wait.

Just thinking about doing that makes me feel crazy wicked.


Anthony and Sharon said...

haha! I havent commented in awhile but this was so funny! I grew up near a river and have peed in it several times.
Also, (only if you watch "Heroes" will this make any sense) But my anesthesiologist was a young, though not as good-looking, Indian man named Dr. Surresh!! Once the medication kicked in I told him he was my hero!

Ryan Price said...

D.O.: That is one of my favorite parts about being at the beach or any large body of non-chlorinated water. Once you get your swimsuit wet once, no one can tell if you just pee in your pants on the shore and then jump in later. Just make sure your swimsuit is in fact still wet and also preferably not white (like mine at present).

D.O. said...

oh no... Ryan... you misunderstood. My peeing-your-swimsuit scenario can only take place prior to entering the water... it makes things exponentially funnier. I promise.