Thursday, June 26, 2008

Did you know...

The man who founded H-E-B was named...

Howard E. Butt?

I think it's always a good idea to go with an acronym if you're naming your business after yourself and your last name is Butt.

I love H-E-B, but I don' t think I would enjoy buying food...ya know...stuff I put in my mouth at a store called Buttmart or Butt Groceries.

It just wouldn't be the same.

But for storytelling purposes, it would have been fun to say...

"I got yelled at in the Buttmart parking lot."


The Kramer Family said...

Ha! I discovered this not too long ago myself.

Can you imagine instead of the "Hill Country" (HEB's label) brand stuff buying...

'Butt Brand Bread'
'Butt Brand Chips'
'Butt Brand Toilet Paper' (now there is a winner!)

I see why he resolved to use an acronym. But I wonder what he named his children?

Ima Butt &
Ura Butt....maybe???

Maybe I had a little too much fun with this comment.

Brandi said...

i swear i've always thought his name was harry.

maybe that's just what texans tell the newbies. snipe hunting, anyone?

Anonymous said...

My daughter's friend tried to convince me that the first initial stood for Harry. I tried to tell her that no parent in their right mind would name their child Harry E. Butt.

Hendrick Family said...

Oh my word, I got so excited that his name was Harry Butt I went and looked it up.

Sad day.

His name was Howard.

Harry Butt Bread.

Now, who doesn't want a piece of that?


Andy said...

In dallas, there is RHD Hospital. D stands for Deadman, which it was originally called, Deadman Hospital.

MacKenzie said...

I heart HEB...I think that is what I missed most when I moved from Texas [with family and friends coming in a close second of course :-) ]

Landreneau Family said...

My best friend in the world's maiden name is Butts. I kid you not. In high school the joke was that she'd have a kid named Seymour Harry.

Becky said...

You simply just CRACK me up!

Anonymous said...

Mark says....

their store brand of baby wipes could be Butt Wipes

their drinks could include Butt Light, Butt Weiser


Butt Buns

vegetables homegrown by Butts

"come see our new Butt - opening soon"

Beef from Butts - "come taste the best"

Butt Soup - for people always on the run!

(at this point in the comment, we were both about to CRY with laughter!)

Butt Logs - bring the scent of our family into your home

Shop at our new Super Store - Big Butt!

Seal up your cracks with our new Butt Caulk

Hendrick Family said...

Ah!!! I love Mark Henry.

So funny!!

I love the caulk one. That's my favorite.