Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who am I?

Just one Mother's Day ago, if I had opened a gift that contained...

A Nike ipod thingy


A wrist band deal for my ipod thingy...

I would have looked up from my gift and said...

"This must be for your other mother."

I might have even cried and thrown my gift bag at Aaron and said, "Is this some sort of sick joke?"

Knowing Aaron, it would have been a sick joke. Then, he would have brought out my real mother's day gift.

Not this year.

When I opened up my cute little gift bag and pulled out those two was beaming with joy. The contents of that little orange bag made a years worth of taking kids to the bathroom right when the waiter hands me my long-awaited tacos all worth it.

Running gear.

Who would have EVER in a million years thought that I would have EVER gotten excited about getting some running gear?

Not me.

I LOVE my neat, white, Nike chip do-dad that clicks into my ipod.

It tells me how fast I'm running.

It tells me how long I've run.

It TALKS to me over my awesome running music.


Thankfully most people sit down to read blogs, because you need to be in the sitting position to hear something of this magnitude...

I, Heather Hendrick ran 3 MILES on Friday...running for a total of 32 minutes...never stopping...and I didn't a matter of fact, I loved it and wanted to keep on running, but Hayden needed me to get a bug net out of the car for him, so I stopped running and made my son happy.

3 Miles!

The lady on the Nike Ipod said, "Congratulations, you just ran your longest run ever" I screamed, out loud, unconcerned about what the other moms at the park would think..."I know! Who am I?"

I mentally high fived Nike voice lady.

The other reason why I love this new Nike gadget is because it told me what my doof-wad problem was.

Want to know why I wasn't getting any better at running?

Want to know why I could only run 12-15 minutes and then almost throw up and die?

Because I was running about an 8 minute mile.

What is wrong with me?

Everyone kept saying, "I don't understand, Heather. If you run three times a week, this faithfully, you should be getting better."

I wasn't.

That's because I was sprinting...not jogging...

Now that I'm jogging, staying at a 10 minute mile, I feel like Forest Gump.

It's mind boggling to me.

3 miles

32 minutes of running


Who's ready to buy some running shoes?

If I can do this ANYONE can.


Remember...I'm the girl that could tell no less than 50 funny stories about all the ways I got out of doing any sort of physical activity in school.

Maybe I should write some of those out this week.

If I would have spent as much time at school learning things as I spent creating ways to get around the P.E. system, I would be a stinkin' genius right now.


The Lourceys said...

That's awesome! You really do inspire me. I just need to get up and do it!

Reba said...

I would welcome any advice you have...I am also one who is and has never been athletic other than a brief stint as a cheerleader in a small town. I avoided PE at all costs. Yet lately running (maybe it was the fourth child that did it) sounds almost appealing to me. But I don't have a clue how to get started!

Hendrick Family said...

This might sound so lame, but really...the first place to start is deciding you ARE going to start.

I believe we Americans fill our lives with so much busyness but end up filling it so full that we quit being good stewards of our health...and we need these bodies to serve the Lord faithfully.

I started by walking 5 minutes, running 2, walking 5 minutes running 2, walking 5 minutes, running 2. (I would try to make my total work out about 30-35 minutes)

I did that forever.

Then, I started walking 5 minutes, running 5, walking 5 minutes running 5 (for 30-35 minutes)

I did that forever too.

After, that I slowly increased my time of running, decreasing how much I was walking, but still only working out 30-35 minutes.

From there, you can start playing around with your distance and time. It's fun.

Where I messed up was, I was running too fast, so I recommend the Nike deal. That way, you can keep right at a 10 min. mile.

And get RUNNING shoes.

I've never spent much on mine.

But, you need running shoes.

And, you need to only wear them when you're running. I got injured a few weeks ago with HORRIBLE shin splints. That's because I didn't know you weren't supposed to wear your running shoes as regular shoes.

I had walked the run right out of my shoes!

Now my running shoes just stay in the car. I put them on to run and take them back off when I get back in the car.

I also have to have music. I can't run without it.

Just start! You'll feel AWESOME. I love the energy running gives me. It's incredible.


Charlie's MOM said...

November 16, 2008....Rock 'N Roll San Antonio Marathon and 1/2 marathon. I see you there....I'll be! Along with 10 other running buddies. Funniest thing...I'm not a runner. check out for all the details. Happy Running, Sara

bighousetx said...

Okay, so do you have any suggestions for running shoes? I walk regularly, about 45 mins. at least 3 times a week if not more. Should I just try throwing in some running in there? Did you ever get that sharp, stabbing pain in your side? I always thought that meant I needed to stop running. Turns out, somebody told me that it's a good sign, it means you are working hard. Who would have thunk it?

Julie said...

Great information! I appreciate it all, including the extra info in the comments. I'm guessing the Nike thing will do the same for walking as for running? I'm only up for walking right now. I'm going to start pricing them now. Thanks!

Hendrick Family said...

Yes! I used to get the stabbing pain, but I don't anymore. I think walking the first five minutes helps.

Running shoes...

My first pair were addidas. My new pair are made by Nike. Both of them were about $40 from Academy.

If you're walking already, I would just keep the walking shoes, and throw in a little bit of running. You will LOVE throwing in a couple minutes of running (maybe do the 5 minutes walking, 2 minutes running at first). You'll be amazed at how much more of a work out you will feel like you had. Then, when your running time increases, that's when I'd buy new shoes.

Yes, the Nike thing will work for walking too.


Hendrick Family said...

Running in the heat is a new thing for me. I didn't start running until late in the Fall. So, the weather has always been somewhat cool.


The only time I could run was between 11 and 12. Holy Vandevanter.

When I was done, it looked like someone sprayed me in the face with a water hose.

And then I went to Academy right after that.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your longest run! 3 miles! That is wonderful! I am so glad you like the Nike + iPod system. It is awesome... I like mine very much! Keep up the great runs! And be careful running in the heat... watch out for heat exaughstion.

> Crystal

brickmomma said...

do you run while your kids play at the park? how does that work? i love to be outside but don't have a trible jogging stroller.....

Hendrick Family said...

Yes! I run while my kids play and ride their bikes.

But, there are only a couple of parks where I can do that. I like to be close to them and able to see them the entire time.


D.O. said...

I'm very proud of you Heather. I'm pretty sure I can't run that far.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. 3 miles... I am proud of you! You go girl... what's next? Basketball, soccer, rugby ...... wrestling :-)?

You are already a Wii boxing champ

Love you Dad!

(Posted yesterday but it did not make it through)

Megan Fletcher said...

Congratulations Heather. Your previous post on now being a runner inspired me. I had joined a gym just a few weeks prior and was doing the elliptical. I've always admired runners too and, just like you, would NEVER have thought I'd run. So, after your post, I decided to add in some running. I'm still doing the running bursts amidst walking. But, reading this post makes me confident that I will eventually get to being a runner. And, you're right, the energy high is great. It just feels so good to know you're doing something good for your body!

fomn said...

I am glad you are feeling improvement. I love gadgets and some of them are actually helpful. One thing I really liked about biking is that there were more gadgets than running. But now, you have computer speedometer/odometer/pace counter like the bicyclist. How cool is that!?

But one more low-tech thing - to avoid shinsplints - stretch before you run. Stretch you calves, push a tree or something to make your foot bend up toward your shin. Stretch your hamstrings. It will save you some down time and it looks sooo like a real runner.


Carrie said...

I like you started running three months ago. I had to start doing something. I am now up to 3 miles as well. I'm going to increase one mile a month. I'm running a nine mile race in October. Don't you feel good? It's addicting. I'm proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I quit running about two months ago, because I was so discouraged at exactly what you described! I hit a wall that I just could NOT get past on the running/walking thing. I would get so bummed when I'd hear about others who ran the whole time without walking. On two occasions I was able to run without pushing the jogging stroller with two kids in it, and I was shocked at the difference in my time! Of course it makes sense, but I was just seeing that same slow run time each day. NOW, seeing your post, I realize I'm running too fast. People have commented before that I run fast, but I felt like I was getting more of a workout. I believe, though, that if weight loss is my goal, the longer, slower running is best.

I have never heard of that cool Nike device!

Congratulations, Heather! I'm so proud and so impressed! You have inspired me to return to the track and watch my pace more closely.


Landreneau Family said...

Can you suggest some good running music?

I cannot believe that I am even seriously considering this!


Hendrick Family said...

Well...I love all 90's stuff!

Some of my favorites to run to are:

Ice Ice Baby
Pump up the Jam
Everybody Dance Now
Waterfalls by TLC

Some other favorites are:

Oh Baby Give Me One More Chance
Ready to Run by the Dixie Chicks

I also love to run to:

Toby Mac
Kirk Franklin

Hope that helps!


Hendrick Family said...


GO Aimee!!!

You can do this and you will love it.

And Melodi...

Soon...I am grabbing you and running WITH you.


smith said...

Great innovation!! I used to run daily in the morning and those Nike+ Ipod shoes are great. Now I can record run data, track our progress, and compare it with up to 50 people in a challenges section.

Reba said...

Okay, this is going to sound like a dumb question, but how DO you run? I never know if I should be leaning more on my toes, my heels, what? I feel so self-conscious when I do it and I am aware of all body parts and how bad I must look. I really don't know the proper way!

Hendrick Family said...


I don't really know the answer to that question. Maybe someone else reading this will.

But, I do know that you're not supposed to run on your toes. As in, your toes should not really get any work.

I'm going to ask someone to answer this question.


Anonymous said...

First, Reba... I am SO glad you asked how to run!! I am majoring in Kinesiology - physical education, so I have spent four years studying this stuff. But... I think that in general physical educators do not do a good job of teaching students how to exercise correctly in a way that is enjoyable... I mean, just read the blog and posts about PE horror stories, and that point is proven. So... it is a very good question!

I found a couple of articles which will give you a LOT of detailed information about running... but let me highlight some important things to remember:

The foot strike: I would argue that this is the most IMPORTANT part of your running form. When you run, the impact force on your joints is 3.5 times your body weight! That can create a lot of stress on your body... resulting in injury. However, if your foot strike is correct, your body is DESIGNED to absorb that force and stress. Ideally... you should be what is called a mid-foot striker. This means that the part of your foot that strikes the ground first should be the middle... of course, a foot doesn't really have a middle... one good way I have heard it described is your foot should strike half way between your heel and the ball of your foot.

Here is a good way to tell if you are doing this... ONLY wear your running shoes for running!! This can help prevent injuries anyways... but after you have run in a pair of shoes for a while... turn them over and look at where the tread is the most worn... that area is where your foot is striking first! You want this to be somewhere in the middle and maybe a little towards the outside of your shoe... NOT on your heel!

When you walk, you roll from your heel to your toe... this is NOT what you want to do when you run! You do NOT want your heel to strike the ground first! Your heel is a bone... bones do not have any spring or give to them... so strinking your heel first is going to increase the impact forces... and could lead to injury. I kind of think of running heel first like running on a rock... not good!

Also, you do not want to run on your toes. It makes your run have too much up and down movement, which is wasted energy since you want to be traveling forward. And running on your toes creates extra stress on your calf muscle... because you are flexing and pointing your toes with every step. Save your energy and your calves by not running on your toes.

Okay... so that was a lot about foot striking... but it is SO IMPORTANT because it can make the difference between having or not having an injury... and wasting energy or running efficiently.

Some other things to remember:

Do not over-stride! Sprinters are taught to have a high-knee drive and to stretch thier leg out in front of them... When you are endurance running... that is not ideal. Your knee should have a lower lift... and your stride should be shorter. When you plant your foot after your stride your knee should be bent, not straight, and your lower leg should be basically perpendicular to the ground. If you are over-striding... you are slowing yourself down... because everytime your foot strikes... backwards forces are being placed on your body from the ground... it is like stepping on the brakes. This is not good when you want to be traveling forward! So... save yourself some energy, and make your run more efficient by not over-striding.

Okay... so what about the rest of your body:

All your motion should be in a forward/backward direction. Do not swing your arms across your body... again more wasted energy. You want your shoulders to be up, back, and relaxed. You arms bent at about 90 degree angles. And your hands to be relaxed, but not flopping around. Do NOT make tight fists with your hands... that is wasting energy also... Keep your head errect with your gaze forward to where you are running... don't stare down at your feet.

That is a long, but still very brief over-view of all the form things to know when running.

Here are some GOOD articles. I thnk they are worth reading if you want to know how to run... the form of running. I read them... and what they are saying makes sense and seems accurate according to proper biomechanics. So, if you have a chance try to read them. Running form is important because proper form will make your run more efficient... all of your energy will begin to be used to help you run forward... which is the goal!

The Perfect Form: Running From Head to Toe by Jane Unger Hahn

(Copy and paste this into your browser.. it won't let me tag it),7120,s6-238-267-268-8210-0,00.html

This one gives a shorter description of what each body part should be doing when you run.

Running for Distance Runners by Rick Morris

This one is much longer... but it relates running form to injury... and he uses some personal examples too.

Remember... eventhough most PE coaches just say... go run one million laps and never explain how to run... proper running form is still something that has to be learned. I still think my running form could be improved... and I am always working to make it more efficient. So, running is like everything else.. it is something you have to learn and practice! You can do it... you may have to run feeling awkward a little bit while you focus on changing your form... but if you keep practicing it will get to where your form is good... and you feel comfortable!!

> Crystal