Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get your shoes on...and everyone push a little...

What is it about leaving home that makes kids have to poop?


What is it?

Every time we go anywhere, someone announces, after being at that some place for about 5 minutes that they have to poop.

We will have only been there 5 minutes!

Maybe I don't understand the inner workings of their insides, but I say, "How could you NOT have known 5 minutes ago that you were going to need to poop?"

While in the store, or at the park, some of my children say "I need to poop" louder than others.

We're still working on that...but they come by their "pride in their poop" honest. They can thank their Dad for their brilliance, their patience...AND their love of letting everyone know when they need to "go."

But I want to know what it is about leaving the house that makes my kids have to go.

Is it the lighting in the store?

The car ride?

Toby Mac?

The combination of the letters, H-E-B?

Big red bulls eyes?

Someone should study this.

I think if you sat my children in chairs and showed them random pictures, when it got to one with a red bulls eye on it, they would poop their pants.

Now, I've been saying right before we leave the house...

"Everyone listen up...I want you all to kind of push a you're trying to poop...and if you feel anything down below...will you just go now, at home, where you can sit on the potty and I don't gag?"

I'll see if this improves anything and get back to you.

So far, there's just been lots of pre-leaving tooting...but unfortunately no pooping.


emily said...

o dear!

i miss the boys so much already! even a post about poop is making me a little teary eyed!


Lindsay said...

Same thing happens with my boys. But it's usually when we are at a resturant when the food has just come, I'm feeding the baby a bottle and am the only adult. I have to drag all of them to the restroom and ask some one to watch our food. Then, the big kid not needing to poop always ends up siting on the bathroom floor and that means that they for sure have to have a bath that night and I'll be washing those clothes in HOT water. And the baby is screaming the whole time because his meal got interrupted. Then, we get back to the table and 10 minutes later the non-pooper boy tells me he has to pee. For some reason, this happens to us alot at Chick-fil-a! Fun times.

Laurie said...


I am laughing so hard. I needed this post!!!

The Kramer Family said...

Yep. I hear you sister.

Public places and dinner time bring out the poop in my girls. It never fails.

Public restrooms are hideous and wiping a hiney in the midst of downing a plate of meatloaf is downright grotesque.

largerneedle said...

So...this has nothing to do with your post. But I thought you might be interested...

CJ Mahaney is coming out with a book on modesty and the seduction of the world.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Oh yes...everywhere we go.

Mine are now too big to go in the girls bathroom anymore, so I find myself standing outside the boys bathroom, cracking the door just a little saying "hurry up guys, let's go".

Becky said...

It's hard to type from the floor!! B/c you just sent me off my chair LOL!!!!!!

Brandi said...

Naptime is like that for us. I make my son go sit on the potty for awhile before his nap. Otherwise, 30 minutes into his supposed "nap," he's coming out to poop.