Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Welcome to Our Art Show

Lately, my baby has been bringing me pictures.

He says, "Look what I made!"

Then I take a look at the great drawing and say, "Really?"

Ashton says, "Yes. I made it."

Then, I have to go confirm with the other brothers.

Come to find out, Ashton really is a great artist! He's only four, and I'm super impressed with the things he draws.

Now, I will admit that it's VERY easy to impress me when it comes to drawing.

The only things I can draw are a coat hanger, a tepee and a butterfly. Really, that's all I can draw. If you ever find a piece of paper at church filled with weird phrases, decorated with butterflies, tepees and coat hangers...that's my paper.

I hate to admit it, but one time, I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about how awful it would be if the game Win Lose or Draw got popular again. When I started seeing jellys and leggings around town, I knew, Win Lose or Draw might be coming back with them. If David Hasselhoff resurrects the Win Lose or Draw game show, I don't know what I'll do. I hate that game. No one ever wants me on their team. I may never understand why people can't tell that when I draw a coat hanger with legs...it's no longer a coat hanger. What coat hanger has legs? No...if the coat hanger has legs, ANYONE should be able to tell that it's no longer a coat hanger...it's a person...my version of a person. What's wrong with people?

Maybe I make too big of a deal when my kids draw other things besides tepees...like animals and D.O. and tanks. I'm elated to see how much they love to draw. There are notebooks upon notebooks filled with their creations around this house. I can't throw them away, but I think Aaron sneaks and does throw them away sometimes. He's not as impressed since he can draw too. Aaron quit showing me his pictures years ago. I would get so excited, I wanted to frame all of them. When I showed them off, it embarrassed Aaron. He doesn't think he's as good of an artist as his wife does.

I'm telling you...I have problems when it comes to people I love drawing cool things. It makes me so excited. I'm overly encouraging. I want to buy them trophies. I show off the pictures Aaron's mom has painted and drawn that are hanging in my house to everyone. Sometimes I show the same person too many times. They end up saying, "Yes...I know. Aaron's mom drew that." People who can draw are SO amazing to me!

So...I thought I would share some of Ashton's cute drawings. I think for four years old, this is superb! True to Ashton's personality, he told me to write the names of the animals on the paper, using ONLY black marker...no other color!

Way to go, sweet boy! I know I'm your biggest fan, but I think you REALLY are such a great artist!


Bob & Judy said...

Great work, Ashton! I especially love the lion! And you.


Kari said...


Great pictures Ashton!

You are an amazing artist!

I especially enjoyed the gorilla and monkey!

Ms. Kari

The Kramer Family said...

Okay, this truly is inspiring. He is good.

I know that he is good because I, too, have a four year old who obviously gets her drawing skills from her aunt. Now I know!

Ashton, I'm so proud of you. You have a gift. There is no denying it!

Love ya!

Hendrick Family said...

Yes...I'm so sorry, Lynsey. That's all my fault. Jason is such a good artist and so is our mom. So...that leaves me being the one who gave KK her drawing skills.

Actually, there are several things I see in my cute niece that make me think, "Man...that came from me. Poor Jason and Lynsey!! Maybe they won't notice."


Leslie Moore said...

I am highly impressed! You are very talented, Ashton! Keep it up! :-)

Carrie said...

he is good!

LD said...

Wow. That is truly amazing. I'm pretty sure those are way better than anything I could draw. I mean, really. I am in awe.

D.O. said...

I like that you didn't even really need to label them. They're that good. I like the monkey the best.

InvisibleJosh said...

I totally taught him how to do the gorrilla, just wanted to brag about that. But seriously, nothing is more therapeutic after an eight hour work day than coming over and helping Ashton draw smiling pigs in green pants. I plan on doing it more in the future!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree w/ your assessment. He truly is gifted. Those pictures are adorable. If you have too many of them, you could share them w/ friends who have no adorable kid pictures of their own. (hint, hint) Think of all the refrigerators he could decorate.

Emily Williams said...

Oh Heather, I idenitify!
I can't draw
I can barely right, i have 5th grade hand writing and EVERYONE knows because I'm writing thank you notes for the wedding. I'm sure when people see my 5th grade writing they are confused why a fith grader would be getting married.

Just to let it be known, you dont' have to be able to write better than a 5th grader to graduate from college, I did find.

I am sectetly worried i'm going to have artistic genius babies someday and they are going to ask me to draw all these things and I'm just going to have to tell them to wait until Dad get's home from work...we can do an intreprative dance and dance it out or something...I'm better at that. But what if I have boys??? Do boys even appreciate interprative dance??

I have thought about it a little bit.
I am glad I can identify with you because I think you are super cool and Godly and i'm trying to be like you and Jenn...but Jenn can draw better than me. You give me hope:)

Emily Williams

Charlie, Kirby, and Asher said...

Ashton! Those are amazing. I am super impressed. You can tell exactly what all of those animals are without the labels (however...they are nice labels...way to write well, Heather!). You are definitely talented...draw all the time!!


Ryan Price said...

I'm glad that your boys like art. Well... at least some of your boys (if I remember right, Anson hates it right?) I'm actually kinda surprised that Ashton likes art considering how much he is "straight-lined". Nonetheless... it excites me. Keep encouraging them to do it.

Nice pictures Ashton!