Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome to My Show...

Is there anything funnier than listening to two little kids playing together?

After eavesdropping on Hayden and Reese playing, I decided to do an interview with these two crazy kids. The things they say separately are hilarious...together...they are pure entertainment.

They were very eager to do an interview, after they found out what an interview is. I sat them down next to me, asked them questions and typed their responses.

Where does the food at the grocery store come from?


It's um...

They, um...

They cook it and then they put it on the shelf.


I think they get the food at the grocery store from a different grocery store.



Like, remember like, if you want some eggs, they come from chickens, because they lay eggs. This guy comes to the chicken place and takes their eggs to the grocery store.


People just look for animals, find animals, kill animals and then people get bee's honey and bring it to the grocery store.

How do two people get married?


They make friends for a long time. Then they get boyfriend and girlfriend, and they do that for a long time, and then they get married.


They find someone, pick them and they marry them.

But first, they get fallen in love.

(lots of giggling)

They are boyfriend and girlfriend. Then they become married. But, the girl has to have this big thing that goes on their head to get married.

So, how do you know if you found the right person to marry?


God tells you.


You can just find someone you like and then you'll say, "Can I marry you?" Some day, they will say yes.

How do you know if two people are married?


You have to go to a place and live with each other and then you'll know if you're married. Oh, and you have to have a wedding ring.


Well, um...if you remember that you got married, that would be good. Or, if you're just walking together or something then that means you're married I bet.

Where do grown ups get money?


The bank.


AND, people give people money.

How do you think people decide what to name their babies?


You just pick a name out that kids are supposed to have...but it needs to be a name that God made.


You just have to think of it. God thinks of it maybe and then He puts it in your head.

How old do you have to be to get married?


30. That's how old my mom is, and she's married.


What about 25?

How do you know if you're ready to get married? And what do you need to get married?


You can ask someone, and maybe they will tell you. And you need a beautiful dress...the girl does.


You have to get flowers to hold in your hand.

You need furniture. You need lights and beds and bathrooms.


You have to have money to get in the wedding place.

Hayden, what do you do if your wife makes you angry?


Pray to make them nice. And, I would give her a Bible...to be nice. And, I'll say, "Next time, you should be nice, and you should read your Bible I'm about to give you."

Reese, what do you do if your husband makes you angry?


I would talk to him about it. I would say, "Stop being mean to me."

See...I told you. Kids are funny.


matt, larra, and brody said...

That is stinking hilarious. I love Hayden's answer to the last question! I started laughing out loud and Brody looked at me like I was crazy. It made him crack up too. What cute kids!!

Garratts said...

I swear I didn't tell her to say any of that.

Although we did just have the boyfriend/girlfriend discussion the other day.

WOW that really was funny!!!

D.O. said...

Love, love, love this. There needs to be more of these posts.

I like how Hayden changed the "Will you marry me?" question to "Can I marry you?"... brilliant.

Claire Borne said...

If all you need to have in order to be ready to be married is furniture, lights, a bedroom, and a bathroom, how is this going to change The Excellent Wife class???

Love you!

Angie said...

Oh goodness this is hilarious! It's all so simple!...just kinda like how Adam was sleeping when God picked a wife for him. No plotting...no manipulative planning... Brilliant Hayden and Reese!

Hendrick Family said...

I think that's called childlike faith.


Ryan Price said...

oh man... this really made me laugh a lot!

I love that Hayden would give his angry wife a Bible "to be nice"... is that an example that Aaron is setting at home?! haha.

Also, Hayden is right on with the magic age for marrying people being 25... in Malawi, almost every guy decides when he is 25 to go find a wife within that year... preferably a girl that is around 15. Gotta have that 10 year gap to ensure the dude kicks the bucket first and doesn't have to cook for himself when he's old!

I love those kids... can't wait to have more conversations with them!

Charlie, Kirby, and Asher said...

These are two of my favorite kids...and this is why.

I think you should just betroth them already! Bring it back!


Brandi said...

so funny. i could use a little more of that childlike faith myself!

largerneedle said...

"Pray to make them nice. And, I would give her a Bible...to be nice. And, I'll say, 'Next time, you should be nice, and you should read your Bible I'm about to give you.'"

Awesome. I'm so busting this out with Bethan. In fact, I'm trying it at work....

but not really.