Sunday, May 04, 2008

Six Years of Crazy

Happy Birthday Hayden!

Six years old?

How can this be?

Most people ask that question and then talk about how time flies by too quickly.

When I say, "Six years old? How can this be?" that means, "I can't believe he has lived this long!"

I'm not joking.

First, it was all his health issues. He was my only child allergic to everything, AND my only child who liked to lick everything. Not a good combination.

Then, it was his total lack of fear.

The health issues have practically gone away.

The total lack of fear...still there.

He had three near death experiences last week.

Three in ONE week.

I'm telling you...six years old...that's a MIRACLE.

First, I found him hanging off the balcony upstairs at church.

I grabbed him and then started crying. My legs were like Jello. They weren't even able to hold me up I was so afraid.

I said, "Did you could have just died?"

I say that a lot to him...and I always, unfortunately mean it.

He was away from me for a total of 20 seconds, ran to the balcony, jumped up on it, was hanging over it talking to kids down below. He was halfway over the top of the rail! My heart is racing just typing this. The kids below...they were all screaming..."Hayden, get down. You'll fall." Ashton, standing upstairs with his brother was SCREAMING and crying, saying, "Mom...hurry...MOM!" It happened so fast.

I yanked Hayden down. I was in tears. Why did everyone else in the building know this was dangerous? But Hayden...nope...when I said, "You could have just died," he said CALMLY, "Oh. I didn't know."

Then, he decided to climb downstairs at the Garratt's house on the OUTSIDE of their staircase instead of inside it. Thankfully, I walked by before he got too far. Again...the "you could have died" speech came out of my mouth. He was HIGH in the air, and down below...nothing but hard floor.

THEN, the Garners invited us to come out to their cool place. At some point Hayden and Garratt decided to go find the momma horse and her baby horse. Sound precious?

All of a sudden, we hear horses galloping. They were coming fast...I could definitely tell that from all the noise. "What is happening," I said? I was expecting to see horses break out, into the clearing at any moment. I was NOT expecting Hayden to come out first, running and screaming. Pure TERROR was on his face.

All I could think was, "Oh crap. What has he done?"

The horses were right behind him, running fast...straight for him. It sounded like a bunch were coming, but in reality, there were only two. Thankfully, I didn't have to remind Hayden to be afraid. He was terrified. He ran to me, buried his head in my jacket and said, "I thought I was going to die." Well, at least that time, I didn't have to tell him.

But...that's my child.

Head first into danger.

The only child I have that would walk out into a pitch dark field he had never been in before looking for a horse he had never seen before.

I always think...

Hayden makes life happen and the rest of us just sit back and watch it.

That's how it goes in our house.

He is the source for much laughter, much drama...he makes our life magical and alive.

I love how Hayden feels everything teaches me so much about savoring all the beauty of life.

He laughs the hardest, he cries the hardest...really...just watching him live...truly inspiring to me.

Listening to him laugh, holding him when he's crying and hearing him pray...there's nothing phony or hidden about Hayden. We all love that about him.

He's our frog catching, animal loving, crazy, rock star child.

He's the brother to call when the other two see something a little scary, or they are unsure...they get Hayden...he'll do it. They are all so strong in their own ways. I love the dynamic that exists between our three sons. Where one is weak, the others are strong. Where one is crazy, the others are sane.

Today we celebrate six years of never doing a single thing normal.

Hayden doesn't eat normal. He thinks we all eat supper so he can perform his dinner theater. He spills his drink at just about every meal.

He won't watch TV...he would rather make life happen than watch someone else's life happen.

He doesn't even walk around normal. If you watch him, at some point from A to B he will dance, or spin, or hop on one foot.

Happy Birthday Child.

Thank you for reminding me to really laugh, to cry, to shake what my momma made me if I feel like it.

You are one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted, precious, creative people I've ever met in my life. How thankful we are that you belong to us!

I pray we make it to seven sweet boy.


D.O. said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!

Garratts said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!

You are the sweetest, funniest, happiest, craziest child to be around.

We love you soooooo much!

Mike, Ashley, Reese, Bryce, & Carter

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday Hayden! You are one amazing kid. We celebrate your craziness today and can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use you. It will be awesome to see!

Love you!
Uncle Jason, Aunt Lynsey, KK, and Laney Rae

The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!!!

We love getting to see you laugh, be crazy, jump on the trampoline and do crazy tricks and catch bull frogs.

We love you!!

Matt and Erin

Anonymous said...


I hope you had a wonderful day and will have fun party this week. I am sorry GiGi and I can not make it to your party. I will be in Knoxville this week :-(.......

We love you.. and just think you are such a Cool, wonderful, crazy guy!. A perfect grandson!

Love you G-Pa and GiGi

fomn said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Hayden!

How did you get so brilliant in just 6 years?

We love you.

Poppy and Grandma

alisha said...


I love being in AWANA with you and playing guitar hero!

You are a super cool kid!

Ms. Alisha

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

I really am so so excited to see your life unfold. The Lord WILL USE YOU in unbelievable ways for his kingdom. I really feel so lucky to even sit on the sidelines.

Love you!!


Bob & Judy said...

When I looked at Hayden's picture, I saw a halo over his head... but as would be expected, it is not exactly round.

Kirby said...

Oh, how we love you, sweet Hayden!

Jennifer Bacak said...

This reminds me so much of Emma!!!! Too many parallels.
Hayden, we adore you! You are a rock star in the Bacak house as well.
I am so glad you lived to see six.
Mrs. Jenn