Thursday, May 22, 2008

Singing on Ice...Love it

Aw dang.

Now I want to be an ice skater.

That's what happens when I see anything cool.

I want to be that thing.

Right now, I'm dreaming of sliding smoothly across ice wearing sparkly clothes.

I wish I were magic and could turn these hard wood floors into ice, and then take every day activities, like cleaning the bathroom or setting the table and set them to music...




and shake my jazz hands

Months ago, we bought the older boys tickets. The plan was for them to go with their Aunt Lynsey.

The tickets cost some substantial chu-ching, so the older boys were the only ones who were going to get to go.

But lo and behold...

Someone I love at church pulled me aside and said she had some tickets to High School Musical on Ice for Thursday night. Did I want them?

Did I want them?

I knocked people out of my way in the name of Jesus to find Aaron and tell him the good news.

Thank goodness church hadn't started yet, or I would have text messaged him during the children's chat.

Most husbands would have to feign excitement over getting tickets to a musical on ice...but not Aaron.

We also got to ask another couple to go with us!

That would have been a hard decision, since there are in fact TWO other men we know whose favorite movie is the Newsies.

Matt Mosier


Charlie Apel

Since Matt is far away this week, the choice was easy.

Kirby and Charlie agreed to go.


The show was incredible.

Basketballs fell out of the ceiling.

The thighs on the skaters were applaudable.

There were fireworks, flips and fifty dollar snow cones.

Our favorite part of the evening was when this lady came and stood right in front of us.

She was facing us.

Just standing there, irritated...with her tickets in her hand.

She sort of looked through Aaron, who was sitting right in front of her and said...with an ample amount of attitude...

"SOMEONE is in our seats."

The old me would have said back to her, in a very sarcastic tone...

"SOMEONE'S been sleeping in my bed too..."

But I didn't.

She stood there looking very annoyed and accusatory.

Oh, this was going to be interesting.

I settled into my seat for the show.

Without making eye contact, she had in fact challenged my precious husband.

He calmly shut down the pretense.

He said gently, yet firmly...

"Really? What seats are you supposed to have?"

That's when I thought, "How sad for this lady. She has NO IDEA who she is up against right now. This is Aaron Hendrick, we're talking about. The man that probably checked and rechecked 14 times that we were in the right seats before letting us sit down. This is Aaron Hendrick the RULE follower. Seating assignments on tickets are RULES to Aaron. They are where you sit. If no one else showed up for the show, except for us, and I suggested that we move in closer, since the auditorium was empty...Aaron would have to take stomach medication because my suggestion of "bending the rules a bit" would cause great upset in his abdominal area. I mean, he'd eventually cave and move up...but he'd be miserable for the rest of the show, just waiting for some police officer to come up and arrest him for seat trickery. Seriously...this lady has no idea what she is suggesting here. Aaron break the rules and sit in the wrong seats? No freakin' way. If she's right, and Aaron's wrong, my world, as I know it will CRUMBLE right here in Reed Arena."

She replies...again, not looking straight at Aaron, sort of talking loudly to the ceiling...

"Row J. Seats 7 and 8."

I started to feel a little nervous.

We were indeed sitting in row J, seats 7 and 8.

But Aaron calmly says...

"Section 107?"

She fumbled for a second...

"Oh. No. Section 106."

"This is 107. 106 is to your right," Aaron said.

She apologized to the sky and walked away.

I said, under my breath..."You can't touch this, sista."

My husband is the MAN. The man.

The sit in the right seat kind of man.

Unlike his wife...who once got tickets to a show at Rudder, acted like I knew what I was doing...drug Aaron into the theater with watch a Christian dance performance...

We got in there and these people were on the stage doing some dirty dancing.

It was rated R. They were gyrating and doing things unheard of right before our very eyes.

I was thinking, "Wow. Charra has changed."

Disgusted, Aaron looked at my tickets and explained to me we weren't just in the wrong seats...we were in the wrong theater.


From then on, it was all Aaron when it comes to tickets and seats.

Seriously though...the show tonight was amazing.

Any time Disney does anything on's so worth going to see!

I will be the first to admit that I am easily moved by anything big, dramatic and grand.

I'm moved by mass worship.

At church


At Disney on Ice

Any time there's lots of people in a room expressing emotion in one, heartfelt, unified way...

It moves me. My eyes watered up several times tonight. Really. It's ridiculous.

Tonight I heard little girls screaming and cheering when relationship issues were restored.

Several times, I zoomed out, away from the show, pulled back, apart from the cheering and watched everyone watching. Fireworks illuminated faces...faces filled with hope.

I saw an audience in love with love.


BHG & Co. said...

John Eldridge makes the point in his book Epic that every movie that resonates within us, and every book we connect with does so because it shadows our story. You know, the story God has written for us, the one that has been etched on our heart since creation.

Think about it... love, adventure, redemption, salvation, distress, danger, rescue, enemies, heroes... All these things are present most completely and purely in the story God has given us.

Amazing. Even in our lostness, our hearts cry out for God. As Paul said in Romans, we are all without excuse for the sin and depravity and rebellionin our hearts.

oh yeah... and on another note...


I was getting a little nervous there for a second. You built the suspense well. You know, just like the movies. You know how it's going to end and yet you're not sure it's going to end that way. What was I thinking? as if Aaron could have been in the wrong seats...

but that does beg the question... How can this one man possibly be Aaron-the-rule-follower and, at the same time, be "the Anointed Man of God" who speeds?

AHHHH!!! I am such a doof!! Anointed begins with an "A"!!! His initials cannot be O-M-G!! It would be A-M-G... which doesn't sound nearly as fun.... how did that happen?!?!? AGHH!! idiot![repeatedly banging head on forehead]

Brittany said...

I wish I had known ya'll were there! I am working wardrobe backstage!
I wish I could see the show though. I just listen to it over the speakers.
I miss your family!! Can't wait to see ya'll soon!!

D.O. said...

"But you already know that part of the story... I probably don't even have to tell it..."

Hendrick Family said...

Yes, Bill.

We should sit around and analyze Aaron next week.

Aaron and I went to bed talking about how wonderfully strange he is.

He only seems to break the rules if jail or a real life ticket are the result.

He will speed (a little).

He will drive around town with expired stickers on his windshield.

And yet, he would never walk into a Sonic to ask for a straw, because that's the's for employees, him going in there...that's against the rules.

I laughed hard at Aaron last night when he said...

"If I weren't saved, I'd be a bank robber, but you know...I'd still sit in the right seats."

That's him.

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

I thought I was the only one who ever "pulls back" in a crowd and sees all the holes in people, the intense singular longing of an entire group of people, the whole brokenness of us all at once, and seeing where it's all going... what will be one day... the time when "what no eye has seen" will indeed be seen, by all eyes, in all its glory.

I'm glad I'm not alone. It does bring tears to your eyes.

Hearts always longing for that One - God. Even when we don't know that's what we're looking for, He always is.

I love sitting in the right seats. Even if everything else in life is going wrong, sitting in the right seats makes me feel peaceful - order has again been restored. All because someone took the time to label a chair with a letter and number and gave me a piece a paper that said to sit in it. LOL