Sunday, May 25, 2008

My life with boys...

Hayden: (Walks out of the bathroom into my bedroom. Comes over to give me a hug. Looks up at me sweetly and says, so earnestly...) Mom, I really do wish you had a wee-wee.

Me: Ew! Not me! I don't want one of those things!

Hayden: (again, ultra serious, sort of frustrated I find this topic a joking matter) Mom. Really. You should have a wee-wee.

I started laughing, since Hayden made it sound like the only reason I don't have a wee-wee is because I haven't gone out and bought mine yet.

Me: Why do you want me to have one?

Hayden: Because, when I go places I can just stand, like this and tee-tee (he demonstrates, of course) But, when you go places, you have to do this (he then does a pretty accurate impression of me, squatting, hovering over a public potty).

Again...much laugher on my part.

Hayden: Mom, I'm serious. Standing is much better than what you do.

I was still laughing at how matter of fact he was about this subject. He wasn't acting like it's unfortunate I don't have a wee-wee. He seemed to be trying to sell me on the idea of purchasing one. The whole situation felt like a sales pitch.

Me: Well, even if I wanted one, where would I get it?

Hayden: (thinks for a second...sighs a couple times). I don't know. (another sigh) I just WISH you had one.


D.O. said...

Hayden is absolutely right. Having a wee-wee makes the tee-tee life SOOOO much easier.

Excellent observation Hayden.

Rhonda said...

Hi Heather - I am a first time lurker. :) I wanted to know what the nike ipod device you talk about is called and if you have the nike shoes they recommend to use it with...I bet they're expensive!! I have been "toying" with running for a while now and think this device would push me to really work harder!! Love your blog!!

Hendrick Family said...

Hi Rhonda...

Aaron bought the Nike thing online. I already had an ipod, so the Nike chip just snaps in.

I don't have Nike shoes. I've never bought expensive shoes. The most I've spent on them is $40.

You can get a little case that the Nike thing goes in, so you can put it on your shoe laces! That's what I do.

Good luck running. I never thought in a million years I would say this but...running is amazing!


Serenity said...

I've come to visit your blog a few times and have enjoyed each little bit! This one I laughed the whole way through because I have had similar conversations with my boy. And weird conversations with my little girl who kind of wishes she could have a wee wee so she could stand up and pee like her brother. Pretty funny stuff, those kids.
I just put you on my favorites- I'll check on you more often now.
Thanks for your openness, candidness and ability to weave the kingdom of God into all of it.

The Houstons said...

things I have to look forward to!..LOL..Jon gets such a kick out of your sweet lil boy stories!
I was soooo excited that you commented on my blog! :) Glad you found us...Im not sure why you didn't know about
Miss all you guys! We try to listen to Butch as much as possible online to keep up with what God is doing there...incredible! only request is that I wish WISH WISH they could put worship online too...I miss that terribly!

Anonymous said...

ha! This so reminds me of when we brought Hannah home from the hospital to 3 brothers. They watched me change her diaper and one of them said in such a forlorn voice, "Awwww...she doesn't have a wee...." They felt so sorry for her! ha!


texasmcvays said...

Okay...In the nursery she walked in on some boy going potty. They notified me and I was like "Oh, no big deal she was removed immediately etc..." Well apparently not immediately enough because soon after this I found my Parker in the bathroom trying to pee like a boy! And she was very, very frustrated she could not aim! Looked at me and asked me for advice?!?!?! Too funny...