Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You're Invited...

To another crazy, encouraging, meaningful, night of fun!

Remember Hairspray?

Well, get ready to re-live the insanity.

On Friday, May 2 at 6:00 p.m. we will meet at the fountain (near Rosa's, It's a Grind and Blue Baker). We'll split up, eat dinner and then go watch a movie together on the big screen.

EVERYONE who comes, must wear, either a wedding dress or a bridesmaid dress! Hooray!

No one cry. I didn't say you have to wear your OWN wedding dress. You can wear ANY wedding dress or bridesmaids dress...the older, the uglier, the down right more hideous...the BETTER!

We'll all descend on the fountain at 6:00 wearing wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses!

We'll break up and go eat in small groups at the restaurants nearby.

Everyone who is married is invited to bring their wedding album for us to see and holy cow...laugh over. Aaron and I look like we were 12 when we got married!

The cost is $5 per person (this does not include your food). That money will go towards buying the cake and renting the building.

So...get your group together, RSVP here and then, go find something crazy to wear!


D.O. said...

It's not uncommon to look 12 years old when you're 13.

Kari said...

Heather, YEAH!!! I loved Hairspray and this sounds like so much fun!!!!

I can't wait!!!!!

BHG & Co. said...

I know that I will not be attending, but I want to throw in my 2-cents about the movie (can I still get a vote?)

Runaway Bride - not a big Julia Roberts fan (i know that is almost as blasphemous as saying you don't like Oprah)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is really funny, but you have to watch it with the Greek subtitles.

Father of the Bride - definitely gets my vote! It's got the unique perspective of being from the father's point-of-view. And by far, has the healthiest (of the three) relationships. Though the others provide an interesting contrast.

That's all I got! Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

ooooh! I want to come! Who wants to adopt me??? (21 yrs/jr at A&M) not sure if this means I need two older women, or one older and I can find a younger...

and by older I mean WISER. of course.


Hendrick Family said...

Hooray! I have my dates!

Marylou and Emily S. are coming with me.

Can't wait.


The Mosiers said...

Silly Angie you're coming with me and Jenn! Yay!!

P.s. Angie is sitting right next to me right now.

cristina said...

okay, this is SO fun. i wish i lived in town.

i'm officially going to come out and admit how jealous i am at the awesome community of women i witness on this blog (via comments and such). yes, i'm breaking commandment #10--so i'll confess that.

i had lunch with a mutal friend of ours--emily (formerly tune)...told her how i love your blog and community of women. is SO crave that...


but seriously, y'all have a WONDERFUL time!

theBirkenfelds said...

I will adopt Angie, if you would like, although I do not know you I don't think! :) I'm not much older, actually I may not be older at all.. but I am married!! Now we need to find someone older than us.

Also, can we have more than 3? I want to envite my mentee too!!


theBirkenfelds said...

Oh yah, Kari-- you should join us (us meaning Angie and I if she accepts my adoption), if you would like! :)

SaraEaker said...

Alright, well Liz Amy and I are going we need a third person. They have to be yonger than 23 or older than 26! And Liz is taking care of the marriage requirement! I AM SO EXCITED!

p.s. my vote is for father of the bride also!

blaire blanchette said...

oh my goodness...

I think this might make the news headline.

You should actually have someone secrectly fliming people's responses as the bridal party arrives at different locations. It could be like a documentary!

I am VERY sad that I will be out of town, ironically enough, at a wedding!

I will wear my bridesmaid dress there though!

Hendrick Family said...


And Cristina...YES, this is a wonderful blessing having these amazing women in my life. But, we weren't always wonderful. We had to learn. We had to learn how to be wives, and learn how to be moms and learn how to be friends. It's been slow going, but praise God...we're seeing such beautiful fruit!

About 8 years ago, there were just a few women at our church who knew what the Bible said about being a woman and a wife. There were only a few that wanted to figure out this mentoring thing. can start small...and then grow into something truly amazing and yes...enviable!

Make it happen where you are! All it takes is a few women with teachable hearts...and God's Word!


Leslie Moore said...

Count me and Carolyn Kirby (youngest) in! We're waiting to hear from an oldest/wisest (Kellie Williams) but if she can't come we need an older lady!

My vote is for Father of the Bride!

Jenn said...

ah stink. i can't come either ... oddly enough, like blaire, i will be partaking in prewedding festivities in dallas.

have fun and please take photos! esp women who wear their wedding dresses!

Anonymous said...

I want to come! I just love wedding cake. Really, I do. I have dreams about mine and crave it all the time. I would love to put on my wedding dress again or try to fit into my mom's. She was so skinny when she got married!!! Didn't she eat cake???

I vote father of the bride because it makes me laugh, and every "party needes a pooper" true, especially if there are babies there!

Ya'll have a great time!

Emily Williams

Anonymous said...

Oh Meg...thanks, but my mentor and Jenn claimed me...and rightfully so.

Kari- CANNOT wait to wear your old wedding dress with the poofy shoulders. Oh the times to be had...

Heather- Shared the story about Ashton's poop falling out of his body real fast on the floor with Tom in a very quiet computer lab, and I thought we were going to get kicked out from the EXTREMELY boisterous laugher coming from that tall man. Oh dear. Hilarious.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Yeah, Sara asked me tonight so I am your third...I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

We're in!

Melodi - older AND WISER!!!! :)

Whitney Swanson - younger

Hannah - youngest

I know that we'll need women for Brynn Hammond and Halei Colbert - what about you, Kyle?? Brynn is older than Halei, but only by 3 years. Maybe we can find several women??

I vote Big Fat Greek Wedding, but will be happy with any of them!


theBirkenfelds said...

Angie- yep I saw Erin tonight and she told me duh you were going with her!! Yay!

So, Andrea my mentee is coming with me, Kari are you in? I am going to call Joanna Philips as well and ask her to come too! :)

Anonymous said...

why isn't there a man night planned?



Kari said...


I'm in with Whitney and Sydney, still need to ask Sydney mind you, but Crystal needs a younger and married...Megan...what about you???

Cathe is checking her schedule. but she would need 2 younger!!!!

I still need to find a babysitter as my husband will be out of town!

Anyone know of anyone that isn't going to come!:) I may have to find some men to watch my little men!!!

Let me know if you know of anyone!

Ber said...

this is wonderful.

....i need either: 2 people older than 22, or one older and one younger.



Anonymous said...

i'm in need of adoption! i'm 20, so i'm thinking that's either middle or younger. any takers?

--georgia kate

Jennifer H said...

I'm in, but need some others. Anyone? 27, married.

Sounds like fun!
Jenn H

Rachel said...

I am 20, does that make me young enough to be your younger girl? Cuz I still need a group :)

This is going to be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Friends...

I would like to come... but I need a group... and I don't know how to find one... I am single college student... so if anyone needs one of those in their group let me know...

Also... the closest thing I have to a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress is a dress from being in a house party...

So... it looks as if I would like to come, but I am not prepared... no dress and no group...

Feel free to help me...

Crystal Wingert

alisha said...

I guess I better post on here!

Sylvia Robinson - older/married
Alisha Lombardi - middle/ 25
Younger - ????? Sylvia's daughter wants to come but would like to be in a different group!

Valerie is planning on coming but hasn't confirmed her group yet!

We'd welcome "orphans" :)


Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hendrick Family said...

How fun is this?

Some thoughts...

First, I love all this adoption talk.

Second, Bill can't vote...he's a boy, but he could mail his wife to us.

Third, can go to resale shops and get hideous dresses, wedding or bridemaids funny.

Fourth...there is a boy's night planned. It's called, "Aaron stays home and plays with his cute little sons." Talk about a party.

Fifth...try to keep the groups no bigger than 6. This is just a recommendation. Larger parties take a longer time to seat at the restaurants, plus, everyone needs to be able to hear each other talk.

And finally...

I can't wait! Is everyone finding a group?


BHG & Co. said...

What?!?! I CAN'T VOTE?!

Okay, I guess that's right, but since my wife never posts can I have her vote?

If not, I will simply lobby for votes... Father of the Bride is currently the front-runner for a reason: funny, touching, Frank (no, pronounce it the other way), Steve Martin... plus Yan-way Si is Heather's and my anniversary.

So, that's my loobying speech (for now), even if my birthday-twin wants to cast her vote another direction.

p.s.... can you "mail" a person? I mean, who does that?

valeriepalerie said...

Hey Heather! This sounds like great fun! Me, Mandy Pratt, and our freshman friend Amanda Seaman are all wanting to come. Mandy and I 21 and Amanda is 19. If we need more diversity in age please let us know. We are totally excited about coming!!

Hendrick Family said...

Yes, guys need an older lady. I know Mandy is married, but how fun to have an older woman. You are all such babies!

Here are some ladies to ask...

Kendra Duty
Kelli VandeVanter
Erin Colvin
Levita Marshall
Dena Palermo
Lynsey Kramer
Judy Dornak
Ashley Garrat
Cindy Freeman
Debi Stoll
Amanda Garner
Emily Ward
Kyle McVay
Kim Maass
Kelly Heslip
Ouida Edison
Joanna Phillips
Michelle Tipton
Gabby Worley

Okay...I could go on and on.


Hendrick Family said...

And Ashley Kinnard, Staci Stellges, Barbara Branan, Kathy Hutton, Jean Reavis, Larra Palermo, where is my Kirby?


emily ward said...

YEAH!!! we canceled a family Astros game so that I can come! I went by the antique shop (its yellow) on Texas between University and VillaMaria and they have about 5 wedding dresses for $15-22. Of course 3 of them are a size ZERO-gag me with a pitchfork. :) Theres some hanging when you first walk upstairs and then some stowed away in the back room on the right-and let me tell you they are modest!
I had a fun idea that I think we should incorporate. I think we should bring comfy p.j's or lounge clothes to wear for movie time but still keep our veils and blingbling on. I am going with Amanda Garner?Brittany?JoLeah?... somewhere between 3-6. Can't wait!
And Heather just say the word and Stephen is so there for pictures!

theBirkenfelds said...

I don't know Crystal but I can be with her or I can be with Cathe or both really and I am bringing my younger mentee, Andrea, who will be the youngest.

Sp, does this sound like a group? Crystal, Cathe, Me, Andrea. Let me know if that works with them!


Carrie said...

I want to wear my wedding dress again! So not in style 10 years later.

texasmcvays said...

I guess I'll miss this one too because that is the night of the Preschool Ministry Teams Appreciation Dinner. And well since it's at my house I guess I should probably go...lols.
Ya'll have fun now and I'll try to catch the summer version!

Michelle said...

Does somebody want to claim me? I am a 20 year old college sophmore, female, good hygiene!
-Michelle Head

emily said...

i'll post for kirby!

our group is:

kirby apel
ashley apel (and maybe her mentor?)
emily bruss

:) can't wait!!

ps... we're FOR SURE gonna find a wedding/white dress for preggo kirby. because lets be honest. how hilarious would that be!

Anonymous said...

Meg - Thanks for offering to let me be in your group... but I found a group. However my roommate, Colleen, still needs a group so I will see if she wants to be in your group. She is most likely going to call Cathe tomorrow to see if Cathe can come. So that could work.

My group is:

Candice Sutterfield
Crystal Wingert
& Younger*

*I will let you know who our younger is... Candice is going to ask her. We could have both an older than Candice and a younger than me...making our group 4... but I will let you know.

Crysal W

Anonymous said...

i'm definitely coming, and i am finding the most hideous dress in town and wearing the heck out of it.

so, yes, emily, i'm definitely in your group. no question mark needed.

i'm so excited!

and my vote for movie is definitely "father of the bride." so funny.

yay! ~joleah

Jennifer H said...

Okay, first off, I completely forgot how old I am - so that would be 28 in need of older or younger.

We have two for our group so far.
Jennifer - 28
Janelle Huffman - 22
Younger or Older??

This will be hilarious!

Jon & Sally said...

Ok Cristina!
I've decided I think you should drive up to College Station with 2 cute ladies like yourself and join in on the fun!! SERIOUSLY! You said you want community like's a way to start!!
I figure the drive is just like driving to the Woodlands for a Girl's Night Out!!
And here's an idea: Your younger can be Lindsee Eddy! I know she would just love it and she's already got some bridesmaid's dresses to wear (hopefully she won't pick the one from MY wedding as the hideous one!!).
If I were in CS, I'd adopt you myself! Hope you have a blast! And DO IT!!! You WON'T regret it!

Candice said...

This is going to be a blast! I know I'll be there and I'm working on getting an older and younger. I'll let you know if I can't find anyone.

<>< Candice Kelm (23 and married)

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Ana White wants to join our group so that would be

Liz Amy
Sara Eaker
Kathryn Berilla
Ana White

I can not wait!!!

Saja said...

I'm a 21 year old here looking for an adoption. I like cheesecake, finger paints, and wearing my mothers wedding dress.

Sarah Carpenter

bekah said...

I have 2 so far, and waiting on a younger.

Jeanie Cochrane (married)
Rebekah Gooden(me)
DaShonda Smith (married)

and maybe Megan King (younger)

Margaret said...

Hey Heather,
I'm not in a group, but I want to come! Can I be adopted? (I'm 21) Thanks!-Margaret

Anonymous said...

This is our group:

Fern Ward (Older)
Candice Sutterfield (Middle)
Colleen Caloway (Younger 1)
Crystal Wingert (Younger 2)

I am very much excited!


Jennifer H said...

Okay, we've got 3.
Jennifer H, Janelle and Georgia Kate.


the groves said...

Heather! I am still working on my group but I am coming..just wanted to rsvp. :)


Christina said...

Hey guys I would love to come and have invited my younger friend who is currently engaged! But we need an older married woman (not hard since i'm only 21 and 11/12)! So if any of you need a group or know of anyone who wants to come let me know.

Anonymous said...

Another group is joining this wonderful extravaganza! It consists of Kaylene Carpio, Nellie Evenson, and Kristin Schroder. We are so pumped!!!

And I am speaking for myself on this one, but if my vote still counts for the movie, I go with "Father of the Bride". A classic. It never gets old.


PrayforJapan said...

Not sure if my comment went through or not, but another group is joining the fabulous wedding extravaganza! It consists of Kaylene Carpio, Nellie Evenson, and Kristin Schroder. We are so pumped!

And if my vote still counts, I'm going to speak out for myself on this one and choose "Father of the Bride" as my pick. A classic...never gets old.


The White Family said...

As of Sunday 4/27 this is our group

Liz Amy
Kathryn Berilla
Sara Eaker
Ana White

I am so excited!

Christina said...

Another group
1) Hannah M
2) Christina W
3) Marcia K (our married lady)!

soooo excited!

alisha said...

Valerie and I are coming, and I know Sylvia is with me, but other than that we've invited Sylvia's daughter & Rebecca Casey (she works in Awana with us) but those aren't confirm, but we'll confirm tonight, so we might need to adopt or be adopted.

steph-a-ronie said...

Hello :)
I'd realllllly like to attend.
My name is Stephanie; I'm 24 and single.

I've read through these comments trying to find a connection... Bekah, I sent you a message on your blog to borrow one of your married women. If that doesn't work, is anyone looking for a single woman to join a group?

theBirkenfelds said...

Ok so I'm pretty sure this is our official group:

Jenn B
Erin M
Megan B
Andrea A
Emma B

Absolutely positively cannot wait! :)

Anonymous said...

my roommate and her cousin are coming along with me, so it looks like emily ward's group has bumped up to 6. just letting you know for cake reasons. :)


Jennifer H said...

I am adding a 4th to our group. Chenae Duerden is a friend of ours who attends another church.

When do we need to get you money, Heather?

Jenn H

Ashley said...

Last minute decisions...but we are going to be there!

Our group has 4 (sorry to break the rules):

Kacey VanDeaver
Danae Johnson
Chelsi Pohlmeier
Ashley Kinnard (married - yay!)

I have 2 wedding from the wedding & one from the reception. However they are the cute little storybook ones...