Thursday, April 03, 2008

Summer Thighs

Sitting on the couch

with boys

and a book

reading about shoes

on centipedes

Out of the corner

of my eye

I spied

a thigh

a roly-poly

baby thigh

calling to me

"Come squeeze."

I obliged


and said

"Oh how I’ve missed these little legs."

Winter steals

baby thighs

and hides

them under piles

of clothes

Summer is coming again

And giving back

My baby’s skin


Hendrick Family said...

Summer is coming!

My kid's legs sticking out of shorts told me so!

Is it just me, or have you all missed seeing your baby's skin?

I have missed my little underwear boys.

I've missed having access to so much of their legs and their backs and their bellies.

I can't wait for summer when their skin is always sticking out, an all you can squeeze buffet of softness.


D.O. said...

Not here. I'm still wearing socks... terrible.

cristina said...

this is precious!

The Kramer Family said...

Okay, this poem is pretty much adorable and I think you are adorable for writing this and expressing in such a creative way what us mom's with chunky babies are feeling.

I love me some chunky baby thigh! I get to see them walking soon in bloomers. I can't wait!

Love you!

Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

All winter I've anticipated each bath, just waiting to see my lil boy's skin!! I cheer, "Naked Baby!" and I guess I did it quite often because now Jude cheers, "Naked!" too!
I love your poem! It's SO what I wanted to say! Hooray for Soft Baby Skin!