Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now We're the SAME Age

Happy Birthday Husband!

I love it when we're the same age.

For his birthday, I thought it would be fun for others to write some of their favorite things or favorite memories about Aaron. I print our blog once a year and have it bound, so all the comments will be kept for Aaron in our scrap book. What a great gift!


Aaron said...

Thanks honey.
That was super sweet.

Except now I know that you've been messing with the rugs on purpose!

You're killing me.


The Mosiers said...

So many memories in only the past few months...

How I find myself taking like Fez...

How I still can't stop singing "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On..."

How this time last year I had never drywalled anything and how I never plan to ever again.

How Erin and I devised a plan that its better to call Aaron BEFORE we call 911.

The time the grill exploded and burnt our tree, all while Aaron calmly put baking soda on it.

The time, right after we moved in, we left and there wasn't a deck in the backyard and we came back a few days later and there was a full deck.

The time we ghetto rigged the jeep.

All the Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

So many more...good times.

Happy Birthday Aaron.

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday Unca Aaron! You are pretty swell!

I must say my fondest memory has to be the squirrel incident. I feel honored that I was the one to experience the madness with you......a story that has been told to hundreds.

For those who haven't been told:

Jason and I were living with Heather and Aaron at the time while we were waiting to close and move into our house.

The bedroom we slept in had the accoustical ceiling tiles. Night after night, Jason and I would lay in the bed just waiting for the ceiling to fall on us. It looked and sounded as if small gremlins were having a party in the attic.

Well, a few days later, Heather walked back into the room to do something, and noticed part of the ceiling had in fact fallen down. I wish I could have seen the look on her face.

She quickly closed the door and went straight for Aaron. I don't remember if he was home or if he came home from work (it is a high possibility that he came home from work because he was cool like that). But, somehow Aaron appeared to save the day.

I grabbed the video camera because I was fully prepared to win all of us some major bucks on America's Funniest Home Videos. I have a warped sense of humor.

Aaron entered the room to survey the damage and perpetrator. The gremlin was in fact a mama squirrel with her cute little baby squirrels nestled in the corner together. I'm sure they were freaking out as well.

I was outside the window video taping as Aaron freed the mama and her babies one by one- with leather gloves on. The last baby was a feisty one. As Aaron went to release the beast, instead of going south towards the ground, it went north towards Aaron's face and crawled up his arm.

He pretty much screamed like a girl and did the cotton-eyed Joe. I've never seen a look of shear terror on Aaron's almost always calm face. It was a first for me.

We all had a great laugh watching the tape over and over. I even think Heather had a 'Squirrel Ninja' party that night (of course) inviting anyone who would come over to watch it. It's a travesty that the tape is MIA. If you know the whereabouts of this said tape, you MUST turn it in!

Well, that's my memory. I feel like Aaron and I bonded that day. He was no longer "Aaron- the untouchable worship leader". He was "Aaron- I can-scream-like-a-girl-with-the- best-of-them". Good times!

Happy Birthday!
The Kramer Bunch

Hendrick Family said...

My favorite things about Daddy...

I like to help him work and I like to play with him. I like to give him the tools he wants. I like he's turning 31.

I like that he goes to Living Hope and he works there. I like he helps us get in the right place for soccer.

Happy Birthday Daddy.



Hendrick Family said...

And I like he makes fireworks.


Hendrick Family said...

My favorite things about daddy are...

I like it when we walk to the hardware store.

I like it when both of us go to Sonic to get a drink.

I like it that he plays a lot of instruments.

I like it when he plays chess with me.

I like it when he helps me do school.

My favorite thing is when we go fishing.

I love you, Daddy. Happy Birthday.


Hendrick Family said...

My favorite things about Daddy are...

I love him.

I like to work with him.

I like hugging him.

I like it when he draws a mean face.

I like it when daddy goes somewhere with me.

I like riding in his truck in the front seat.

(right here I said, "What?" Anson said, "Mom, there's no air bag. It's not against the law for Ashton's seat to be up there." This is my life with my sons.)

I like it when he tickles me.

I like it when he lays with me and watches tv with me.

I love him a thousand.


Anonymous said...

The time Aaron taught me "With Jesus in Your Boat you can Smile in the Storm" in Nicaragua and we sang it everyday. And the whole team began to wish I didn't know that song!

In Nicaragua when I had never heard Aaron say more then 5 words and then all I heard him talk about was "dar de cuerpo" (to give of the body, meaning to poop)

Suddenly, Aaron had the need to mention dar de cuerpo or tengo dar (I have to give...of the body...poop) every day.

And then I met your children, and they told me about poop. It all made sence!

Such fun memories, still make me laugh!

Emily Williams:)

Bob & Judy said...

One of my favorite things about our firstborn son has always been his hands. I knew the moment I first inspected his little wrinkled, red self (31 years ago this afternoon) that he had my ears and his daddy's hands.

I have always loved watching his hands. Playing the guitar, eating fried chicken, driving a car. They are graceful, powerful, reassuring hands.

Aaron was the kind of kid who:

**as a little bitty guy, would ask if he could get out of bed in the mornings. And if you told him, "no," he just went back to sleep. (can you understand why we've always been crazy about him?)

**never, ever said, "I'm bored" --- partly because his parents always had chores lined up for anyone who was bored, but mostly because he was just too interested in the world around him to be bored.

**told jokes and got the punchline right, even when it was "the insomniac, dyslexic, agnostic who used to lie awake and wonder if there was a Dog."

**always figured, if anyone else could do it, he could do it. Doesn't matter what "it" is. Learned that from his daddy.

**understood harmony.

Happy birthday, sweet Elder Son. You are a joy to us.


Garratts said...

My fondest memory of Aaron would have to be all of the possum incidents.

He put a live possum in my drive way right next to my car and then tortured me with texts of possums.

Also when he and Eric put sticky notes all over Mike's car for his bday one year. That was pretty cool.

But really the one thing about Aaron is what a good friend he is to my husband.

Heather and I always tease that they are in love. But they really do have a neat friendship.

They would do just about anything for each other. And that is pretty cool.

So thanks for always helping out my husband and Happy Bday!

Anonymous said...

I love....

The story I've heard a few times about the GIRLIE scream when a squirrel ran up his arm - even though I've never yet seen the video of it!

The way he hears exactly what God is telling him to sing with us at each service. How many times have I thought, "You told Aaron to sing that one for me, didn't you, God?"

The amazing books he has let me borrow! Who needs a library card???

The Indian voice and the Fez voice! I desperately miss those in the skits!

The giant drink he is often carrying.

The way he loves Heather and his children.

The attitude of, "Whatever possession I have, I will gladly give to you."

The way he teaches in room 200 on Sunday nights! I always look forward to that. He just has that way of putting it into the terms I can understand and relate to.

The time he had to take Dawn to have blood drawn and brought her home with a new pink tricycle!!! That melted my heart.

The night he and Heather told us we were leaving our boys with them while we took our daughter to Texas Children's. There was no question.

Happy Birthday, Aaron!


BHG & Co. said...

Happy Birthday Mi Amigo...

Definitiely miss random runs to the gas station junk food & code red)... hearing Diana say "Aaaarooon!" I knew something good had just happened... and thinking of a certain near-incident that makes me laugh every time.

Ummm... skits, skit practice, and whispering out of the "skit room" to Butch the words, "Um, we're not ready yet." Working on videos (the CSI footage that I am sure has been shared with more people than I care to know), and brainstorming ideas.

Also, ditto on the servant's heart. I appreciated the DVD-help. That's just one example of your generous assistance... (that last word was pro-nounced in a Cajun-man voice).

For the record I am one of the few who was not intimidated by you when I met you... (though your MacGyver-ness is a bit humbling now). In fact, when I met you at the YEC that first year, I though you were Heather's little brother!... (can I say that?)

I am sure we could go on about Conferences, road trips, and other stuff... bottom line: Happy Birthday; I miss you most of all Scarecrow.

UW said...

My favorite memory is driving the Taurus, throwing golf balls in front of the car....don't ever do this by the way.

Driving down the runway with the lights off.

Answering the joke I couldn't get.

If I ever see an amputee hanging I'll just yell out random letters.

Becky said...

Well, I only know you guys thru blogging, so far, but, sounds like a great, God-given man and mate!
Happy b/d!
OH, and please tell me who prints and binds your blog!! I want to do that! Saw some website that does but, didn't look into it really.
Keep running! (I'm praying......and I'm so thankful that your hearts are healing and that you have so much to fill your waiting time!!!)

fomn said...

I remember when we were in seminary, Aaron always wanted to go to church. We were attending Travis Avenue Baptist and Aaron wanted to climb up the wall. I know at least one day we did go up there during the week and let Aaron climb up the outside of the church. Later, he got college credit for climbing stuff. Seminary was preparation for all of our family's future.

Aaron was always good at being a friend to the strangers we had living with us from time to time, the Russian, the French kid, and the motherless.

He rode on the back of a welding truck from East Texas to South Dakota.

He survived my driving: the ejection from the Scout, the near ejection from a spinning Corvette,his driving:the MG through the barbed wire fence, working with hot stuff with his daddy, the enduro race in the national forest, and who knows how many other adventures that I have been graciously spared from knowing about.

I loved his fair chickens.

I loved his stealth pursuit of the daughter of my grandchildren. We did not know about it until the wedding announcement. He married well.


Bob & Judy said...

that would be the mother of my grandchildren not the daughter


Jennifer Bacak said...

My favorite voice is the Nacho Libre voice during Praise Team practice.