Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Heart Roundtop

Yesterday, I spent all day walking around looking at dead people's stuff.

Oh what joy!

My favorite find was these shutters...$20 for the PAIR!

I love Roundtop...and I love my husband, who, loving me so much, knows, I could not have slept last night until my vision for above our bed came to life. I slept happy last night!

Roundtop is one of my favorite places on earth to be...so much creativity in one concentrated area. I walk away inspired for months.

Anytime I get to see a lump sum of beauty, created by humans, I am reminded that we have been gifted so uniquely, so divinely and all of our gifts point back to the greatness of God. Whether it's a songwriter composing a song, a writer making me see life and color in black and white words, or a designer creating a new piece of furniture out of 50 pieces of old furniture...the end result is miraculous and moving.

I looked around at all the creative ideas and designs and was overjoyed to remember that anything we do that's innovative and fresh has been inherited by the ultimate Creator and supreme Newness maker.

Walking around that place, several times, my eyes watered up...and it wasn't because I walked past the porta potties. There would be times when I would think, "God, you are so brilliant and the possessor of all talents and gifts, and yet you share those with us, in tiny pieces and amounts." I felt like a nut job...I mean really...it's weird to want to worship God because of painted furniture. I know. I fought the weirdness all day, but finally surrendered.

All the way home, in the car alone, I couldn't help but wonder...

What will heaven look like?

How lovely will it be to see God doing what He does without the sin of man interfering, tainting and destroying?

I can't wait to see God, to walk around and admire His work, His creativity, His brilliance. I can't wait to thank Him for giving us a little of His divine DNA that allowed us to do some things down here on earth that remind us all, that someone much greater than us has to be responsible for things like Mount Rushmore, Curb Side Prophet, Waterlilies and the Junk Gypsies booth in Roundtop.

Here's last year's post on Roundtop. It's worth a trip!


Becky said...

This looks and sounds like such fun! I never knew about this! Looked up their website and wish I'd known sooner...perhaps I can go next year. I'm preparing my own "Rockin' Roundtop Yard Sale" for this Saturday! You can call lots of my junk 'antique'!! :o)

Hope you are doing well, as I have still been thinking of you and wondering what is happening! Has inspired me to write about my children's stories on my blog, currently working on my son's.

texasmcvays said...

This is the queen of cheap. Kim and I went last year and she has already been this year and I am going on Sunday (after attending church on Saturday night of course! Which is so difficult for us since we set the church up on Saturdays for Sunday Service!) We purchased super cute old quilts for $5, bed skirts for $3, cute boxes and stuff for $5-10 last year. So this year it is on like Donkey Kong!

The Kramer Family said...

Amen sister! Good thoughts. I turn a bit wacky myself when I'm there in awe of such giftedness. Thanks for the reminder of this. I'm bringing the camera!

I love the shutters. Great find. Super idea!

Love ya!

Hendrick Family said...

Oh Kyle, I can hear you saying that and it makes me laugh!


Laurie said...

Okay... this is going to seem weird but I have a fear of things hanging over our bed. Heavy pictures and so forth... I always feel like they might fall on us during the middle of the night, while we are sound to sleep. OUCH!! So, are those shutters and flowers secured REALLY well. :) Just wondering!!

Do we play ya'll in soccer?? Our team number is 517. Nathan is in the youngest division. I wasn't sure which division ya'll were in. Oh, and Joe coaches and yes, he DOES wear the gray shirt. Not his first choice either. He's just not a rebel like Aaron. Just kidding, Aaron!! Hope we see you at the fields this Saturday.

One last question...
Where is Roundtop??? Never heard of this. Antiques in Calvert and Fredricksburg yes, but not Roundtop.

See ya soon...

Hendrick Family said...

Laurie, that's not weird at all. I can't sleep with the ceiling fan on because I am afraid it will fall down, land on me and cut my legs off.

I don't know why being asleep while that happens makes it more terrifying, but it does.

I think we're in the league above you. But, you may play Reese Garratt. Tell Joe I'm proud he wears the shirt. At one point, believe it or not, Aaron was such a good boy that always followed the rules...and then he married me...and I am slowly rubbing off on him.

But, I do think a doctor probably pulls off that fancy polo better than a worship leader.

And, Roundtop is about 20 miles away from Brenham. You take 290 towards Austin, then there's a sign that points you toward Roundtop. It only takes me about an hour to get there. Fun!


Landreneau Family said...

One day, I will be there with a big truck. It's just not working out for me right now.:(

Cute shutters!

BrunerAbroad said...

2 years ago Mandi Marek got us the hook-up and we ate at Royer's Roundtop Cafe. It was seriously the BEST food I've ever eaten in my life. Pricey, but worth it. It's one of my life goals to eat there again. If y'all never eaten there, you should put that on your list of things to do. But be warned: if you don't have the hook-up you'll have to wait in a super-long line.

Carrie said...

I have a trip planned for next year in Canton. Closer ot me! I love this kind of stuff. Did you find anything else good??

pbmciver said...

Wow - looks great