Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soccer Saturday

We woke up bright and early this morning to start our new life as soccer people.

Waking up bright and early was pretty hard since we still lived our old life last night and stayed up very late at a college hangout where Aaron led worship. *

Somehow, I ended up in charge of snacks for Anson's team. My plan was to wait a few weeks, see what the other moms were doing and then, once I was comfortable, or someone forced me, I would commit. That's not how it worked out. Talk about stressful. The snacks are serious business.

We had to leave our house early because we realized we didn't have any of those cool people soccer chairs.

We got to the parking lot, unloaded the boys, then loaded the boys up with chairs, then Aaron and I grabbed the bags, the cooler, his coaching stuff...and off we went. We looked like we were about to set up a carnival or something.

We had no idea where we were going.

It finally became clear that we had parked in exactly the wrong spot.

Our little men had to walk very far, carrying Academy on their shoulders. They already were cursing us and the soccer we signed them up for before we ever got to the field.

But we made it.

Lots of sweet friends joined us.

Hayden managed to make a goal.

But he took the ball to the wrong goal.

And I don't mean the wrong goal on our field.

I mean a goal that wasn't even on our field!


Even funnier was that he turned around after kicking it in, THRILLED with himself!

We had a great time. I think we're going to love this soccer stuff this semester.

A minute ago, I was in the bathroom dying my hair bright blond**. Anson and Hayden were jumping on the trampoline. I could hear them talking. Anson said, "Wasn't today cool, Hayden?" Hayden agreed. Then Anson said, sort of surprised..."And we were pretty good, huh?" So cute!

* I ate craw fish for the very first time last night.

It may take me years to finish processing this entire craw fish phenomenasty.

I haven't devoted nearly enough insomniac hours to this subject, but here are my thoughts so far.

Craw fish are ug-ly.

I think "eating craw fish" is a big trick. I kept looking around to see if people were hiding behind the barn laughing.

I'm still not convinced there's food in them.

I've never been a fan of food that requires more energy to eat it than you get because you ate it.

When I was done, I was exhausted and starving.

So I ate some corn and potatoes...which, come to find out, taste EXACTLY like the craw fish, but they were actual food items that actually fill you up.

Do you know that area between your nose and your lips? I don't know what it's called, so I'll make up a name, and that name will have a tilde because I've been wanting to use one of those for about three days.

We'll now call that area between your nose and your lips the...


My nostrilalleyapeño felt like someone mistook it for a marshmallow, jabbed a coat hanger through it and stuck it in the bonfire.

I had to soak my nostilalleyapeño in my water.

Craw fish have eyes.

I think Ashton summed up this experience best.

He looked over at my plate and said, in his super sweet Ashton voice...

"Mom, why are you going to eat those scorpions?"

That little voice had super powers. It took the blinders right off my eyes. I looked down at my plate and did look like I was eating scorpions, so I said...

"I'm going to stop eating them now," and I set my plate aside.

Ashton brought up the scorpions several times last night. He couldn't seem to get the fact that I was eating them off his mind. Thanks to him, I'm having a hard time getting them off my mind as well.
** To all of you who have heard me say, "I'm not dying my hair anymore. I think it's going to give me cancer," let it be known that I changed my mind. I gave it my best effort. But, my hair looked so ugly, trying to get it back to its original color that I thought I looked like a skank. I know later in life, if I find out I have hair cancer, I will definitely look back and wish I had preferred skank over death. But today, my hair is bright blond, and that makes me happy.


Kirby said...

Yea for the supercute soccer studs!

And I can't wait to see your hair blonde tomorrow, Meg, practice your sexy face. I love your hair many colors...but I love it blonde in the summer when you get really tan.

cristina said...

this made me remember i wanted to post last time that it's spelled:
but i can't do the tilde on the second "n" so i decided against it. :)

Brooke said...

this is one of my favorite posts ever---- talking about two of my most favorite things: soccer moms and crawfish!!! when i grow up, i wanna be a soccer mom. i'm going to bring orange slices for half time and capri suns and fruit roll-ups (or little debbies... it's a toss up) for after the game. those were always the coolest snacks when i played soccer. heather... crawfish is so good. you were just in a state of shock. once you learn to whip those tails off--- you'll be scarfing down meat in seconds. the claw meat is really good too--- but minimal. i'll let you wait and try them again on my next trip to america. :)

Landreneau Family said...

Were you eating crawfish with people who know how it's done? As in, Cajuns?

Because, seriously, crawfish are how greatest, especially when you learn to peel fast. I'm pretty quick, but Phil is so fast that he can peel for both of us in the same time it takes me to peel just for me.

And, maybe stick to crawfish etoufee for awhile before going for the boiled ones.

The pictures are precious. One day, I will update my blog.

Really, I will.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Alex did really well today too, he ran and kicked the ball and scored.

It was fun.

Crawfish are good. I get Cindy to peel if for me because she is awesome at it and it is not worth the effort for me.

Alex brought one home and it was his new best friend. (It slept outside)

Fortunately today his new best friend was a catepillar and I was able to throw the crawfish away!!!


Leslie Moore said...

Your kids (and you!) are stinkin adorable! Seriously, let us know when the next game is. Clayton and I would love to come!

Hendrick Family said...

I LOVE crawfish etoufee. I just had to cut and paste those words from your comment, Aimee, because only a real cajun would know how to spell, etoufee!

I was told later that the crawfish were very small, so that's why I wasn't as impressed with the food coming out of them.

One day, you and Claire can show me how it's done...and we'll invite Brooke. I would probably enjoy real scorpions with the three of you!


Chrystal Sturm said...

Is a crawfish and a craw daddy the same thing? I'm interested b/c I know people who suck the meat from the head of a craw daddy. The brains, I suppose. I kept waiting for that morsel of grossness to come up in your story. Alas.

Thank you for the midnight out-loud laugh about your flaming nostrilalleyapeño.

Ryan Price said...

First off... glad that the boys are liking soccer. I'm actually playing soccer here and there now days as well. Maybe we can be "not-so-good-at-it" soccer buddies when I get home.

Second... I'm quite appalled at the fact that you completely disgraced God's gift to southeast Texas (crawfish) the way you have in this post. You know... some people really take offense to the things you say sometimes... and I'll just have you know that I'm not very happy. If you only knew what I would give right now to wrap my big lips around one of those "scorpions" and suck the juice right out of those little eye-balls, you would take back everything you just said!

That's all from me.

Landreneau Family said...

I discovered this trick out of necessity when I had a nursing baby: peeling crawfish while wearing surgical gloves! It's like a dream. It's a little slower at the beginning while getting used to it, but it's awesome to just pull the gloves off instead of fighting to get rid of the darn smell. AND, I can tend to the baby very quickly!

If you ever come to Lafayette, I will make you some etoufee.

The Kramer Family said...

We must know when the next soccer game is. I just might tear up seeing my precious nephews kicking the ball around and Aaron coaching them with his hat backwards. I really thought I would never see the day.

I can't wait to see your new hair color. I love that you aren't skeered of that.

Oh, and I might add to offense here, but, I am totally with you on the crawfish! I think they are disgusting and too much work for what you get. And I've ate the real deal spread out all over a table at a crawfish boil with real cajuns. I opted to go the carb route loading my plate up with potatoes and corn.

Great people, but not so great crawfish. Sorry! Anything that you fish out of a creek with a minnow net can't be good!

LD said...

I need a picture of the new blonde Heather.

That is all.

Lerin said...

You're one of us now... :)

Anonymous said...

Scorpions, wow, that's why I love that kid.


maddie said...

Academy is all over this post. I love it. Cheers for my fine place of employment. To bad I dont normally work on Saturday's or I could have sold you those wonderful chairs, your bums beheld on Saturday.
Academy!!!!! Hurray.