Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time to Confess

I want to post something new...but I also want everyone to know about the concert tonight at Com Church.

What a dilemma.


I have a secret to tell you.

I am a runner.

Did everyone just look up at the top to make sure they are reading the right blog?

I know it's crazy...but this is me...Heather Hendrick...and I just said that I'm a runner.

Quit looking around for flying pigs.

I run.


The person who vowed to hate running all of my days is now running three days a week.

Who am I?

Those of you who know me can all take your finger, reach up and manually lift your jaw back into the closed position.

My secret affair with running has been going on for about four months!

Friday, I ran the longest time (without walking) so far in my running career.

I ran 17 minutes without stopping.

17 minutes!

I know that's laughable to some running super stars, but 17 minutes for me...incredible.

go to the concert

The first time I ran was at the gym with Jenn. I got on the treadmill next to her and said, "I'm going to try and run for two minutes." I had a near death experience and saw my life flashing before my eyes.

I've gone from 2 minutes to 17 minutes...that's so exciting!

If you are like me, reading this post thinking, "Gross. Running makes me gag. I hate running," BELIEVE ME...there is hope for you!

If I can do this, ANYONE ON EARTH can do this.

I have no athletic ability or even any drive or motivation to better myself as a runner. Really! This happened naturally. I never pushed myself...because...for real...I'm just not that great of a person. I'm fine with being beat, and doing poorly in the area of exercise. In this one part of my life, it doesn't bother me at all to be a loser. I have not even one hint of self-will or desire to improve.

I went from hating running and making fun of people who did it, to...

Now craving to run. On the days when I'm not running, I'm sort of sad I don't get to run!


Who am I?

And, guess what! I don't ever have to go poo when I'm running.

Let's all clap!

Used to, just putting on tennis shoes made me have to poo.

Now, my bowels no longer try to jump out of my body when I run!

I could not be more proud.

I have no idea how far I'm running, which is sad.

I want to know!

But, I have only found one park where I can run and still see my kids the entire time. I love taking them with me and letting them ride their bikes. They even run short sections with me. day I'll figure out how far I'm running, but right now, I'm just loving the fact that I can call myself a RUNNER.

Years ago, the possibility of me becoming a runner seemed as unlikely as me becoming an African American male.

But it happened! I'm a runner.

Can you believe it?

I'm the girl who flunked the presidential athletic tests at school, could never do the 20 minute run, never did even ONE chin a matter of fact, as soon as the coach blew the whistle, I fell and hit the dirt. Really. Every year. Have I mentioned how much I hated school? Then in high school, my greatest accomplishment was perfecting the walk-run. Really, I was so good, I could walk, moving my shoulders in a very dramatic way, making the coaches think I was running. I wanted to put that on my college applications.

Now I run...for real.

go to the concert tonight.

I attribute my new found love of running to Jenn.

Did you know she ran a 1/2 marathon today?

Go tell her she's awesome!

Can you imagine running over 10 miles?

And, she only walked like 2 minutes of it.

She ran over 10 miles through nice neighborhoods in College Station.

That blows my mind.

I might could run 10 miles at 2 in the morning through the fifth ward in Houston.

Another thing that blows my mind is that I talked to her right after it was over and she sounded normal.

I think if someone called me after a half marathon, I would have sounded like I was talking on the phone while under the wheel of a UPS van or like that kid in the wheel chair on Malcolm in the Middle.

I'm SO PROUD of her.

And, I'm proud that for her, this really is a very spiritual thing.

That would not be true for me.

My only motivation for running a half marathon would be so I could walk up to everyone I saw for a month after the race and say, "In ya face."

"In ya face" would also be accompanied by my famous booty shake dance.

After the booty dance I would then start singing, "Can't Touch This" while I did the hammer.

See...NOT spiritual.

Want to run?

If you do, I think there are some things that are very important...

1. You need RUNNING shoes. I have only found these at Academy.

2. You need MUSIC. I can't run without music. It helps me keep track of how long I've run, and actually pushes me to run a little longer than I naturally feel like running. I always think, "I can make it until the end of this song." need GOOD running music. Some of your favorite songs may be lame for running. (This is the part where Kirby, Lynsey, Ashley and Staci need to shush it.)

3. Once I started running longer times, I became VERY picky about my clothes. Now, I run/walk for over 40 minutes total. Most of that time I'm running, walking only for a couple minutes between each longer set of running. I get SO in DISGUSTING sweaty. This means, there are certain types of clothes I like best. If my clothes feel too thick or too heavy...they get on my nerves.

I'm sure there are other great tips from other people who love running.

I would love to hear them.

But, like I said...

This post is for all of you who think you hate running and have no hope of ever liking it.

I prove that theory utterly, completely and thoroughly WRONG.

If I can like running, you should get up right now and jog around the block.


go to the concert tonight.


Kelly said...

yay heather! i'm so proud of you. runnng without someone with a knife chasing you. I love running but am limited by my asthma, so I have to take it slow! I have an investment you need to make for your running! It's a pedometer. It will tell you how far you've moved once you start it. Academy has really cheap ones and expensive ones. My parents both have them (they were they're Christmas presents to each other:) and i even know teachers who wear them (aka clipping them to your pants) the whole school day to see how much they move around. You should get one or borrow one. It's a great investment!

Connie said...

You must have been really good at your fake run b/c I never noticed you not running in tennis "class".

Our only claim to athleticism.

I was ALWAYS the last one when we ran in that class and one time I started running real fast beside Aaron b/c the coach said if we all finished one lap in a certain time we didn't have to run the rest so I was all over that offer. To make it clear, we were on the track.

O.k. so we are running...full on...running. Aaron is of course faster but I'm right there. Then, I had a heart attack, I think, so I didn't know what to do. I can't stop 'cause then I am a weenie so I've got to make something up to validate my abrupt abortion of this mission.

Oh, my eye! I've got something in my eye! My contacts...I have hard contacts and my eye...OH MY EYE!

Yep. Couldn't even finish the lap b/c of the whole "near death" thing you described earlier so I faked something in my eye.

So sad.

And don't be so hard on taught me to play tennis and I won the looser tournament once. I am still proud and I have the medal in my room at my parent's house...on my dresser....yes, I do.

Landreneau Family said...

Maybe there's hope for me yet. My husband and his whole family are in marathon runners. They all ran the Chicago marathon in 1999, and the New Orleans marathon in 2001. I think they are crazy! I know he would love it if I started running! I might give it a shot.


Hendrick Family said... ONLY claim to athleticism.

Sad, but I only signed up for tennis because of the clothing I would get to wear.

I don't even remember running in tennis, which is why I thought I also liked it...but maybe I blocked those memories out.

Too painful.


Nichole said...

I love that your running! I started running about a month ago, and I have never been interested in knowing how far Ive gone, the person I was running with knew how far we were going but I didnt want to know...but she told me last week we ran 2 1/2 miles! I have always been against running but Im really starting to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, Heather! You're my hero. I also said I would NEVER be a runner, but I love it. I don't love panting and feeling like I'm going to die, but I LOVE the euphoria after and the burst of energy that hits about an hour after I finish running. All it took to get me running was a friend who ran with me and set goals for me. She would run alongside me and say, "Now, you have to run to THAT lamp post." When I made it, she said, "One more." She was always pushing me. After some training like that, I realized the benefits and became more motivated.

If someone is looking for the right type of running shoe, go to and read their advice on what to look for in shoes, different shoe types, various foot problems, etc. I have "fallen arches," so I have to have great running shoes plus orthotics to go in the shoe for extra arch support. I highly recommend the Spenco brand of orthotics. Those are also found at Academy, close to the shoe section. You need to plan on spending about another $20 for those. If you run a lot, you have to replace your tennis shoes about every 6 months or sooner. Michele Smith is a bargain hunter and I nearly threw up when I found out she bought my same running shoes at Champs in the mall for $19.99 one time! They were on sale. I really could have died. That is so much cheaper than I buy them at Academy, so I have people on the lookout for Asics on sale.

If, like me, you have little ones that will be with you when you run, invest in a good jogging stroller. I couldn't afford a double jogging stroller brand new, so I searched the resale shops - still expensive - shopped online for used ones, and finally ended up with an incredible deal from my neighbor - $65! Unheard of. Look at garage sales. If you have a neighbor who runs, see if you can share a stroller - maybe even go in together on the purchase.


Jenn said...

jenn seems to be the inspiration for lots of us!

i'm so excited heather! when's your first 1/2 or full marathon? I want to be a cheerleader!!!

Saja said...

I think you're hinting something but I just can't put my finger on it.

the lewisi female said...

I too am a testiment to non-runner transformed into runner... once it gets over 50 degrees I am itching to go out and run (all my college friends are still gasping from shock!). I just got my foot sized and fitted at a running store and I have a really narrow foot with a high arch and I wanted asics sooo bad but Addidas are the best for narrow feet... so I got pretty pink ones and put in a cool pink insert for the arch. Also they now make cool running shorts like real runners wear with a longer inseam so you don't have to show your booty with every step! hurray! Target actually has some pretty decent running clothes and fun colored sports bras for decent prices! Congrats on running!!!

The Houstons said...

yes! I loved reading about someone else hating running...and then ...poof! You are a runner...I still dream about becoming a runner, I want to run, I want run more than 2 minutes without feeling like Im going to die...thanks for the inspiration..:) There is hope:) I would love to be able to run with my super amazing runner of a I think I just might have to try;)

Jennifer Bacak said...

Jenn, I think you smoked us today.
You were awesome.
And I've already tried to convince Heather to do a race with me, and she was unmoved. But we now know that that can change.
It is a miracle that you are running, wonderful friend, but I knew that you could be converted, because I myself was a convert of the most surprising sort.
Jogging strollers are one of the greatest inventions ever. I love them!
You were so sweet to search for the finish line to cheer me on. It meant so much, and thanks for being my cheerleader!
Love you dearly!

Grandma said...

I wish I knew what phrase to use in 2008 to say "You go, girl" or "You de man" or "Right on" or "Off the hook" or whatever is appropriate.

But you constantly amaze me, and I just have to add this to the list.

maddie said...

Yes. You will ONLY find wonderful running shoes at Academy. ONLY Academy. I would know. I am only there every other day 8 hours a day. goodness. Might I suggest either New Balance or Asics. They are far more superior to Nike and Adidas. Go to Academy. You might even run into me while you are there. And trust me you will know if I am there. I will be the very loud one you will hear from apparel. Academy is the place to go.

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Running is cool...I never thought I would say that, but I do like it.

I got to run in the Coyote Run with Michael at his school and he was so proud that his mom ran with him.

Keep it up!!

matt, larra, and brody said...

I am anti-running..but you've given me hope. I need to lose some baby weight so maybe I'll put Brody in the stroller and see what happens. Haha..I don't imagine it lasting very long. Maybe like a minute. I do have really good running shoes though!

Jessica said...

as I read your blogs I no longer wonder where Hayden gets his crazy, random, spastic story telling ability. Your ability to jump from one topic to the next with only one line seperating is uncanny.

I think my brain works that way...runs ahead of me in ways that my words could never do, but to write it that way amazes me, Ms. Heather

theBirkenfelds said...

Just FYI when you need new shoes, although Academy has an excellent selection, they can be a bit pricey.

So, I have found that Shoe Depot in the mall has pretty much the same shoes but for way cheaper!

Kirby said...

Ugh! I begged you to write this post and here I am reading this 2 weeks later! How annoying!

I am so glad you're a runner! it is so fun...and I'm with Melodi, when I start my day with a run, I am so much more energized!

I really am going to get you to run a 1/2 with me! By this time next year, you'll be wanting to run a full!

Running shorts with leggings underneath are the best when it's chilly outside. They keep you warm, but you don't get overheated!

And did Larra just say that she had baby weight to lose? I want to hit her.