Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Ashton Misses D.O.

He draws a picture of him.

Writes his name in the corner.

Remembers to give D.O. facial hair.

Then brings the picture in the kitchen and says, in his precious, wee-tiny voice...

"I made D.O standing in the grass. See? (points to the D and the O in the corner) D.O. I like D.O. Momma, when is D.O. coming to our house?"

The thing in the sky, drawn in pencil is a space ship...in case anyone was wondering.

And our house is also in the grass...because D.O is coming to our house, Ashton says.


derrickoliver said...


Just when I thought I couldn't miss you people any more than I currently do, Ashton has to go and pull something like that.

I think a "When D.O. misses Ashton" post may be in order over in my parts.

Aston, I like you too... a lot! I'm going to be at your house sometime after April. Ask mom or dad what that means. They can show you.

I love you!!!


(oh, and the spaceship may have something to do with the fact that when I told the boys I was leaving for a while, Ashton asked what planet I was going to... brilliant.)

Bev Brandon said...

Does he think D.O. lives in a space ship cause D.O. is just "out of this world" in Ashton's book. :) How cool is that?