Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Only Serve Sweet Tea

Hayden asked for tea.

I got him some.

He almost threw up in the kitchen.


His eyes watered up, and he gagged.

After he could breathe again, he said, "You gave me brown, cold water!"

He was mad.

I laughed.

He was right.

I did give him brown, cold water.

Mike Garratt was here the other day working his rear off on my upstairs, so I made him some unsweet tea.

I forgot it was in there.


Poor Hayden.

How do people drink unsweet tea*?

Unsweet tea is simply ruined water.

Speaking of water...

I read this on Liz's blog...(the whole list is so funny. I love the "to go" one and the opera one.)

Ways to Maintain A Healthy Level of Insanity:

10. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.

I'm going to lunch with friends on Monday...and I'm going to do that.

I'm already laughing.

*another way to describe cold, brown water


Garratts said...

Diet water makes me laugh because this one time when I was working at Layne's, a long, long time ago. This guy came in and was so mad that we didn't have diet drinks. We do now. And he was yelling at me saying well what od diebetics drink and I looked at him and said how about diet water.

But really should a diebetic even be eating at Layne's?

Hendrick Family said...


No...I don't think a diabetic should eat at Laynes, or anyone who is overly concerned about their health.

But it sure is good.

And man...

That ranch.

It's some kind of wonderful.

I daydream about it.


BHG & Co. said...

I really liked #6

6. In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write " For Smuggling Diamonds"

I may do this next time I go to Walmart.

And I think I will start incorporating #7 into my sermon after each point:

7. Finish All Your sentences with "In Accordance With The Prophecy."

Number 3 also made me laugh:
4. Put Your Garbage Can On Your Desk And Label It "In."

That may work next week.

The Kramer Family said...

Okay, that list is pretty funny on Liz's blog! I laughed out loud at lots of those. But, while I was envisioning all of these things going down and playing through them in my mind, D.O. was the main character in this insanity list. How funny (or random) is that?

I can see Ash looking this mad man in the face and asking him if he'd like a diet water!!! That is funny right there.

I think I'm going to ask for Low Cal Layne's sauce and see what happens next time I swing by. That is a total oxymoron. But, it would be funny to watch the reactions.

Anonymous said...

Yes, diabetics MUST eat at Layne's occasionally so that they can really LIVE! ha! Just ask Hannah! That is really funny, though, that a diabetic would yell about no diet drinks when he is ordering a load of carbs in the delicious fried variety!

Tea is nasty. End of story. Mark only drinks unsweet tea, but no matter which it's served, I hate it.


Carrie said...

Oh unsweet tea is the only way to drink it. When my parents first got married (my dad's an aggie!) they were so poor they couldn't afford to put sugar in their tea. They got so used to it that they are still drinking unsweet tea!

Kari said...


So me being from "the north" wonder how do y'all drink "sugar water" another name for sweet tea! It's so sweet you can't even taste the tea part!!! :)

Claire Borne said...

You Hendricks know how I feel about sweet tea, so there really is no need for a comment...

...however, I must say that the sweet tea Heather Hendrick makes is a drug. I can't get enough and now that I can't get it I have serious withdrawls.

Maybe a trip to B/CS should be in the works!

theBirkenfelds said...

Now I know why we love Hayden so much!

Unsweet tea is absolutely disgusting. As a child I was known to put 8+ packets of sugar in unsweet tea.. and it was still gross..

Ryan Price said...

Oh sweet tea...

Oh Layne's...

What ever am I gonna do with myself?