Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sniff, Sniff


It's even worse than I thought.

I went to post this picture of my make-believe friends because this post is going to be all about how much I miss them...but when their picture popped up on the screen, my eyes watered up.

How pathetic and deranged is that?

I miss imaginary people.

I'm to the point of desperation.

I guess I was just living in denial last year.

But now it's hitting me.

My beloved friends, that I adore are really gone forever.

Oh...they will live on, in my memory and because I own every season of their made up lives...but...

Now I can't watch the show and figure out what is cool to wear these days.

They were my one stop spot for sensible, feminine, every day, you can wear it in the real world fashion.

I am grieving over them.

It's like, I really can't believe that life in Stars Hollow ended.

I'm afraid that life is still going on there, but no one is filming it.

If I knew where Stars Hollow was, I'd load up right now and go there.

I would go to Lukes and see him being mean, but cocky in an attractive sort of way.

Lorelai would be flirting with him, being sassy, cute and witty.

Rory would be saying something funny and so smart, I would have to go look it up.

Suki would be busy cooking something wonderful and asking Lorelai to taste it.

I want to move there and go to town meetings, make fun of all the people who go to Mrs. Patty's Dance Studio and avoid Kirk.

I miss Stars Hollow.

I need a new show.

One with friends.

One with friends, who I wish were my friends.

I won't go into it, but I do know that down deep, the root of my love affair with Gilmore Girls and Friends when they were on TV, is my profound need for community and connection.

Someone please tell me some new shows to watch!

Ones like Gilmore Girls.

I need funny friends to watch, who love each other, who wear cute clothes, and know how to accessorize.

I need a character to watch that I secretly think this about...

"If I knew this made up person in real life, we would be the best of friends. She would be in the delivery room when I have my babies and come to all my birthday lunches."

Am I the only one that does that?

Someone give me something new to watch!

And should we have a funeral or something for all the characters on Gilmore Girls?

Something official, so all of us in denial could have some closure?


Landreneau Family said...

My word, you have read my mind!!!

A dear friend of mine turned me onto Gilmore Girls almost 3 years ago. She shipped me the first five seasons from Germany where she was stationed. Now she is in France, and we had a thirty minute conversation on Sunday night about this very thing.

She said, "There's TV, and then there's the Girls."

I miss my girls, too. You are not weird.


SaraEaker said...


I just don't think there is a show that can replace this. The most amazing thing about this show is that I can watch the dvds over and over again and not get tired of it...it is that witty in my opinion. I catch something new each time. I love them. If there was a fire in my house...these dvds would probably be on my list of things to grab...

I would need to watch something while my house is being fixed!

The Mosiers said...

I too am in denial. Especially on a night like tonight (Tuesday) after HOPE group. Every week I would record Gilmore then after HOPE group Matt and I would watch it together. My Tuesdays haven't been the same since.

I've tried to find replacement shows, but they all come up short to the beloved Gilmores. I just recently got over Friends going off the air.

Matt just suggests watching American Gladiators, but he just doesn't understand our pain.

Tara and Nathaniel said...

I'm in denial too Heather...
so much so that I haven't even watched most of the last season.

I couldn't because I had class, and then after I got married, there's hasn't been much time...and Nathaniel doesn't really appreciate the girls...but I've been working on him, trying to allow me to rent them through Netflix or something.

I almost don't want to watch it through, because the finality of it all will hit me! But, then if I wait too long to watch it, the references and fashion won't be relevant anymore!

So, yes, there's not another show like it. I'm not sure if there ever will be. I heard a rumor they might make a GG TV movie...but usually those are just really cheesy.

Thanks for sharing your sadness.
There must be a way to have Stars Hollow back....

Tara :)

The Campbell Clan said...

I so know what you mean! I had never really watched Gilmore Girls until we moved. I got to watch the reruns and catch up and see the new shows and then no more. It's so sad. Why did the show have to end?

You're right though, it's like life is going on in Stars Hollow and no one is there to film. I mean there was so much more to the story we never got to see. I love that show!

Ah, for the simple days when the Gilmore Girls were around.

texasmcvays said...

The NFL is having its play offs right now in fact the Superbowl is coming up! Now that's some TV....

BHG & Co. said...

How pathetic and deranged is that?

An accuratge self-assessment... you get 1,000 points. Admitting a problem is the first step to recovery.

I understand about missing imaginary people though. I won't drone on about my examples, but I can empathize.

We would miss the girls of Gilmore, if we had been able to watch them. We do not get the WB out here, although we have caught re-runs on ABC Family. It never had the same attraction for us when Rory become all hoochie-like for a while. Oh well... I guess you can't expect much different from TV. But the witty banter will always be fun.

Heather (and I) will also have to live in Stars Hololow by way of the DVDs.

There are no good shows on that I know about... How's ALIAS coming? The CIA is good on DVD.

Amanda said...

Heather!! I miss Gilmore too!! I think at least once a day I think "there's never going to be a show as good as Gilmore again. Sad." We should have a LH Gilmore night for all the great people who love gilmore. The fun we could have might make a small restitution for the pain we have felt over the show's end. Maybe you should add something to Her Hands about this. It could be a chapter about how to deal with grief and loss or something.

Jennifer Bacak said...

I know, I've grieved as well.
I watched them all on DVD and Rusty slept through every one. But I loved them like they were real, and in my fantasy, I share Jesus with them, they all get saved, and we are BFF...for eternity!!!
I've always wanted to live in CT anyway. Rusty lived there in Jr. High, and we visited there once, and it looks just like Stars Hollow! The people weren't the same, but the town was way too adorable.
You're right Sara, the DVD's really don't get old, because the show is not plot driven, it's pure wit. That's good news, because I was a huge ALIAS fan, but it's so action driven, that it's really not as good once the suspense is gone.
But I started going to Body Combat years ago just so I could pretend to be Sydney on ALIAS. It was awesome.

The Heslip Twins said...

This is not about tv, but do you recall a boy band from the late 80's/early 90's known as NKOTB (that's short for New Kids on the Block)? Well...it's rumored that they may be making a come back! I was so totally crazy about them...check out http://www.nkotb.com/

(admitting I had an obsession)