Monday, April 30, 2007

Today Aaron Is 30!

Happy Birthday Honey!

We love you.

Thirty years looks so good on you.

You don't look a day over 20.

And you don't act a day over 14.

Happy Birthday to the most gifted man I've ever met.

You make us laugh.

You lead.

You love.

Our life is so blessed because you are in it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home from the Play

A whole bunch of people showed up to see Alice in Wonderland. There's nothing better than watching a funny play with a bunch of fun people.

Alice in Wonderland the movie always freaks me out. Really. If you watch the movie as a grown up, it's very troubling. It's like there could be a commercial that says...This is your brain....then a picture of a frying pan. Then the commercial could say...This is your brain on drugs....then they could start playing Alice in Wonderland the movie. A commercial like that could be the answer for a drug-free America.

But enough about the play. It was Alice in Wonderland. There were some very creative things about the play, and I felt like I was tripping watching job! Well done.

The funniest thing that happened tonight involved a child...
on the stage.

No...all the Hendrick and Bacak kids kept themselves in their seats...or really, we kind of kept them in their seats by it wasn't them. Whew!

There was this little boy in the play. He was only on stage for a little bit when we noticed he started wiggling. We weren't sure what was going on. Was he really wiggling?

Then, his hand went into his pants...but just briefly...long enough to make us wonder. Did that even really happen? This IS Alice in Wonderland. A rabbit goes down a hole, but did that hand go down those pants?

We were pretty sure it did, which means...that stuff before...yes...that was definitely wiggling.

Was that part of the act? If so, which part? It happened so fast, all Aaron and I could do was look at each other.

But alas...the riddle was solved when the child kept on wiggling.

He wiggled.

He shook his lower body...first slowly...then vigorously.

Is this really what we think it is?

Yes. Yes it is because...

Then his hand went back into his pants...this time...he was down right aggressive.

First his hand went to work in the front, then down the back.

He was a boy on a mission.

He could not be stopped.

We could not stop watching.
We could not take our eyes off of him. I have no idea what else was going on in the play at the time. No idea whatsoever. We had to watch the wiggling child...even though we should know better. What were we thinking? This could only get more and more gross. We have kids. What is wrong with us?

We watched the child dig deeper into his blue jeans. Then, not even we could have predicted what was going to happen next. As we sat watching joke...the child finally pulled his hand back out of his pants. That hand had traveled "around the world" in the little land of denim.

He brought that hand out.

One finger pointed.

He looked at it.

We cringed.

He smelled it.

I WISH I was making this up.

We gasped. It was so awful. I kept repeating to myself, "Look away. Look away." Myself would not mind me. Why couldn't I stop looking?


After inspecting and smelling his finger...

He licked it.

A little bit of vomit came up my throat.

I convulsed.

Aaron said, "Nice."

The rest of the play really didn't matter, because at that point...10 minutes into the play...

The Hendricks got their money's worth.

The icing on the finger was a turtle man lying on a milk crate.

I will see him again.


When I'm trying desperately to go to sleep.

He will come into my mind.

I will see him there.

I will start laughing and hitting Aaron in his sleep.

We should all support community theater.

We should all teach our kids to wipe properly too.

We really should.

Happy Birthday KK!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My phone made me do it

On days when I talk a lot on my cell phone...

I can't stop thinking about sushi.

That's because I spilled soy sauce on my phone.

It's on those days I try to find a reason to go to
HEB and grab some spicy shrimp rolls.

Sometimes I can't.

So I just sit and smell my phone some more.

I'm smelling my phone right now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When Tidying Up A Bit is a Joy

Cleaning the house does not normally bless my soul.

This morning it did.

I found this picture in a pile of Hayden's art on the dining room table.

To think that the Holy Spirit sat down next to my son and watched him color...speaking to him...and that Hayden is beginning to recognize His voice...

All while I was doing dishes at the sink....

It's almost too much.

Yes, this picture of a happy Jesus on a cross was found under a piece of paper that had a drawing of Star Wars men who all had enormous "boodies"...but still...

God broke into Hayden's thought process...

I pray for many more of those intimate, private moments between God and my son.

1 Corinthians 2:10
But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets.