Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hendrick Christmas Play by Play

Ah Mistletoe!

I am so far behind.

I've been having way too much fun to blog.

And, my arms have been too sore to lift into the typing position.

Explanation later.

First things first...


A week or so before Christmas, Aaron mentioned, in a group setting that he had never tasted fruit cake before.

"You've never tried it?" several of us asked.

I could not believe Aaron had managed to reach the age he is and had never tasted a fruit cake before. He really is the luckiest person I know.

Erin Mosier told me that one got sent to Rusty's office (776-5191). I asked her to steal it and bring it home so I could make Aaron taste it.

She did...because she's such a good girl.

Look at this thing!
It looks like baked vomit topped with pecans.

Although Aaron is usually completely against tasting things that are universally known to be hideous, for some reason, we got him to take a bite.



As a matter of fact, we all tasted it....because, well...

Sometimes it is just so fun to gag...admit it.

We all chewed and convulsed.

Aaron, D.O., Matt, Erin and I.

I can't remember everything that was said, but I think Aaron summed the fruit cake up best.

He said...

"Why would people want to eat a cake that has boogers baked in it?"

It did seem more like a booger cake than a fruit cake.

Thank you, Doctor Bacak, for keeping my family healthy and for supplying us with the booger bread.


The Mosiers said...

I almost gagged again just looking at the picture of the booger cake.

Anonymous said...

ha!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I could count on you for a holiday laugh! I have never tried it, either, and's cemented...I never will!


brickmomma said...

does your sore arm have anything to do wit ha new wii? we have been playing my sisters NONSTOP!
sad day: my wii age is 41...eleven years above my actual age.

Hendrick Family said...

Yes! The Wii has crippled me. I'm so sore, I don't know what to do.

Except, keep playing it, because it's so fun.

My aunts got the boys this crazy game, which means, they bought them a game and me a gym membership.

Go aunts!


Carrie said...

Ahhh the wii. It kept our holidays filled with fun and laughter. I have played in the past and I have to say - I beat my husband down in boxing!! I was so sore the next day. I have to skip out this year. Surgery pains have lasted a little too long!

Ryan Price said...

Oh snap... You guys have a Wii?!

Those things are fun. Set me up one of those Mii profile things... I'll be there soon!

I didn't know that people had such a dislike for fruitcake in this world. I mean... it's not amazing... but, boogers? Really?

The British folk around here make "mince meat pie" (a Christmas delight)... it doesn't actually contain meat, but if you thought that the fruitcake was a disaster... you need to wrap your mouth around one of these!

BrunerAbroad said...

I too have been lucky enough to avoid fruit I kind of want to try it to see just how bad it really is...boogers?

The pecans on that cake make me sad. I can't find any here that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for.

Jenn said...

ohh man! heather are we allowed to play?!?! haha. i've been looking for a family with one in college station! watch out for boxing ... it'll mutilate you!

Mindi said...

OK . . . I have to admit it. I was hoping someone on here had already admitted it . . . but I will have to be the Pioneer in the Fruitcake Liking world.

Don't re-read the sentence; I will state my position clearly and loudly for all the world to see. I. Like. Fruitcake.

The generic kind is okay, but I really really like the Apricot Pecan variety from Collin Street Bakery.

Fruitcake recipients of the world, send your unwanted concoctions to 1503 Woodcreek in College Station.

However, I can't actually ever eat the whole thing, even over a few days. It seems that after a few pieces, my stomach's yearly fruitcake quota is filled and I have to throw the rest away . . . or pester my family to "Try it again, maybe you'll like it this time."

Miss y'all LH fam! See you Sunday?


Anonymous said...

I just have to say....there is nothing sad about the age 41!! ha!


brickmomma said...

No, 41 is not inability to keep a tennis ball in the court is sad! However, after much practice over the last two days I have decreased my age to 29! And so not to have one brawny arm I tried bowling with my left hand. I did well. L handed tennis however really warped my brain!

My sister claims she is picking hers up tonight....hope she can find it, ha!