Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hendrick Halloween Recap

Cutest little pirate ever

Finally the child settled on a pirate costume. When I was putting everything on him, he said, "Where is my peg leg?" Well...I didn't have one of those.

Crazy Rock Star

This child was hysterical. He has the rock star moves down. It was so funny.

Serious Rock Star

Anson was so cute! He is a Guitar Hero pro, so he knew that real rock stars are very serious and cool. I love this boy!

Sexy Rock Star

Aaron was Clive Winston from Guitar Hero. I thought he looked so FOR REAL.

Wife of a Rock Star

I was going to be a rock star. But then, after looking at the costumes, I decided I wouldn't be very comfortable in high boots all night. So, I decided to be the wife of a rock star for Halloween. My goal was to be weird and eclectic looking. HOWEVER, after putting on this outfit...I decided I like real life. Really. And what's sad is, when I told people didn't surprise them at all. Target, here I come.

After we got dressed up, Aaron took the boys Trick or Treating. They went at about 5:30...which we now know is too early. People were not ready for little kids to be knocking at their door...but we had a busy night and a schedule to keep. Being early DID work out though. People felt so weird and awkward having to run around their house looking for the candy that they seemed to make up for it by dumping fist fulls of name brand goodies into the kid's buckets. Aaron took the kids to a ritzy neighborhood...because if we went in our neighborhood, the kids might come home with crack instead of candy. I highly recommend hitting the fancy pants neighborhoods for Halloween. My kids came home with the GOOD STUFF...and lots of it.

After the early trick or treating, all my boys came back home because we were about to PAR-T.

We had a Halloween Party/Birthday Party for Megan Birkenfeld. We love the girl and were SO EXCITED to have all her sweet friends at our house to celebrate Megan's special day. How fun to have a birthday on Halloween?

Brock and Megan
They are married.
They are super.
We love them.

Happy Birthday Megan!

Once again, I was SO IMPRESSED with how "all out" everyone went with their costumes. You don't get many opportunities to dress up as grown this was a blast. Look at all these great costumes!

I think we would all agree that best costumes went to...

Tara and Nathaniel. Look how cool they look! It was INCREDIBLE! And of course, Nathaniel was in "character" all night. It really was like having Johnny Depp at our house.

While we were playing Mafia, I kept looking over at this pirate couple...who were just casually sitting around my table eating snacks...and I couldn't help but think..."Man, I wish I knew some real pirates. Pirates look so nice in our house. I like having pirates here. I wish I knew some...and they would come over...hang out and eat dinner with us."

And...let's not forget my favorite part of the evening....

Our oldest child, finally de-Mountain Manned himself....and then de-white trashed himself. I SCREAMED with joy to see D.O.'s face back to normal. See ladies...he really is a handsome boy. D.O. came as an African Missionary coming back to the States to raise money. Funny AND handsome.


Garratts said...

Mike and I loved the rat tail. I guess we are trur white trash lovers. Can you say that? Matt Winslow hates the words white trash.

Anyways, I really thought we had the best costumes. My feelings are a little hurt that we weren't in any pictures.

We looked so much like that really cool and good looking couple from Living Hope, Mike and Ashley Garratt.

Why, why didn't we win?

Hendrick Family said...

Yes! You guys were SO CUTE and looked just like the Garratts...and then, going ALL OUT and having to pretend to leave for a "Layne's Emergency"...way to be in character! I know the real Garratts very well and they would have been so flattered by how well you pulled this off!

I tried taking a picture of Reese...but she was jumping on the trampoline. It didn't work!

I'm glad you guys came last night!


Claire Borne said...

Heather, You gotta stop writing posts like this! It's making me way too nostalgic for the old days! Miss you guys like crazy!

The Kramer Family said...

We had fun! Thanks for throwing the bash.

Did I miss bobbing for apples or did it get voted against?

the Apels said...

Last night was so much fun!

And...the caramel-toffee apple were HEAVENLY! Really, those things have to be a little taste of heaven here on earth.

Ryan Price said...

D.O.- I totally knew that you were an African missionary at first sight!! No joke!! That's really funny.

That looks like one smashin' party.

Aaron... I think that you should lead worship in that leather jacket... it looks so "post-modern/emergent".

King Family said...

Love the rock star family. You'll looked so cool. We dressed up as rock stars 2 years ago. I sprayed Sam's hair blue and he wore a Green Day t-shirt. We had fake tatoos and weird jewelry everywhere. We weren't so much the 80's hair band rockers...more like a punk band. I have a secret girl crush on Gwen Stefani and I really wanted to dress up like her -minus the skimpy clothing, but couldn't find a good blond wig. So I spayed my hair pink. Ross' hair was jet black and he had earrings, etc. Some people told him that they thought the look was cool and he should keep it in real life!
I'll try to find a picture to email you.