Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As if I don't have enough boys of my own...

We have several neighborhood boys who practically live at our house.

I was in the attic helping Aaron move some things and heard SCREAMING in the front yard.

We went running down the stairs to find out that these crazy boys caught a SQUIRREL!


"We caught a squirrel!!!" They were screaming and jumping around...so excited.

I said..."Really?"

"Yes! A squirrel!"

Surely this was a prank.

Boys are also very gifted in the prank area.

So I said..."Nu-uh."

Then they showed it to me.

Aren't boys amazing?

We now have a squirrel in a terrarium on our front porch.

As I'm typing a whole crew of little boys are running around collecting pecans and smashing them for the squirrel.


I love boys.


Katy said...

I work with a girl that had a squirrel in her backyard that was hurt or sick. Her husband nursed him back to heath and gave him food everyday. He won't leave now. So they have a pet squirrel!!

Leslie Moore said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That's amazing! One of my college goals is to catch a campus squirrel...preferably one with a radio transmitter...too bad I only have 17 days left to achieve this goal. I am super impressed by the boys.

The Mosiers said...

This is so exciting!!! I've always wanted a pet squirrel. I'm not really sure why, but I've always thought they were cute.

Matt and I just went next door and were bombarded at the door by excited little boys telling us about their pet squirrel! I was so excited! They took it out and let me touch it! It was amazing.

Don't worry though, I made everyone go inside and immediately wash their hands.

Yay for pet squirrels

Hendrick Family said...

My brother had a pet squirrel named Pockets. It was real sweet at first, but then turned into the devil.

Lynsey, we can't remember what Jason fed that squirrel. Will you ask him?

And do squirrels have rabis or any other cootie?


The Houstons said...

you see, stories like these are why I am looking forward to having a son:) Thanks for sharing this precious one...and squirrels, that's just plain excitin!

LD said...

There hasn't been a confirmed case of rabies in a squirrel in Texas since the 60's or something crazy like that. So unless another rabid animal bit that squirrel prior to the boys catching it, I think you're ok. We had a squirrel when I was little that we rescued and we fed it fruit, nuts, and sunflower seeds.

Palermos said...

Yay for little boys! I guess this is something I get to look forward to!
I always thought squirrels would bite you and give you diseases. Maybe thats just something my mom told me so I wouldn't be a tom boy and run after squirrels in our yard.

Marylou said...

We need pictures!!!

The Kramer Family said...

I'm on it! I'm super impressed, but I know that Jason and G-Paw will think this is amazing since they take a likin' to squirrels.

I know we have bags of pecans for them. The squirrels around here eat pecans and acorns. But, I need to check with the squirrel whisperer to find out for sure!

So fun!

I just told KK about this and her comment was,"That is so terrible". I asked her why it was so terrible and she said,"I just wanted to say terrible!" Ha!
Aunt Lynsey

Carrie said...

Uhh they are full of germs. Gross.

Hendrick Family said...

Um...bad news.

Ashton let the squirrel out.

Let's just pray that he doesn't get beat up by the neighborhood kids.


Hendrick Family said...

Okay...now we have the squirrel back.


Ashton said he let it go...got in trouble for it, never changed his story...then, come to find out, our neighbor kids had taken it home for awhile!


So...back to trying to figure out how to feed this thing.


Anonymous said...

Well, Jason shoots them. I feed them but not so Jason can shoot them.

Walmart sells Squirrel food. Corn and sun flower seeds. Ours love it.

Love Heather's Dad