Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ryan's Happy Day


We love you.
We're proud of you.
Our dining room table misses you.


Hendrick Family said...

The Estes' aren't in Africa yet are they? Because if so, then Ryan would just be ONE of our favorite Africans.


Grandma Hendrick said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan. Your blog is beautiful and heartwrenching and glorious. You will never be the same. Neither will we.

Poppi & Grandma Hendrick

Ryan Price said...

You guys are too much!

I love you guys and miss you more than you will know. I absolutely loved the separate comments from each family member.

I was just writing in my journal last night how I would give absolutely anything to have, specifically, Sara and the Hendricks to sit down on the couches in my living room with me each night to just talk through everything that I am experiencing. I miss that SOOOOO much! There are just some things that you can't process through on your own. And the Lord used you guys, and is still using you, in such a powerful way in my life.

I have to confess... I stayed up last night and read through most of the posts that I missed on your blog while I was away. Man... I was so challenged, and I honestly felt like I was sitting on your couch for just a brief moment.

You better save me a place in your lives when I return in May!!

Love you...

And... about the hot sauce. If you are really serious about it... you should talk to either Sara or Ashley G. The Garratt Hope Group is supposedly sending me a package or some stuff at some point, so I told her how to go about it. I'm not sure how you would package chips to go along with that hot sauce either... But, I think that I can manage if it doesn't work out!