Friday, October 12, 2007

Our First Robbing!

We just found out we were robbed!

I know it's strange...

But I am so excited about this!

Aaron took my car this evening...he calls me and says, "Did you come out here today and dig all through the car for something?"

"No," was my answer.

Then he said, "I think we were robbed."

I ran out the door to see for myself!



What is hysterical about you all car is a disaster.

I wish the thief would have stolen everything out of it.

I was really embarrassed that anyone saw my car in that condition...even a criminal.

I wish I had tidied up first.

The only thing we think he got was an ash tray filled with...



It never has anything but pennies in it...which constantly annoys me!

But it's empty now!

He dug all through the console...dug right past the Bibles, the phone book, the Christian CD's, totally ignored Nora Jones, Cindi Lauper and Tina Turner. I'm SURE if Ross King's or Robbie Seay's CDs were in there...he would have stolen them. I'm just sure of it.

He left all the millions of art projects my kids have made at church.

He left the sippy cups and grocery lists.

Do you think he wore a ski mask?

I sure hope he did.

I'm going to imagine he did.

That will make my first robbing complete.

I'm also assuming a male was the thief...because I want to, and let's not forget...this was MY robbing.

The weather was nice last night.

I bet it was a pleasant night for robbing.

Nothing but PENNIES were worth taking.

That poor robber.

I think tonight I'll leave him a sandwich...and a capri sun.


BHG & Co. said...


D.O. said...

I'll gladly rob you for a sandwich and a Capri Sun. Surfer Cooler please.

the Apels said...

you're hilarious...i love you.

Anonymous said...

Should your dad come sit in your driveway? Nope..... he has a wonderful son-inlaw... that has it all under control.....

Wish I would have listened to him about the pizza...... wish more I had brought a couple of pieces home...... I wanted some the next day... was sooooo good.

Love you all.....

Kari said...

So weird! A couple of year ago that happened to us too! They only took the change. Whatever, apparently they need the pennies really bad!!!

Congrats on the being robbed, my friend!

The Kramer Family said...

Only you girlfriend! This is just too funny for me. Who else would you laugh with if they were to get robbed??? Huh?

I bet your dad is scratching his head at this one. He doesn't understand why we leave our car doors unlocked in the country.

It was unlocked, right? Because if it weren't and he used a crowbar or slimjim or whatever the pants robbers use, that would be even cooler!

Ryan Price said...

I wonder how much crack he was able to buy with those pennies? He should have just knocked on the door and asked Aaron straight up for drug money... he would have probably got a better response.

Sorry for that... I'm mean...

Congratulations on your first robbery... may you have many more to come...

Hendrick Family said...


I just laughed so hard.


Halei said...

I had my first robbery this summer too!! Someone sucked out my window(thats what I will call it, since the window was under my car, still intact, just folded in half)and took my stereo.
I hope they're enjoying my cheap stereo as much as they're enjoying your pennies!! :o)

Melodi said...

ha! I had a friend whose house alarm was going off while she and her husband were out one evening. They got a call from the security company, so they rushed home. A police officer had already arrived and gone in. He came out and said, "Ma'am, I'm afraid someone has ransacked your house. You'll have to see if anything was missing." NO ONE HAD BROKEN IN! It was just MESSY!!!!!!!!!!! How embarassing is that??? The alarm used to go off randomly, so that must have happened that fateful night.

Hendrick Family said...

The longer I think about this...

the more offended I become.

I was cleaning the car up thinking, "Why didn't he want this? This is good."

"What's wrong with my stereo?"

"This is good lotion."

"This is an okay necklace...or is it?"

If your necklace doesn't get stolen, should you ever wear it again?


Carrie said...

He was hoping to find some honey crisp apples. Those darn things cost me another $7 this week. Shame on you. Why do we assume it's a he?

Brandon said...

How do you pass up Nora Jones?? Seriously...

She was on Austin City Limits the other night, that was quality stuff.

This robber was obviously out of his mind.

Bev Brandon said...

if he didn't want the necklace sweet heather then maybe you should get the message...rotfl at your first official robbery...someone sucked out my window with a thingy that they attach to window that shatters it painlessly and silently---did I just say that my car had no pain in our robbery? congratulations---throw in some chips next time...we have several "robbery" stories over here in Benbrook, middle class America, where the Brandons live...we feel your pain??!! it would be good if we could fix the broken front window that our dog jumps out of ALL THE guest have entered through the window yet...every time Bob fixes it, Macy jumps through it again...we're saving the discipline for our children not our dogs...