Monday, October 08, 2007

Melt Your Heart

This is their newest song.

They love it.

I find them playing Legos, softly singing it...

It makes me smile every time.

They watched The Little Rascals the other night...and I guess it just stuck.

Notice Hayden's hand in the song...that's my favorite part.

If you have boys, you're feeling my pain...why are they obsessed with that thing?

Why do they never grow out of being obsessed with it...they simply learn how to leave it least in public?

I asked Hayden who he was singing this song for...and of course he said "KK." I love how much he loves his beautiful cousin!

And I promise...Hayden has more shirts than just this one!

My baby poo wanted to join in the fun, but didn't want to sing by of course, Hayden was thrilled to be on the camera again.


They are so cute, I could just squeeze them.

As a matter of fact, I am going to go squeeze them.


Liz said...

this is precious and Hilarious!!
their wives will love having this video one day too!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Squeeze them for me too. Those sweet boys are some of my favorites!

Claire Borne said...

I love these boys and I love your family! I love how when I came over last month they knew exactly who I was (even though it had been almost a year since I had seen them) and they were ready to greet me at the door. Ashton was even screaming to Hayden who was taking a number 2 that I was finally here!!!

I miss you guys so much and am constantly encouraged by you all.

Love you,

Carrie said...

What cute kids. I'm going to an antique thing this weekend. I look past your kids and see your cute stuff.

Jana said...

This is soooo cute!!! I know what you mean about their hands...I am CONSTANTLY saying "Get your hands out of your pants!!!" Gotta LOVE it!!!

Hendrick Family said...

We were just sitting here watching this with Hayden...and laughing at him holding his "wee-wee." He said, "No I'm not." Then we said..."Yes you" So we watched it again...and when it got to that part he said..."Oh yeah...I am..." Then he started laughing so hard, his silly crazy, raspy laugh and said, "I had to go potty. That's funny, mom."

D.O. said...

Oh man... I love those boys. Not like. Love. Well, I mean, I like them too. You know.

The Kramer Family said...

You boys are the cutest ever! KK watched the videos bunches and will probably ask me several times today.

I can't believe how big you are getting. I do have one requirement. I want Ashton to say 'so' like 'tho' FOREVER! That is my favorite.

Love you,
Aunt Lynsey

Brooke said...


i'll be looking forward to my private concert in december.

Lindsay said...

priceless. my boys do the same thing with their hands...boys, that's all you can say about that. Hey - I got some Honeycrisps and they withstood all the boys loved them too!

King Family said...

All I can say is yummy. I love little boys and can't wait to get our boys together soon.