Friday, October 05, 2007

Devil Apples Part Two


I've received several emails...confessions from people who have bought these apples...are now addicted...and will shamelessly be spending their hard earned cash on this pricey fruit until they thankfully disappear out of the stores.

I went to HEB yesterday. When I arrived at the full service check out line the boy behind the cash register said he and the sacker were playing a little game.

So...the game went like this...

The lady with the groceries, the checker, and the sacker all place bets on how much the groceries will cost. The one closest to the correct wager once the groceries are rung up...wins!

Sign me up!

I love a challenge, people.

They got to each ask a couple questions before proceeding with check out...questions that would help them predict the cost of my groceries.

Of course...those amateurs...asked if I had meat.

My answer...

Yes...yes indeed.


They wanted to know how much beef.

I told them how many packages...

They seemed impressed with my lack of concern for my health...

I felt then I told them that I'm I've been eating beef...a lot of it.

I had to tell them I was anemic, because telling people I'm anemic is my favorite thing to do these days.

I use my anemia for all sorts of excuses...

I can't clean out my car.

I'm anemic.

I can't match the socks.

It flares my anemia right up.

I can't go to Wal-Mart.

I'm anemic...what if I get weak in there...and have to live in the fabric department?

No one wants that.

So after I told the checker and bagger I was anemic...and that I had beef...

They locked in their guesses on this showcase showdown.

But they didn't know I had a secret weapon.


They count as meat.

They are as expensive as buying steaks.

When I set my bag of honey up on the flat, black escalator, that checker and bagger didn't see what hit them...

In yo face, checkah.

I left HEB a winner.


The Kramer Family said...

Something just dawned on me. It is all making sense why you prefer my children to call you 'Honey'. After the fabulous Honeycrisp apples, of course! I think I could throw in 'crisp' at the end and work with KK on that part too if you would like.

Wouldn't that be something if the called you 'Honeycrisp'? Ha! Then we would be reminded of this treat year 'round (or is it year around, but us Texans have shortened it to round and change the pronunciation like oil=awl, borrowed=bard, foreign=farn). I'm confused.

Landreneau Family said...

Well, I bit the bullet.

I bought 3 honeycrisps at Target today for $2.29/lb. Those 3 apples cost me $4.15.

But holy cow, are they delicious or what?!!! I will never eat another kind again!

Heslip Twins said...

I made the trek to Kroger yesterday and bought the $1.99 Honeycrisps. They are the crispiest apples I have ever eaten, and they are YUMMY with a capital Y!


Sarah Shalley said...

I was soooo going to comment and tell you that I went out and tried the Honeycrisps AND that I got them from Kroger for 1.99 a lb. Woah! So yummy! Thanks for the great info.

Carrie said...

I have a bone to pick with you. I have read so much about these apples and a girlfriend called to tell me she tried them too. Well I can't be left out! I went to the store and bought five apples. I spent over $5. WOW! Scott tried one last night and said he loved them. I told him how much they were. He was shocked. Dave Ramsey would be so ashamed of me. Not a wise purchase for our budget. Even an attorney's family can't afford the apples!! I'll have to try one today. I have debated on trying one. If I do eat one and I love it, I will only want more. Costing me more $. Or I could never take a bite and I will never know what I am missing. HMMMMM.... guess I'll give into temptation and give it a try. Thanks a lot!

Hendrick Family said...

I know!

I'm sorry you guys!!

Again...the only good things about this, they will be GONE soon.

You'll get thoroughly addicted, then go to the store and they will have disappeared.

Go eat one, Carrie!