Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Costume Kid

This costume loving kid is all sorts of fabulous.


The Kramer Family said...

We have a Cinderella dress that is for toddlers size 2t-4t and silver glitter shoes to go with it that are girls size 6.

The rest of the costumes are packed up. I wish I could get to all of them because we have a collection since my KK takes after her cousin Hayden in dressing up all of the time!

She hasn't quite wore a mustache to the store, but she does like to do some very crazy and creative things with her hair. She is pumped about crazy hair night in Awanas!

This is a neat idea though! I am with you on buying costumes. They cost way too much money.

Kaylyn wants to be a Brenham Cheerleader for Halloween. How specific is that?

Anonymous said...

I would give my right arm for ANY of those capes.

My student at school LOVES to dress up and he likes when Kelly and I dress up too. So I am C-girl (formerly cat woman) and Kelly is Wonder woman.
So for at least ONE DAY this year we will not look crazy wearing capes and masks. Sweet!

The only thing I might have to trade that you would need is Star Wars stuff that is not presently in College Station. Also, I have limited sewing skills that I would be happy to give out.

I can't wait to see how scary/heroic/cool your boys look!


Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Lynsey...I love that KK and Hayden are kindred spirits.

Do we need to break out the sewing machine and buy some green felt?? She would be so stinkin' cute.

Go Halloween!


LD said...

I don't have any costumes to trade since every year I go as an 80's prom queen due to my unnatural love of the 80's and affinity for a sick-out green dress I found at Goodwill.... BUT, I do have a suggestion for cheap costumes if you can't find people to trade with. My sister bought my niece and our dog (yes, I said dog) costumes on ebay for a lot cheaper than in the stores.

Just in case anyone was wondering, we were going to buy the dog a minnie mouse costume to match Whitney (my niece), but we couldn't find her size, so we settled for a spider. She looks ridiculous.

Carrie said...

We live too far to swap. But I have a lot of princess stuff and one chicken. Tyler is going to be cookie monster. He begged but now refuses to put the darn thing on. My poor baby is going to be nothing b/c I'm too cheap to buy her anything. She'll never know.

Garratts said...

We have a lot of girl costumes.

We do have 1 pleather vest with fringe for a boy. It is brown and suppose to be cowboy, but might work as a rock star vest if you can't find anything.

We have an electric guitar but it is about 6 inches long.

Reese is being a Aggie cheerleader and Bryce an aggie football or basketball depending on the weather.

We have bob the builder tool belt and hat. And 2 clown costumes 1 boy and 1 girl.

Garratts said...

Oh yeah- we need a pair of the tinyest football pants you can buy.

Hendrick Family said...

How cute!

What are football pants?

Are they kind of like baseball pants, but you stick pads in them...boy pads...not girl pads...ha!


Melodi said...

O.K., we have wrist bands, a toy electric guitar, and POSSIBLY the size 8 jeans with holes - I'll check on that one! You're welcome to them. We also have a mohawk wig, an afro wig, and a wig of long, wild black hair - like a rock star.

We have camouflage shirts that are really big (teenage boy size, I guess), lots of elementary girl dress up stuff, one dark purple shimmery cape that is adult size, I think a few ninja costumes for elem. size boys. I'll look at what else we have.

Hannah has not figured hers out, but is considering Hannah Montana. She got a blond wig, but it's awfully small. If anyone has a blond, long-hair wig, we'd like to borrow it. She would need pop star kind of clothes.

Patrick is going to be an alien - perfect. Joseph is going to a professional paint ball guy. JM isn't sure yet. Camille is going to be a busy bee - perfect. Andre doesn't have anything, except a Halloween onesie kind of thing. He wears about 3 month size if anyone has anything.

Hendrick Family said...


I would love the afro wig, wrist bands, guitar and mohawk wig and maybe even the long wig. We're all being rock stars...except Ashton. We'll have rock stars and a darth vader. Maybe.

I'll check on the blonde wig. I know I have a long haired purplish/blonde color. That sounds weird, but it's just a blonde wig with light purple streaks in it.

Let me know if you want that one.

So fun!


BHG & Co. said...

We too have children who love to dress up all year (especially Noah). Whenever we have anyone over to the house for dinner or something, it is a 99.44% chance that everyone will be running around battling robots, dragons, or other "bad guys".

That's my wife's doing though. She loves to have things for the kids to be able to get into. Growing up, I didn't have 'dress up' stuff; i had to improvise. Even now, I don't do costumes. I would I suppose, if I had a real reason, but it just isn't something I do.

Having said that, Halloween is the one time a year I wear a pair of overalls that otherwise remain in the back of closet wondering why they are doomed to sit on a hanger for 364 days a year. That's as close as I get to costumes.

Heslip Twins said...

The only costume thingy I have (since we're new with kids) is a 12 month size ballerina onsie, never been worn, and I think it's too small now for Emmy! Anyone is welcome to it. It has long sleeves.

Emmy and Caleb are going to be the Wonder Twins (if anyone remembers them from the Justice League...Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!).


Katy said...

Random...but if you didn't already know, Honeycrisps are on sale at Target for 99 cents!!!

Hendrick Family said...

This is from wonderful Mindi Greene...

I have SO many costumes!!

2 infant bumblebees and a toddler (2-4?)bumblebee
I THINK an infant superman
Clifford probably size 2-4
Blue's Clues size 2-4
Much princess attire of all sizes
Leopard kitty diva probably size 4-6x
Hot pink leopard kitty diva dress size 8-10ish
Homemade angel costume size 10-12?
Clown size 5-6ish w/wig
Pumpkin size 4ish
Elmo size 2-4ish
Red Power Ranger size 6-7-8 complete with gun, sword and mask
Bat girl (black and gold) skirt, wings and ears (any size)
Coolest bat wings ever, with ears and black superhero mask (any size)
Renaissance princess size L/XL child or small adult - red velvet
Megara purple mythology princess size small adult
Two baton twirling costumes and batons
Small black velvet penguin size 2-4
Tin man size one-size-fits-all adults, complete with hat, felt heart-clock, and silver shoes
Size 4ish red and blue cheerleader
Lots of ballet and tap costumes
Silver inspector gadget jacket (for a girl)
Lots of football and basketball jerseys, and baseball pants
One dog superman suit (no I'm not kidding)

Hope someone can use these!


CarpioFamily said...

Ok, i have an electric guitar, but i can't find the strap to it. We are interested in the Hendrick spiderman costume. What size is it?? We're not to sure what aerie is going as, he may be a mini tootsie roll, or a chicken, or even a hot dog... funny how all those are foods.

Hendrick Family said...

Yes...Kaylene...the costume will fit Easton. It doesn't have the size, but Ashton can wear it.

I have the costume, gloves and mask. However, since the mask goes completely over their face, my kids hate the mask. When they want to be Spider Man, they wear the costume and the gloves, but we have a Spider Man Do-rag they wear on their heads instead of the mask. You can borrow all of that!

I would LOVE the electric guitar. We don't need the strap. I just need two guitars. I think I have them now, since you have one and so does Melodi.


And I have "Mexican Clothes" in, traditional Mexican clothing...the pants, shirts and the vests that go over all of it. I have three complete costumes in three sizes.


Kari said...

I have a pair of jeans size 5 with holey knees ( knee has a hole and the other is so close, you could make one) if you still need them, let me know!

Anonymous said...

football pants---i used baby PJ bottoms on my 2 year old a few years back--so they were tight, but worked well (scrunched up to his knees). also, rolled up washcloths stuffed under his onesie made the shoulder-pad look. eye black and his 12th man jersey and he was a hit.

Bev Brandon said...

hint: you can really recycle this 16 year old wore a child's Superman outfit for homecoming celebration day cause the adult costumes were out of our price range---we just added some children costumes can work in high school...just thought i'd throw that in...52 1/2 days before brookie arrives on U.S. soil...

Hendrick Family said...

I would LOVE the size five jeans with the holes in them.

Thanks, Kari!