Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Come one, Come all!

For all the people who only read the first paragraph of blogs...

Here are the cliff notes for this post:

We are hosting a Ross King concert at the Palace Theater in downtown Bryan on Friday, November 9 at 7:30 p.m.

Prepare to be highly entertained, challenged and even taught some really great stuff about the church, how we need each other, how transparency is always a good thing, how Jesus is our only hope, and lots of other neat things to celebrate and think through as the body of Christ. This concert will be a little different since Ross isn't just up on stage, wearing leather pants, singing some songs. (Hopefully he will wear pants...but of the blue jean variety.) Thankfully he will stop and teach/talk about the thoughts behind the music. They are good thoughts. We think everyone should hear them.

After that, you're invited to walk down to the Hendrick House (walk in groups, you could get mugged...not really...well, maybe...) Ross and Staci King will be here hanging will we...since we live here...and hopefully so will lots of other people you know or want to know better. Come see us! If you stalk our blog (and many of you confess to not only stalking ours, but stalking the King's as well, and lots of other people's linked on the right)...then stop that creepiness, come to the concert, come to our house...and MEET us. Warning: We're not nearly as cool in person as you may think we are. Prepare to be disappointed.

The concert is free...just like car washes are in, you could pay nothing, or you could pay something. There will be a bucket...maybe we could get a KFC bucket. I would like that.

And EVERYONE is invited. We are hoping people from churches around town will come together for this great event! As you may or may not know, Ross has been doing home shows lately. We are hosting this shin-dig because we didn't think we could fit all the people we know and love (who also know and love Ross) into our living we opted for the Palace instead. Invite everyone you know! Drive in from out of town! Fly across the ocean! Get the word out!

Okay...cliff notes over.

Now we have some other stuff to say about Ross, and why we would love for you to join us at the concert and support his ministry.

When Aaron and I were newly married, we commuted to A&M from Madisonville. We lived in Madisonville because that's where Aaron grew up, where we graduated...and hey...we really liked our little small town. Aaron was a part time youth minister at a little church. We loved our job, loved those kids, but honestly felt a God-sized void in our hearts in the area of worship. We knew there was something more. There had to be.

We heard about Breakaway from people at school, decided to stay late one Tuesday night and check it out. I remember walking into Central Baptist, (the old Central Baptist, centrally located in the center of Bryan)...seeing the largest group of people at "church" I had ever seen before...all college students...and I could literally feel the presence of God the moment I walked into the room.

I saw a man named, Ross, walk out on stage. He did not look like he was famous. He really didn't even look like he had brushed his hair. Why were all these people here to see him? I saw a girl named Staci, standing next to him, wearing overalls. I heard them say something like, "Our drummer, Craig Weaver, is a new dad! His wife, just had their first baby." Everyone clapped. I clapped too...because I liked babies...even in the 90's. Then they gave Craig some balloons.

And then...

Worship began.

The music started playing.

Everyone stood up.

And I started bawling.


I could not sing.

I could not stand.

All I could do was listen...and look around at all the people...standing...hands raised in the air...worshiping the Lord.


And I mean, immediately...

I knew that what I was seeing...was a picture of what my soul had been longing to do for years...for the first time, everything I had thought and felt about the Lord on the INSIDE...about His worth, about how amazing He was...these people were allowing to come was beautiful.

Aaron and I tried never to miss Breakaway.

We learned a lot from Greg Matte, but little did we know that God was teaching us so much more.

God was using Ross to teach Aaron a great deal about worship...about leading worship.

We loved that Ross seemed like a normal guy...he wasn't a rock star. He looked like someone you would run into at the store, not someone who was on CMT.

We had no idea that years later, Aaron would begin a crazy life of leading worship. No idea. And even when God started that process...affirming Aaron through the body...Ross was the only thing we could really look at and feel okay about what the Lord was doing in us.

How can we lead worship? We're not cool enough. We aren't hip enough. We aren't suave enough. We don't have "stage presence." We don't know how to pick out worship leader clothes. Are there special stores where you buy rock star clothes? We didn't know. Maybe it was like Diagon Alley. We aren't super star singers. We've never been in a band. Aaron didn't go to "school of rock." He wasn't comfortable being a celebrity. I just laughed. How on earth was he supposed to be a worship leader?

So here we are...not any cooler...not any more CMT worthy... just doing what God has said to do.

We love Ross King because he's the real deal.

He loves God...and He loves God's people...and He loves the church.

He writes songs out of the overflow of what God is teaching Him...which means God is teaching Him...he doesn't just write songs that he knows will sound good on his next CD. They do sound REALLY good, but the motivation is so different.

We love that Ross writes songs that are meant to make us make us examine ourselves before the Lord...not just make us feel happy...telling us what our itchy ears want to hear.

A lot has changed since we walked into Breakaway a million years ago and "met" Ross King for the first time.

Ross married that girl, Staci who was standing next to him singing on the stage.

Staci stopped wearing overalls and is now the mother of two beautiful boys.

Craig and his wife Staci now go to our church and their daughter, Avery is old enough to have her own blog, is almost as tall as I am, and recently got her first zit. HOW does this happen? HOW??

But one thing has not changed...

Ross is still our favorite worship leader.

We always have and always will have every CD he ever makes sitting in our house somewhere.

We will forever be grateful for how God has used him, personally, to teach us about authentic, not-out-to-make-ourselves-famous, kind of worship...for teaching us how to lead worship by keeping the Lord and His church as the motivation behind all we do.

Ross is still doing what He's always done...keeping worship real, honest, heart-felt, non-phony, and the church a priority in his life. That stuff matters more than becoming famous. It's why he's playing all his new songs off his CD at house shows. It's why he's giving a "free" (remember, think car wash) concert in downtown Bryan.

NOTE: The songs on his new CD aren't really worship songs. That is, they're not songs that we'd put on a screen and all sing along. They're regular songs. Songs to challenge you or encourage you. Songs to make you think. They're songs about the church...songs about what living as a believer looks like in real life.

Those are the kind of songs he'll be doing at the concert.


Who's coming?

Please...feel FREE to advertise this on your blogs, face book it up, slap up posters, get the word out there! We could not be more excited about this!

Can't wait to see you at the concert!

Can't wait to see you at the Hendrick house!


King Family said...

Thank you guys so much for last night. We felt so at home and welcomed into your world. We are just amazed at the support we have received from you and can't thank you enough. Thanks for sharing your story about how Aaron came to be the LH worship leader. I hadn't heard all of that. How amazing that you'll came to Breakaway that night right after Avery was born. Ross and I had only been married about 2 weeks. And thanks for mentioning the overalls. To my credit, it was the late 90's and they were very hip. It's funny that you remember what I was wearing. You have a strange mind sometimes.

love you.

Hendrick Family said...

I didn't know you were already married!

We were such outsiders!

No need to explain the overalls. I had about four pairs of them.

I was probably wearing overalls that night too.


Everyone should wear overalls to the concert on November 9.


D.O. said...

I have the old Breakaway worship CD and I'm pretty sure everyone on the cover is wearing overalls. We should probably bring that back.

I'll take it upon myself to promote this concert via facebook. I'll also plan on being at the show. That is all.

Oh, no it's not. Thanks for the Cliff's Notes! I read them, tried to read the real thing, didn't make it, then just scrolled down to the comments and saw the facebook sentence. That's all, for real.

Garratts said...

Can little people come?

Hendrick Family said...

We're bringing our little people. It's outdoors, so we will just probably sit near the back with them!


Marylou said...

I am so excited. I plan to be there. I love Ross King, but I am also excited to get to go to the Green House. You guys are awesome. We'll invite our college friends. Yay!

BHG & Co. said...

This sounded like a familiar story:

Finally, after two years, God convinced Aaron to step out of youth ministry and become LH's worship leader. I remember the day he got up the nerve to tell Butch. Aaron walked into his office and said, "I think I'm supposed to be the worship leader, not the youth pastor." Butch's response was, "I've been thinking that for 2 years and just waiting for you to come in here and tell me that God told you."

Familiar for two reasons. I remember when you and Aaron called me and said, "Aaron's going to be worship leader and not youth, so now we are looking for a new youth guy, interested?" (One of the most memorable and life-changing conversations I have ever had).

What I didn't know was that it had been a two year process. I also didn't know the whole going-into-Butch's-office thing. But that conversation sounded familiar for a different reason.

I remember finally telling Butch (on our staff evaluations - you know, the year we filled them out) that "It is possible that I might be sort of being called to pastor." (Almost an exact quote.) He only smiled and said, "I've been thinking that for over 3 years and just waiting for you to come in here and tell me that God told you."

Praise God for godly influences, mentors, pastors, and friends!

Oh, and that brings me to a bit of news :(

I have been asked to preach at a firend's fall retreat for his youth group in Seguin... the dates? November 9 and 10!

I hate calendar conflict.

Maybe I just need to have Ross come out to Elkhart for a home concert?

BHG & Co. said...

p.s. - Heather and I were there for the first ever Breakaway CD recording!

if you listen very hard, you can almost hear me singing "His Banner over Us..."

(I think that was one of the songs on there.... but we were there!)

Greg was so happy to have the project behind them that we did some strage dance moves of sorts on stage after it was all over.

King Family said...

Of course kids can come. It's a great place for them. There's lots of room for them to move in the back and on the side.

Williams Family said...

Count us in!! I can not wait. We are going to have so much fun and conviction at the same time.


brickmomma said...

i was a silly longhorn, came home during the week for some reason and my best friend took me to breakaway. ross king was there. i thought he WAS famous. fast forward 10 years...staci king calls me to see about her son coming to art camp....i called said best friend and said 'guess who i just talked to on the phone!' i still think he's famous! and his name was on my caller id!

and i am a blog stalker. and maybe in real life, too, cuz i think i saw the king family at double daves a few sundays ago....couldn't miss those gorgeous boys!

i want to come to the concert!

Hendrick Family said...

He SHOULD be famous.


I just re-bought all the old CD's at the house show. I say re-bought because I literally have worn the others OUT. There are several songs on each old CD where Ross turns into a rapper because the CD is so scratched. I love Ross and Staci, but they should never go into rapping.


I re-bought the CDs...stuck To Make God Famous 2 in the CD player in my kitchen...and AGAIN...I thought...

"Dang. These are such great songs. I am standing, in my kitchen praising the Lord, hands raised, singing these songs...the words are perfect, Ross and Staci sound why the pants are they not famous? Why do I know them? Why do they come to my house? They should be so famous they think it's beneath them to hang out with us."

That's really the way it should be...but it's not...and I don't understand why!

I know Ross and Staci's mission is to make God famous.

But I think my new mission is to make Ross and Staci famous.

Does it say I can't do that in the Bible?

COME to the concert, Brickmomma...

and what is your REAL name?

Bring all your friends...spread the word...this is going to be great!

And I want to meet you!


Ber said...

i'm so in. i'm facebook confirmed, though, so don't count me twice if the d.o. gives you a number.

i'm warning you heather....this WILL mean i will know where you live. which means your couch may be occupied more than you'd like for it to be after this....

Hendrick Family said...

Yay! Amber...

And you don't scare me!


rk said...

ok, i've avoided commenting because i wasn't sure how that would look. but then i thought it probably looks even worse for me to blog-stalk when the particular post is about me. weird. heather, for this brief moment, and in a relatively tiny world, I do feel sort of famous. So there you go. mission accomplished. famous me.

so what now? will i get drunk on the power and turn into a velvet-pants-wearing, bad-white-guy-dancing tool? let's hope so. that would make for a great story at least. much more fun than the long-winded, sit-on-a-stool-and-play-4-chords guy that i am now.

seriously, thanks a ton for this. you guys are better friends/fans than we deserve.

oh, one more thing. due to your "hating on" the idea of me rapping, I will now have to blog about my days as a rapper. this isn't a joke. it almost made my "seven random facts" post a few months back. But believe it or not, the fact that i rapped for a while isn't one of the seven most random things about me.

so, "ross' brief rap career" blog coming soon. dedicated to heather.

I'm not kidding. there really is a true story about this. wait and see.

anyway, thanks again for all the hype. i promise that i will in no way live up to it.

good day.

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

Okay - this is just odd. Ross King used to be my youth pastor like, I don't know, 14 years ago or something. Then I moved to Pennsylvania 10 years ago - and last time I saw him he was doing Breakaway - which was an AWESOME ministry - the likes of which are just incomparably amazing - ANYHOOOO - so I've wondered ever since what happened with his life. I can't remember who he was dating at the time - or if she is his wife now - but I would love to find out.

So, all that to say - nothing. Absolutely diddly squat. Except that once upon a time I knew Ross - and his songs back then were awesome and he amazed me on the piano. So, I think the kids and I will come on Friday night. (And since I've never read your blog before tonight, then I have no idea where your house is, but I'm sure the kids would love for us to drop by, so could you send me an email to let me know where that is? Thanks!!) Not to mention that if you have no idea who I am, you can always write! I guess that would be an important point to mention, huh?! ;)

Hendrick Family said...

Alanna! Yes! I know who you are! Come to the concert. I'll email you directions to our house.