Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where do you rent an oxygen tank? Anyone?

We tried not to do it...

but we did.

We started season 1.

We may never sleep again.

We may lose our jobs.

We may all see how long kids can survive eating nothing but Pop Tarts. We bought them a variety of don't worry.

After the first episode, Aaron turned to me and said, "There are 5 seasons, 24 shows each...we could just stay up for 5 days straight."

He was serious.

I know 24 is good because I've never once needed an oxygen tank next to my bed in order to watch TV. I can't watch all this action AND remember to breathe at the same time. It's too much! I need to wear one of those masks that will pump pure air into my lungs while I'm watching this show. I'm pretty sure I don't breathe for one whole hour. I know this because as soon as it's over I GASP for breath before saying, "Let's watch another one."

I wish I knew how to find my target heart rate, or my pulse, because I bet watching 24 would count as exercise.

How can anyone watch this show during the actual season?

If I tried that I would go insane between episodes.

If you didn't see posts on my blog for a few day, you could correctly ascertain that I was flying to California to kidnap Kiefer Sutherland...holding him at gun point, nervously saying, "I'm not someone who usually kidnaps people or holds guns...until you, my only beef has been with balloon gorillas and white fire trucks. But, I need you to tell me what happens next, or so help me...I won't shoot you, because that would make me scream and cry...but I might read you my post about how I do laundry at my house. So what's it going to be, Mista?"

Maybe my weapon of choice should be a wooden spoon instead of a gun. Then I could say, "I've got a spoon, and I'm not afraid to use it. Start talking, because I'm a pro with this thing...a spoon ninja...I'm in the wooden spoon special services."

I decided that 24 has to be the most watched show NOT watched during the regular season.

That's got to be upsetting for the geniuses who make this show...but that's what they get for making such a dandy production.


Hendrick Family said...

My favorite thing about this show...season the All State Man!

I have always loved the All State Man.

He makes me feel good and safe...and we don't even use All State.

But I think I might drive Aaron nuts, because there are many times when I have to throw in All State jokes.

It was more upsetting to me that there was a threat on the All State Man's life...than the president's. And then, when he gets his car's back window busted out...again...I was glad that he had good connections with the insurance company.

I wish the All State Man really was running for president. I would vote for him.


Melodi said...

We LOVED this show, but actually watched it during the season it was aired! Only seasons 1 and 2, because Mark hates shows that continue.

Anyway, we were MUCH more hooked on Alias and thankfully, only watched it when the whole season came out on DVD! That's another one that cannot be watched, wait a week, watch, wait a week! No way.

Connie said...

Heather and Aaron,

I will pray for you guys. That's all I can say. I had not seen 3 am in 7 years until this show. We too are DVDers and have never watched it on it's regular schedule and never will because uh, yeah right.

So, you need to work towards two episodes at a time. The self-control will come...give it time.

Landreneau Family said...

We've never watched this one, but if we did, it would totally have to be on DVD.

However, thanks to Cwaire, I'm an Alias FREAK. I don't think I can ever love a show as much as I did Alias, even if another is objectively better. I'm weird, I'm sure.


Kari said...

Yes but the whole suspense thing is what makes it even better, right!?! I do watch it during the season only because of DVRin it, because I couldn't miss an episode!!! I think that each season gets better, but you will have to be the judge of that one! I LOVED Alias and miss it!!! Have you watched LOST? Samething!!! OK I do more than watch TV really!!! I truly only have 2 shows I must see each week.

Liz said...

i blogged about this addiction too a while back...i was literally staying up till 3am until I felt comfortable that (insert character) was going to be rescued.
i stopped waiting for rob to watch them with me because he would always fall asleep!
so i went on ahead without him.
i had to stop mid season 3 because i had a kids birthday party to plan...and well, i needed a life.
i am about to start back again...your blog inspired me to keep watching!
its going to be so weird when the real season starts back and we can only watch one show a week!
i like instant satisfaction way too much!
have fun!

Rachel said...

Oh man. I can't imagine renting a season (or more) of a show that riveting. Since we don't have a tv, and kept hearing all this buzz about The Office, we rented seasons 2 and 3 and seriously wasted ridiculous amounts of time (and sleep) watching them for two weeks. I have yet to catch up blogging from that hiatus.

Happy viewing!

Anonymous said...

That's my Girl!.

I totally love this show. Never missed a Monday night last season......

Where is it this season. I now have a DVR.... you have to be kidding that it is not coming back this season.

Heather's Dad

lisasmith said...

We started 24 right after Palmer was born. It was great because he never slept. We got through three seasons in no time and I really thought I should have lost more weight because my heart was beating fast enough to qualify for cardio!

Do I have to go to the laundry post to comment? Anyway, the best thing I've learned about laundry is that Dawn cuts grease. Seriously, pizza, spaghetti, tacos, dish liquid gets them out. The most freeing thing about laundry is that I've let loose a little. If I can't get a stain out, it goes to Goodwill immediately.

Things I've revamped with four kids...If I don't match the sock up when the laundry hamper is empty, I toss it in the trash. Yep, the trash. I also splurged and bought everyone enough socks and underwear to go at least a week without case of sickness, busyness, VBS, pregnancy, etc. We have extra sheets and place wet towels directly in the washer along with stained stuff or any items that we had "accidents" in and these are washed daily. I do four loads three days a week. Lights and darks for kids and adults. I dry everything. For the things that I have to hang dry, they go in a different pile in my closet and never get mixed in with the others. If they do, they get dried. If they get ruined, Goodwill gets a donation. Best advice is be laid back. Take it from someone who never dried anything in the dryer, ever, prior to having kids, they're only clothes! Laundry freedom is awesome!

As far as folding and putting away, I fold on my bed for the same reason as everyone else. Each child has a basket with their stuff in it in their room. They put it away themselves. All my kids like to help fold towels, washcloths, socks, etc. I had to loosen up my standards on perfect folding and as a result they are learning very well and enjoy it.

Confession...I'm scared to use bleach but think I'm trying it on my whites this week! Hooray for white whites.

Sorry so long!

Hendrick Family said...

Alias and Lost will be the next things I waste my time on...but we only get to do something this dumb about every two or three years.

I wish I could say I'm going to bed now...but I'm not.



lisasmith said...

Three more random comments for this blog:
1. Michelle Tipton taught me you can vacuum playground pebbles out of your washing machine and dryer.
2. Kyle McVay taught me how to plan meals and put all my recipes in ONE book for easy access. She even helped me get a prime rib on sale for Christmas dinner one year and I fed twelve people an amazing gourmet dinner for about $60.
3. Heather Gernenz gave me a pre-printed grocery list. It's amazing. You never forget anything and never have to backtrack. This is so important at HEB. I bet Kyle and Michelle both have good ones too. Get one!

by the way, all three of these ladies need to comment on running a house posts. They are all pros.

lisasmith said...

As for 24, after I started watching it I loved Palmer's name even more. President Palmer, I love that man.

Amanda said...

Can I come watch with you? I think you would be so fun. I get anxiety just thinking about it and Ben hates that I get so worked up and scared and gasp, but how can you not, everything that you could never imagine happens to this ONE day...and he doesn't even look tired!

BHG & Co. said...

Heather and I were addicted to ALIAS last year... I got season 0ne from Blockbuster, own 2 and 3 from e-bay... (the plan was to sell back each season to offset the cost of the next one, but I never sold them)... we then Netflix'd seasons 4 and 5. I though Heather would kill me everytime I told her that disk was over and we had to wait for the next one to come, but it only kept us up until 1 or 2 instead of 3 or 4!

We got hooked on 24, I have watched seasons 5 and 6 during their regular seasons... I know, I am just that patient! I think Brandon ROgers is also addicted. If memory serves, he once used the phrase "the Jack Bauer power hour". I have used that ever since.

We have rented season one... we needed something to help us in our ALIAS withdrawl.

For the record, I think ALIAS was more addictive... as for suspense, 24 might have the edge... WAIT! I have a blog post idea... later.

BHG & Co. said...

Ok... blogpost done...

Bristow vs. Bauer

Go and speak your mind, cast your vote!

Palermos said...


I hope it is okay that I have started to comment on your blog. I have been reading it for over a year now and it's great!

I am in total agreement. I don't know how anyone watches 24 in the regular season. It is entirely too stressful! I haven't been watching it lately, but there was a semester in college that 8-10 girls would all gather around the tv for HOURS and we watched season 1-3. As soon as we were finished with a disk, we were off to Blockbuster for another one. That clock ticking down the would be on the edge of my seat.

Now, I watch Prison Break. It is intense as well. I do watch that in the regular season and every Monday I ask myself why I do that. It is just as bad as 24. They always leave with a cliff hanger.

-Leigh Ann

Sarah said...

so good to hear your opinion.

now that gilmore girls and alias are over i need something to fill the "tv addiction" space i've cleared in my head.

24 might just be it.

Landreneau Family said...

I own all five seasons of Alias, and I will gladly loan them to you if you want. I'm always trying to hook new viewers!

Hendrick Family said...

I love all these fellow 24 junkies!

And yes...Sarah...what on earth will ever replace Gilmore Girls in our lives?

I have a hole in my heart that can only be filled with witty banter. sad.

And Leigh Ann!

I'm so glad you're commenting. Welcome to the madness.

When you're in town next may need to come over and show me how to make my fitted sheets fold FLAT. I'm awful!

I may be hopeless.


Palermos said...

I will for sure come over next time! It may never be completely flat but nothing is ever hopeless! It will be easier showing you then telling you any day.

-Leigh Ann

Jennifer Bacak said...

HOw many times have I said this to you? When are you going to start watching 24?
Rusty and I watched the last hour of season 5 last night. Awesome.
Watch for Jack Bauer always saying "Copy That." I love it!!!!
And "you're just going to have to trust me!"
And yes, I would vote for President Palmer. He should run for the real presidency.
We have never watched in during th real season. It's our summer show.

Ali said...

I've read your blog for a while and was in Her Hands last spring. I just stumbled across this old post, but I thought I'd let you know. I go to Living Hope and I'm borrowing season 3 currently from my brother. SO, if the addiction continues, let me know and I'd be happy to share the wealth so you don't have to rent it!