Thursday, September 06, 2007

What's for Breakfast?

Aaron watched the boys this morning while I went to the doctor.  After he left for work, I asked the boys...

Did you guys eat breakfast?"

They all said, "Yes."

I asked, "What did you eat?"

Anson said vanilla wafers.

Hayden said he ate cereal.

Then my baby boy said, "I ate beans with sugar in them."

I just stared at him.

He said...

"I did."

I reached for the phone.

There really is no telling what could have happened while they were here with Aaron this morning.

Ashton seemed so sure of himself...and beans with sugar in them?

That sounds too weird and specific to be made up.

If this was Hayden talking...I would have immediately moved on...since I'm sure if I would have also asked Hayden what he had in his pocket, he would have said "the man that works at Petco"...but Ashton saying this sort of thing?

Aaron answered.

I asked, "What did Ashton eat for breakfast this morning?"

He said...

"Sugar smacks...but he wanted some sugar on them."


That's exactly what they look like!

Beans with sugar on them.

And to think...he has eaten these many times...and that's what he thought he was eating!


Landreneau Family said...

Your kids say the funniest things!!!

You might think me strange for two reasons:

1. By the time I was in my pregnancy, I was the master of peeing straight into the cup with no mess. I felt extreme delight over this.

2. I am one of the crazies out every morning at 8:00 dropping my 3 year old at Nursery School for 3 hours. It's worth getting up and out to have uninterrupted school time with the 5 year old.

I take it garage saling didn't hook you by too much if you haven't been back in a year!


Jon, Sally, & Jude said...

I love it!!
We know a new freshman at A&M and I referred her to your blog and of course, LH. I told her my biggest regrets about college (not getting connected sooner), so hopefully you'll see pretty Jamie soon. She's such a sweet girl!!

Hendrick Family said...

Sally! We miss you!!

And Aimee...

You amaze me for both of your reasons.

One of the things on my to do list...later on in to get the whole world to embrace evening garage sales. Why not? Who says they have to be in the mornings...or practically in the middle of the night? I did love the experience...and I would shop exclusively at garage sales if they were in the evenings.

I have a whole marketing campaign formulated in my mind for how to make this happen.

We'll see.


Ryan Price said...

Ha! Funny... They sure don't smell like beans and sugar when they come out of your pee though! Remind him to smell his tee-tee when he goes next... always a fun surprise!

Valerie said...

I loved those things when I was in elementary school. I don't remember thinking they looked like beans though. And for a while they didn't have them at the grocery store so I thought they discontinued them, but alas they obviously still sell them.

Rachel said...

Another strange one here!

I am also a master at peeing in a cup. If you can do it on your due date and still not miss, I call that skills. There are a few tricks to it, but I think they would be inappropriate to share here.

I am up and out every morning by 8:15, but I am dead on my feet after 8:30 at night.

And if we are home on a Saturday, you can almost guarantee that we are driving around scoping out garage sales. Even Thomas loves to go score deals with me, and someone has to stay in the car with Josiah or else we would never leave the sales as he thinks everything in the world is his to play with.

Landreneau Family said...

Did I send you the link to our blog? I can't remember.

Anywho, You have to type it in or copy it because it's not linked.


D.O. said...

Funny that the girl announcer is going to hail from Arlington [presumably TX]. Did you know that's where I'm from? Maybe I know her already.

Funnier still that you actually gave me my own category on the sidebar. An appropriate one indeed. Thanks.

Hendrick Family said...


Yes, they still make these lovely things. However, they stopped calling them Sugar Smacks...because what mother would buy their child a cereal with sugar in the title these days? Now, we can all buy our kids the same exact cereal, but since the name has changed...we feel better about ourselves.

This cereal, like Ryan mentioned is the cereal that just keeps on giving.

You get to enjoy it while you're eating it...and then when you tee-tee your tee-tee smells EXACTLY like the cereal.


Asparagus does aromatic things to tee-tee too.

And Rachel...

Amazing! No need to go into details, or give away your strategy. Please save it for the show! You and Aimee will be the first competitors.

D.O...I'm counting on you to find me an MC. I need an all American girl...a popular one...who will be willing to scream in faux Japanese while women go tee-tee in plastic cups.

And finally...

While I was at Hobby Lobby this morning two things happened...

1. Ashton yells out, "Hayden...smell my boody!" in front of a large group of cute sorority girls who were working on decorating their apartment. I wanted to sink into the earth.

2. I thought it would be so great if doctors would real life...not just in my imagination...

"We're going to need to draw some blood...and we're going to need you to pee on your hand."

Because that's what they are basically asking us to do...except for Aimee and Rachel...the ultimate pee-er warriors!


The Kramer Family said...

I'm a white girl from Arlington.....although I'm from da' hood in Arlington so I don't think this would work.

Seriously, my school was on Fox News for a riot outbreak.

Ashton is so cute! I need to keep a notebook of everything cute that our kiddos say. I have a horrible memory and I don't ever want to forget......EVER!

the amy's said...

I would so be your MC. I have to work on the accent though. I have lots of experience asking for tee-tee, and catheters are a much easier route for not peeing on hands. But who wants to volunteer for that?

Yesterday, we were at Kroger, and this woman comes to coo at Will. He just looks at her and grunts while turning bright red. Grady then simultaneously begins yelling, "I've gotta poop! Mommy! I've gotta POOP!" Aren't children humbling?

Hendrick Family said...

Oh...and when the show airs...

I will have my commercials ready for evening garage sales.

This could work.

pbmciver said...

hahaha...if ever I need a good laugh, I can just come to your blog and I am almost laughing instantly. But, yep you are right - what woman can pee in a cup w/o getting their hands dirty?

the Apels said...

I love that Ashton!!

On the way to an away soccer game in highschool, I peed in a waterbottle on the spills, no spray. I was sitting in the very back of the bus and our coach (who was really just a football coach but got stuck with girl's soccer) didn't allow us to talk or make any stops on the way to games...he wanted us to be focused. Anyway, about 15 minutes into the hour and a half trip, I realized that I needed to pee...and BAD! So I squatted in between my seat and the seat in front of me and peed into my waterbottle on a moving, bumpy bus...I had to be very careful to hold it with safe enough room below me incase we hit a bump, but not too far away incase my stream took a SILENCE! That process was probably one of the top most cautious moments in my life. The girl who was sitting across from me took a picture with my pee bottle for proof...I filled it to the top!

Yes, I poop in bags; I pee in bottles. I AM gifted!!

LD said...

1) What are Sugar Smacks called now?

2) I like that Kirby just admitted to pooping in a bag right here on your blog. Hilarious.

3) Walgreen's brand of NyQuil from behind the counter is cheaper AND it has the magic ingredients that send you to NyQuil lala land. Problem solved.

4) Sudafed makes your nose dry, but it also makes your mouth dry. Gross.

5) I like numbering my comments. It makes me feel organized.

SaraEaker said...

um...okay so like heather I did not know a woman who could pee in a cup without getting pee on herself. This is another one of those things in life that I have to say..."why haven't they invented something better than this to get their results?!?!" We can make a phone that is an mp3 player, plays videos, and connects to the internet, but we are STILL PEEING IN CUPS!! Seriously, its no wonder we haven't found a cure for cancer if we can't even eliminate the pee in the cup task for women. I am going to send money to washington to lobby for a research project to find a better way to study our pee. Its really not fair. Seriously why do we have to pee in the cup? Couldn't they just make toliets to pee into that would not have water and just take our pee to the lab! In my opinion this insanity has gone on just too long!

Hendrick Family said...

I love Kirby too for being so transparent.

What a wonderful woman she is!

Sugar Smacks are now called...Smacks. No sugar. Like there isn't any in them...whatever!

I love that Lauren numbered her comments.

Good to know about the Nyquil alternative. I can't wait to use it.



Love that brain of yours!!

Just get straight to the root of this problem.

Way to go!

Toilets that shoot girl tee tee straight to the lab.

Love it.

BHG & Co. said...

it's 2:45 am. I am about to go to bed, but had to blog (we were in Dallas all day, so I'm getting caught up). Anyway...

I laughed out loud (didn't wake anyone up though) when you listed vanilla wafers and then louder at beans with sugar. I though immediately of an old Bill Cosby routine (also about breakfast).

"Dad is great... he gives us the chocalate cake!"

I just knew that breakfast with Aaron held limitless possibilities. I mean, who else eats tacos and egg rolls in the same sitting!?

I may have actually been a little disappointed (though amused) to find out there were no beans. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.

BHG & Co. said...

okay... something caught my attention and I re-skimmed (a.k.a. actually read in full) some of these comments and I have to say...

1. After all my years of youth ministry, I didn't think anything could surprise me... until now. Though I suppose I may be more impressed than surprised, I don't know what that says about me.

2. I have never noticed a corelation between my breakfast and the smell of my urine. Though, the food at Sonic does have a unique aroma hours later. I guess all greasy food is not the same.

3. "Hayden...smell my boody!" I would have paid money to those series of events... HI-larious.

Good night.

Ber said...

wanna know why kirby was my mentor?

you must've known things like this when you're brilliance put us together.

1) i too peed in a nalgene on the bus on the way to a football game in high school. cheerleading skirt + nalgene + hiding from the boys on the bus + bumpy roads = i've never peed on myself at the doctor. [yes i drank out of that very nalgene at the next game.]

2)i used to tell my mom i wanted to be a boy. i thought it more fair that they got to pee standing up. no icky toilet on their bum. AND they get to spend less money on toilet paper, as they only use it half as much. God's funny, you see. after i had broken legs that could hardly support me standing, and certainly couldn't support me squating....multiple times i went into icky bathrooms and peed like a man. i felt like i should go watch braveheart or 300 afterwards. and i still felt like they got the good end of the deal.
...funny story. went to italy this summer. some places don't have toilets....they have holes. in the ground. HOLES. well that's fine and dandy if you're male or a sqautting female. i'm neither. so whilst i haven't peed on my hand, indeed i've peed on my feet. no matter how i went about it, it was clear my feet wouldn't make it out in the clear. luckily i was smart enough to ensure my clothes stayed dry.

3) i've peed in a cup in a moving car 5 times.
....since may.
3 of those times i wasn't driving.
which means the other 2 i was.
and yes, i DID say moving.
infer as you will.

just don't ask me how many times i've peed my pants. more because i don't know than i'm embarrassed to answer.

i'm pretty sure it was over 10. my senior year of college. yes. that was last year. circa 7 out of those 10 were in my own bedroom. just couldn't make it nextdoor. and once you start to pee, you may as well just go. no use in leaving an entire trail to clean up. just make it easy and only clean one part of the carpet.

the mother in you is cringing. the heather in you is laughing.

i promise not to pee on your couch. pinky promise, even....

i'm not very much okay with the discussions of bodily functions of any sort. i just wrote an entire comment dedicated to urine. you challenge me to step outside my comfort zone...

Hendrick Family said...


Equal parts laughter and cringing!

A very good mixture indeed.