Saturday, September 08, 2007

Now Playing In My Kitchen

i just got

to Non-Religious Me

and had to stop

and think

of things

through teary eyes


pictures slapped

on the cork wall

of my brain

while ross sings

go see







Hendrick Family said...

I'll write more later about Ross's music.

Right now I have to go buy some milk and some iron tablets.

I know nothing about music...the actual notes and junk.

Aaron does...and loves Ross for his music...for giving LH the gift of songs that need to be sung by the body, together when we meet.

But I love words.

Ross always has good ones.

Please go buy this if you don't have his other ones...go buy those too.

To read more about what Ross is up to these days, click on Staci King's link under Friends from Around Town. She has a link to his blog in her newest post.


Lindsay said...

I'll have to go check him out...

Jana said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog...It is such a great way to keep up w/ long-distance family and friends!! I read yours everyday...I also love your Bible lessons!!! We have been using them. Homeschooling is FUN!!!!Are you involved in a co-op there?

Jennifer Bacak said...

I heard the song Ross wrote about adoption called "Home" in Heather's kitchen last night, and bawled. Seriously, out of nowhere, making Totino's pizzas, hearing HS Musical in the background while girls squeal, and I was standing there bawling. What an amazing song. I will be ordering this CD today.