Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hooray for Hairspray!

What fun we had tonight!

My favorite part of the whole night was hearing Kari laughing during the movie. It's a rare occasion when you hear someone say, "Stop making me laugh. My eyelashes will fall off."

Here are a few pictures.

Karen sent these as well.

Here are Larra's pictures and there are some on her blog.

Kelly posted some on her blog.

Jenn Crouse's photos.


As I see the pictures, I'm going to post some of my favorites at the bottom of this post.

I'll add more as I get them. If you put some online, let me know so I can link to them!

Thanks for a great evening of laughter.

I LOVE this one! Silly girls!



Palermos said...

Tonight was AMAZING ladies! Thanks so much for all of you! Here are my flickr photos..I don't know much about flickr so I don't know if this link will even take you to them. I'll put up a post about this on my blog with a link as well. http://www.flickr.com/photos/11121385@N07/
We must do it again...there's been talk of seeing a wedding movie..you know what that means!
Love you all!

Hendrick Family said...

As we were leaving the restaurant last night, Lynsey found a camera in a blue camera case. I stuck it in my bag. Does it belong to someone? I'm hoping it does, or that means I stole it from Cafe Eccel.


The Kramer Family said...

I had a blast! It was so incredible and such a blessing to see all of these wonderful women in one room. We are truly blessed by such an amazing body of women.

Thanks for organizing everything Heather! We need to do this again....soon!

Love you,

ami said...

the camera is chelsea's she will be so glad to know you have it :]

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

That was so much fun. I had to wash my hair three times to get all of the hairspray out!!!

Heather, Jazzy's wants a picture of the hairstyles for their portfolio.

Leslie Moore said...

How fun! You all looked adorable!

Karen said...

GREAT night~ I keep checkin back to see hwat kinda remarks Aaron will put on these pics though! HA!