Thursday, August 16, 2007

Balloon Gorillas and Cancer

We drove to Houston this morning for our PAC meeting with New Life.

Woo-who! I'm so excited.

But after driving through the land of Houstonia I have only one question I need answered:

Has ANYONE ever been driving down the road and decided to go into a car dealership and look at vehicles just because there was a gigantic balloon gorilla on the roof of the building?

Really. I need to know. This is serious.

I have to figure out why someone, somewhere thinks that a sure fire way to get someone else to buy a couch or a car is to put a huge inflatable dog with two thumbs up in front of their store.

Since everyone uses them, that means that SURELY at one point in history a person was driving down the road, saw a huge blow-up monkey on top of a Honda dealership and said to themselves, "Although I had no previous desire to purchase a new set of wheels...after seeing that large monkey...I simply must have a Civic. I simply must." Has someone really "gone bananas" because an air filled Mighty Joe Young on the side of the road was wearing a t-shirt that told them to?

Have they?

When I see commercials on TV, I do this weird thing where I pretend like I'm in on the brainstorming session while the company and the advertising gurus are figuring out the advertising plan for a new product. I even participate in my make-believe moment of being a marketing person. I love coming up with ideas that will make the whole world think they have to have hair barrettes or bubble bath. I offer suggestions to the big whigs...some get shot down...but not many...because it's my daydream, and I discourage all forms of disagreeing with me in my own land of la la.

For the life of me, I can't wrap my brain around how the gorilla thing came to be. My imagination is not that good. I have tried and tried to recreate the moment when blow up animals on roofs became a great idea. I would love to meet the man that convinced business owners everywhere that the power of persuasion lies within an air pumped primate. How did he do that?

He must be a genius. A funny genius.

He's probably the same man that swayed a FOOD ESTABLISHMENT into making a mouse their mascot! I don't care if he wears shoes and can dance...Chuckie Cheese is a mouse...and for some reason, we're all okay with him being near our food. I just don't get it. The times I've been, I want to stand up in the middle of the restaurant on a table, like Sally Fields and say..."This is all a big joke on us! I know we're all being laughed at! Chuckie Cheese is a rodent! A RODENT! This is a restaurant. They might as well have a roach dressed up like a rapper singing with our children while we eat! What is wrong with us? Who goes to an eating facility that ADVERTISES they have vermin running around inside? We have to stop the madness. We need to kick it to the man...the Chuckie Cheese, Balloon Gorilla Man!"

After I lived out my Sally Fields fantasy, I would get down off the table, leave Chuckie Cheese and go into the mall. Then I would buy something from the Origins counter...because their posters have wet leaves on them and waterfalls...and all their salesgirls have smooth skin on their face...and smell like mints. I would leave there convinced that now I will have a pretty face and save the world from pollution and decay. I will save the earth and look gorgeous and wholesome doing it. And I won't get cancer...ever.

That kind of adverting works.


Ryan Price said...

well... I drove kinda by your house today and thought about you guys. is that good enough?

You should have been around the table at Kevin and Lisa's reception after you left and me and Jenn had a conversation about blog commenting etiquete, because she was not happy that I haven't left very many comments on her blog. We finally came to the agreement that you can't get your feelings hurt if people don't comment on your blog if you aren't commenting on their's. So... I think you need to pay a little visit to thoughtsbyryan and give your 2 cents. Even if you don't though, I'll still comment on ya'lls because you're cool.

miss you guys.

Kelly said...

heather- I'm so with you! 1) gorillas have NEVER encouraged me to buy a car. quite the opposite actually.
2) My older sister was so afraid of chuckie cheese (back then showbiz pizza:) that she hid under the table to eat her birthday cake at my birthday party:)
3)if it makes you feel better, i usually get 0-2 comments on average for all my blog posts:)
4) I love you a lot! and your posts are so much fun and a blessing to read!

Grandma said...

I admit to noticing the zero comment thing a couple of hours ago and saying to myself, "Hmm. Well, after all, what can you say about huge, air-filled gorillas that hasn't already been said?"

I share your confusion about the purpose that they serve.

There. A "1".

Amanda said...

Heather, I though about you today as I was driving back through Houston. I saw three of these lovely favorite was at a swimming pool store place. As I drove past it, my thoughts were..."Heather can find no purpose for these, but I wonder if that one would make a great pool toy. It might be a super fun floatie...."

Hendrick Family said...

I'm happy now.

Nicole said...

Callie is my daughters name- great name :)

Hendrick Family said...

Ryan! You drove past my house? How? What?

I guess I am going to have to start commenting on your blog since I don't just get to talk to you everyday.

You write such great things, but they are tough subjects. You're trying to figure out how to change the world, how to solve the problem of poverty and I can't even figure out why there are big gorillas in front of cars for sale.

I'm not sure I'll be much help.

We miss you so much! Life is weird now.


Showtime Pizza! I loved that place and had forgotten all about it. I added you as a link. Why hadn't I before?

And grandma...Aaron came home today and said, "You have zero comments on the gorilla post." As if I didn't know that! Are you kidding? So then I said..."SO WHY DIDN'T YOU COMMENT?"
I have decided that this should be ya'lls new job as my family. When no one comments you guys have to come through. Through thick and thin...through the good times and the bad...through comments or no comments...isn't that what family is for? And to watch my kids when I go to Dallas and sleep until 10:30. If Aaron and I ever renew our vows, I'm writing in...

"And if no one comments, I will." That will bless me tons to hear come from his mouth.

And Amanda...I'm pretty sure I saw at the pool the sign that said, "No diving, no running and no gorillas." I could be wrong though.

Thank you all for giving me something to do while my husband makes a video all night! He appreciates you as much as I do!


ami said...

the only reason i bought my car was because of that gorilla :]

Lindsay said...

I like Monkeys. If I had a monkey, I would name him Abu, like from Aladdin.

the lewisi female said...

I don't get the gorrilla things either but one time on my way to Houston I saw a HUGE Chick Fil A sign that had a big blow up gorilla on it and it said " ALL CHICKENS MUST GO" and I think I laughed the rest of the car trip! So you should eat at Chick Fil A b/c they obviously feel what you are feeling about the gorillas!
Yesterday I had a spinach salad with julianed zuchinni, squash and carrots and then some cucumbers tomatoes and strawberries with feta cheese and balsalmic dressing (and who knows how many of those things I spelled wrong!).

Hendrick Family said...

I always loved Chick Fil A, but now I love it even more.

And that salad sounds way better than toenails.


Amanda said...

no gorillas allowed at the sad. This makes me think about the movie You've Got Mail where they do the song about taking your dog everywhere. How could they not allow someone to bring their gorilla?? There is no telling how many great (and probably dangerous) things you could do with the gorilla in the pool. He could be a slide, a floatie, or who knows what...I am sure the boys could come up with all kinds of crazy uses for it.

Ber said...

speaking of chick-fil-a.....

these are the companies i've decided to forever support simply because of their quality wittiness within the advertising department. like, the kind that makes me laugh OUT LOUD as i'm driving. almost to the point that i feel it's danger to others on the road.

1) chick-fil-a
2) taco bueno
3) chipotle
4) the texas rangers. now, i've always been a rangers fan, and knew i always would be. i just never knew their marketing could increase that. billboards that say "pop fly is not a rap star", "the seventh inning stretch is not a yoga move", "first base has nothing to do with kissing", and can never be wrong. and that's just three examples. mmmmm.
5) i know there's another one one this list, but since i'm not driving around in my car laughing, i can't think of it. that and it's almost 6 a.m. if inanimate objects could sin, i would say clocks that allowed 6 a.m. to roll around would be big fat sinners.
6) diet dr. pepper

either way, i'm way more likely to eat at/purchase/go to one of these places after they made me laugh from a billboard than from one that says "Whataburger. Exit 293. Open late. Picture of a greaseball."

ballon advertising said...

ill tell you exactly how the gorilla thing came up. 1. it was probably a man. 2. he probably like king kong and cars 3. he wanted to get peoples attention, not thinking about the consequences of getting their attention with a gorilla. 4. people think attention is enough so they stick up a wild beast on the roof and expect people to be like "hm, that gorilla gives me a strange desire & urge to purchase a car" i think not. Great post!

You made me smile!