Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is going to be "Afrotastic!"

You're Invited to a
Hairspray Hangout!

Tuesday, August 7

6:40 p.m. until late


1. Everyone needs to dress up 60's style...including hair! Thrift Shops, here we come!! You can either do your own hair if you're super talented...or...

I am so excited about this...Jazzy's Hair Salon in College Station has agreed to give us all their stylists and their shop starting at noon on Tuesday! Each appointment should take about 30-45 minutes. To get our do done, we have to arrive at the shop with rollers in our hair...each roller hairsprayed HEAVY...with a picture of the style we are wanting. The cost will be $20.

2. In order to come, you will need to RSVP in groups of 3. There needs to be someone young, someone younger and someone older in your group! Grab your mentor and mentee...or...grab someone you know you should be mentoring and someone you want to mentor you...this will be a fun night of connecting older and younger! My HOPE Group gals need to invite some of our younger HOPE Group girls! We won't have regular HOPE Group that PLEASE use this as a chance to spend time together!

3. No boys allowed. All males will be shot.

We will meet at Premiere Cinemas that night, DRESSED UP, looking oh so funny in our 60's clothing, with our teased hair...we'll watch Hairspray and then go have dessert and coffee at Cafe Excel. (Exact movie time will be announced closer to the event...for now I think it's 6:40 if I figured out how to work the movie theater's website.)

We will take lots of pictures and laugh so hard...I think we'll be sore the next day.

Cafe Excel will reserve us a table for 30.

So...first come, first serve! ANYONE can come watch the movie dressed up...but the hair salon can only do 30 updo's and Cafe Excel can only seat 30 without us having to pay extra...and I'm not down with paying extra.

If you're reading this and want to go...please don't wait for someone to invite you! YOU invite them! Just find someone younger and older and then RSVP with all three names as a comment. If you need an older or younger, post that as a comment too and we'll get something figured out!!

In order for us to guarantee the spots at the hair salon, I need to be able to call the owner by this Tuesday...that doesn't mean that you can't come if you don't find out about this just means they may have filled those other spots at that salon, so you'll have to find someone else to unmercifully fro up your hair. I found a few other salons that charge the same price, but they couldn't get us all in...which I think will be part of the fun, sitting with three or four other gals who are getting their hair pimped out too!

Can't wait to hang out and see how cute you will look! This is going to be a hoot!

Hurry! Go grab some ladies and RSVP!!

I'm learning all the songs.

I wish I could dance.


Garratts said...

So sad I will miss this event.

We will be in New Jersey. But I have seen the movie and it is great. Everyone will love it.

Please take lots of pictures.


Hendrick Family said...

Ashawe! You will be so missed!! We'll take lots of pictures.


Hendrick Family said...

I am RSVPing.

I have invited Melodi as my mentor and Kirby as my mentee. The younger than me person was so hard, because I have lots of those sweet thangs in my life. dear Kirby just had surgery and said she will WELCOME the chance to get out of the house for a few she wins. But I desperately want someone to invite Chelsi Stocks and Erin Whitley and Brittany other sweet college if you need some college girls to complete your group...PLEASE ask them! They are precious!!

Oh...and you guys can invite people can work like that! They just have to be older or younger than yourself!

So excited!!

D.O. said...

oh my goodness... that movie is almost perfect. It's so good. I might go watch it that night just because. Oh man. So good. I'm not gay.

Jessica Bolding said...

Oh my! This sounds like soooo much fun!! I wish I didn't have to work! Or that I had some time off that I could use!

I can't wait to see the pictures!

Melodi said...

I want my hair done with a group of y'all! That sounds like SO much fun!!!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea, Heather, of using this to teach the kids. I might wait and rent it for them and use that idea. I hadn't considered bringing Hannah, but she would certainly get into it....I'll consider...anyway....I can't wait!! Where are the best thrift stores???

Bev Brandon said...

i can drive down from fort worth and i've got the dress stuff cause i am the older...but are there any youngers to make the trio??? jk...i'll be in colorado and will miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hendrick Family said...

That would have been SO FUN, Mrs. Bev...and we will definitely have more college girls than older than college age you would have been snatched up in a heartbeat!!

Have fun in Colorado though!

Think we should just fly Brookie back for a day? She would love this!


King Family said...

I'll be out of town. You'll have fun! I can't wait to see the movie. thanks for the great review!

Hendrick Family said...

This is all going to read real weird since Staci and Melodi have commented about the movie review. This comment was originally up at the top, but I wanted to add something.

Some information about the movie...

I've seen it already...loved it.

We took our kids.

It had four mildly bad words in in they were bad, but not the ones that make us cringe.

There's some crazy dancing and kissing...

We are learning about the Bill of Rights in school right now...and we've been teaching the kids about what African Americans have gone through in our country. Aaron and I decided this show was one of the best ways to get them to understand how differently black people were treated by white people in our country at one time. I've looked for lots of other ways to show this to them, but they still weren't getting it...and everything they could watch is too heavy for their little minds. So...we prepared them for the bad words...they loved the singing...and we think they got to see a good picture of what we have been talking to them about in one of the less-graphic ways. They got the message loud and clear and completely understood what the movie was saying.

Our kids didn't get any of the "sexual" humor...but older kids may.

In retrospect, I wish we would have just waited and rented the movie, then used our TVG setting so the bad words were muted...but you live and you learn. Anson is at an age where you would know and understand NOT to say those words because they can be offensive...but Hayden and Ashton are not. They repeat anything that sounds funny...especially if someone laughed after it was said!

All that to say...I wanted you to know what we thought in case you were considering bringing your daughter as the younger in the group! Just wanted you to be informed!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Erin Mosier and I will be there, with high hair! I've invited my Mom and my little sister too. I hope they can make it.
Can't wait.
I just saw the play in NY this past May, so it was cool seeing the movie. Rusty and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to it again.

Kinnard Family said...

I really want to do this! I'm emailing some younger girls in my Hope Group and I'm working on the older. I'll let you know for sure soon.
I think I'd want my hair done with the gals...what are you doing with the kids during that time?

The Kramer Family said...

I just need to get over myself and do this. I know it will be fun!

This is my favorite movie of all time- the old one that is. I have been dying to see the new one. I just might have to stand up in the theater aisle and dance.

I've always wanted to have my hair done like this too. But, I'm with Melodi on this. I need to be with others for support and lots of laughs. And the dresses are super cute! Brenham has great thrift stores. I will searching.

I will be searching for my dates. I need to ask Larra.

Hmmmmm, now for the older and much wiser. I will be thinking on that one.

Can't wait.

Hendrick Family said...

Jenn! Ashley! Lynsey! This is going to be so fun!!

Hurry...find your threesome and RSVP.

With mine and yours, we will already be at a total of...

13 or so! See how it's going to fill up fast! Bust a move ladies!

I'm so excited about this!


Hendrick Family said...

Here are a few older women...and I only mean older as in a little older...NOT OLD...

These are ladies I have thought would be oh so cool to get to know better.

Mindi Green is not very old, but has a billion kids and they are older than most of yours.

Kelli VandeVanter...really! So cool!

Dena Palermo

Staci Stellges

Frances Ellison

Michelle Tipton...again...not very old...but she has a TEENAGER...this definitely puts her in a season different from us.

Gabi Whorley...her husband is preaching this weekend...such an amazing sweet lady.

That's all off the top of my head.

Invite some of those!


Hendrick Family said...

Michele Smith will be back by that time!

The Kramer Family said...

Oh, I'm rsvp-ing alright. You better believe it. I will find my older (wiser, beautiful, wonderful) lady. You just go ahead and count me as one of the peeps.


Melodi said...

Yes! Heather's list of older women - and I agree that we are not old! - is a great start! I know women on that list who would be totally BUMMED if you didn't seek them out! They wouldn't want to miss this. Hey, if you don't know them very well, this is sure a way to GET to know them! ha! Call one and get it set up today.

Hendrick Family said...

Three more super stars...

Marylou Brieger

Tracy Frank

Ouida Edison

Kinnard Family said...

I'm waiting to hear back from Marylou...hopefully I'll RSVP for 3 of us very soon!

Kinnard Family said...

Okay...FOR SURE count me and Kacey VanDeaver (my younger) as YES! I've called Marylou, so hopefully she'll be my #3.
Kacey & I want to have our hair done with everyone. Heather, will you be making the hair appt., or should we call?

Any good suggestions on thrift stores?

Staci S. said...

YYyyyessss! I am so excited I could just pee! Thanks for mentioning my name as an "older" lady to invite. Karen Davis, Charley Rae & I are going together. Some of you college girlies may want to invite my mom Sandi Hopkins. She'd LOVE this. She did graduate from highschool in 1967 afterall! I also thought of Joyce Tipton, Sarah Covington, & Carmen, Judy, Kyle McVay...

Our group of 3 is going to "poof" our hair at my house because I just love that kind of stuff, plus we want you all to have a space at the hair salon. We WILL be there to support (or laugh & take pictures of) the other ladies. I can't wait!!!

As for thrift stores, there is a Goodwill on Texas Ave in Bryan, past the new HEB (Manor East Mall), but before the old Kroger.
Another Good will is on Old College Rd next door to the old Triangle Bowl (behind Chicken Oil and down a bit). But RIGHT behind Chicken Oil on Old College there is a resale shop in a litte shopping center. There is also a resale shop on East 29th St in Bryan, past Bryan High School & across the street from Taco Bell, I think. Hope this helps you find some grooviest digs. You could google images from the old shows "Laugh-in" or "I dream of Genie" to get clothing ideas...(man, I am getting old...) :-)

-Staci S.

Hendrick Family said...

Staci! What a fun group!!


I need to keep a running total of hair appointments.

As many people who want to can dress up and go to the movie (as long as they follow rule number 2)...and even go to Cafe Excel afterwards, but we may not get to all sit together...that's not a big deal though. The manager said that with us arriving at around 9 or so, getting tables throughout the restaurant won't be hard. They will have one table that will seat 30 and then smaller groups could sit around the restaurant if we need them to.

So all I'm really worried about are the hair appointments. They can't do more than 30.

Let me know if you're doing your own hair so I can keep up with the total.

So far we have these women who need hairdos...

Ashley K.

Let me know who else needs an appointment! I will give you their number tomorrow and you can schedule your own time. We can talk amongst ourselves about when other people are going so we can go with people we know. So fun! Let's try to keep the 4:30-6:15 spots open for women who don't get off work until then.


Kinnard Family said...

Kacey VanDeaver (my "younger" from our Hope Group) is also going to get her hair done. So, you can add her to the list (she is a member at LH).

What are y'all doing with the kids during your hair appts?

Anonymous said...

where is brookie??? maybe she can show it at the same time in Thailand which means morning Hairspray! and you can skype her from your Hairspray group on your video cam and she can skype you back...her new Thai roommates U.S. Staci & U.S. Kelly sound like Hairspray candidates...i wonder if they have skype at this conference i am going to---it's at a castle in colorado...i'm so excited for your Hairspray Shindig!!!!!!!!
ps - this is anonymous bev---do you know my user name???

Abby said...

I am RSVPing for me, my mom and my younger sister. They're going to come in from San Antonio and are very excited!
-Abby Belitzer Williford

Karen said...

My friend Abby Williford (she goes to LH) and her mom and her sister are in for the movie and cafe excel! She didnt have a blogger acct so asked me to do this! Im sooo excited! PS Staci, Charlie Rae, and I are in for cafe excel and the movie!

Ashley said...

I want to go!! But I'm in need of an older & younger! Any ideas Heather?? You're idea is incredible! You're so amazing.

Hendrick Family said... don't need a younger if you can't find can be the youngest in your group! Kelli Williams and Kari Stephens (Stevens?) want to go. They both need a younger girl I think and I gave them names today of some older women to ask.

Kelli! Kari! One of you need to get with Ashley!!


Kinnard Family said...

My group of 3 is complete -
I already RSVP'd for me and Kacey VanDeaver (younger), but Marylou Breiger is coming, too! yay!

bekah said...


I really want to go but I'm in Boerne.

I tried Kathryn and Sydni, but I had the wrong number.

If there are any spots left, or groups in need please sign me up!

Kari said...

Hey Heather!

Here is what we have so far:

Kelly Williams
Kari Stephens

Our younger friends are:
Colleen Colloway
Crystal Wingert

We are trying to find our olders!!!

This is going to be so much fun!!!!!


CarpioFamily said...

o.k i'm officially RSVPing ME, Ashley Driskell, and Kathryn Berilla. Oh, yeah!

Williams Family said...

Ok Heather,
Count me and Erin Whitley in. I am trying to find an older. And count Kaylene and Ashley Driskle in. kaylene is trying to find an older too. Kaylene and I are doing our own hair. Let me see what Erin and Ashley are doing and I will let you know.


Hendrick Family said...

Brittany just called and RSVP'd for Liz, herself and says Liz is working on finding an older.

Just wanted to stick them in!

And...Brittany and Amy both for hairdo's?


Heslip Twins said...

If I can find a babysitter for that day, I would love to do this and hang out with you guys! I love reading your blog and have wanted to get together with you all, but haven't been able to just yet.

BTW, I am 29, so if anyone is looking for an older or younger, I can be used! I can let you know by tomorrow (Tues) if I can find a babysitter!

Kelly Heslip

Hendrick Family said...

Someone needs to ask Cindy Freeman as their older. Even though she's so stinkin' cute...she has TWO GROWN kids! Snatch her up!!


Williams Family said...

I am asking Cindy! I will let you know what she says!


Melodi said...

somebody ask Gabby Worley as their older!

Hendrick Family said...

Yes! Someone ask her! She is so great. Again...her husband is the one who preached this weekend. She works at Rusty's office. 779-5191.

The Amazing Doctor's Bacak's office...they can fix whatever ails you and fix your Hairspray problems!

Call today!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I will be getting my hair done at 5:30. Does anyone else want that time so we can laugh!
I called Jazzy's, I am so excited, they can do an updo on this mop!!!!
I wasn't sure with the curls!!

Hendrick Family said...

Hey you guys...


To make your hair appointment, just call Jazzy's. Their number is 846-4200.

They would love for us to schedule in groups of three so that we can laugh together. Of course those groups of threes for hair appointments will probably be different than your date group of three, since schedules will probably not line up.

So why don't we just try to post on the blog what time we're going so that someone else can go with us...or we can just email people to figure out a time.


Hendrick Family said...


Do you gals need hair appointments?

I'm trying to keep a let me know!


Hendrick Family said...


Let me know if you four girls are going to need hair appointments so I can keep up with the totals.

Did you find older ladies??


Karen said...

Abby Williford does NOT need appointments! They are doing their own! My sister (Julie) is trying to get Irene Martinez and her daughter to go! Will let you know as soon as I know! They will do their own hair too! What about KAYCEE and KENDRA ? Are they in! Im so excited!!!

Karen said...

AHHH! Someone needs to invite Pauline Tice too!!! Shes cool and so fun!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Kerri Kalmbach is putting together a group...

Brittany said...

Yes, Liz and I both want hair appointments! :)


Kinnard Family said...

Ashley (Kinnard), Kacey VanDeaver & Marylou Breiger are getting our hair done at 4:00pm.

So fun!

Hendrick Family said...

Ok ladies...

I think we are getting full! I'm going to have to close the RSVP if I haven't heard from you by now! I can't believe how many of you ladies are willing to dress up and be crazy! I'm blown away by this...but SO EXCITED about next Tuesday. What a fun time to get to know each other better! We are truly blessed to have so many WONDERFUL women in our lives!!

I need the following info from these groups:

1. I need Lynsey's older and younger. Do you have them?

2. I need Bekah's older and younger.

3. I need Kelli William's older.

4. I need Kari Steven's older.

5. I need Ana's older.

6. I need Liz's older.

7. I need Kerri's group's info.

8. I need Chelsea Grove's group's info.

9. I'm putting together a group for Emily Ward from our HOPE Group.

10. I need precious Emily Seybert's group's info.

This is a college girl that still needs older women:

Ashley (Have you asked Kendra? She could probably convince Kelli VandeVanter to go and then you guys would have a great group!)

Here is a middle woman...ha! That sounds funny!

Kelly Heslip

AND THEN I THINK WE NEED TO CALL IT QUITS! We're up to 50 people at Cafe Excel!!

This is SO NOT LIKE ME to keep up with all of this stuff. It's giving me IBS. This is usually what I beg Ashley Garratt to do for me! I come up with the idea and then she keeps lists and organizes know...does all the real work...what was I THINKING doing this while she was on vacation?? I'm sure you've been sitting there thinking, "This ought to be interesting," huh Ash??

Love all you ladies and am THRILLED to see you all next Tuesday!

Get me your information ASAP please!


Kaycee said...

If anyone backs out or if you can squeeze in 3 more me and Gabbie W and her daughter Abby wanted to sign up.

Hendrick Family said...

You're so IN! I had already decided that ANY of my hope group girls would get special privilege since technically if I said you couldn't come, that would mean I was saying you couldn't come to HOPE Group...which means I was saying you couldn't be faithful to attend church services...which means I was causing you to sin.

No way am I doing that! Ha!


Ashley said...

Hey Heather,

Kendra & Allan are in New Mexico right now on vacation, so I don't know if she'll be able to go or not...and I"m not quite sure when they get home. I did think of her first, but then thought she was on vacation. But that would be a great group if I could figure out how to get a hold of Kendra!

Garratts said...

I am so proud of you Heather.

I got a little IBS just reading all of the comments.

Holy Hairspray is right. And I really do want to see some pictures.

Ya'll have fun!


Williams Family said...

Cindy can not make it she will be out of town. I am going to ask Dena Palermo. I will let you know if she is able to join us.

leese said...

I think this entire experience is so amazing and I can't wait to see yalls pictures. If I were going I would take Haley Bliss and Lisa Smith...I'll be with you guys in spirit.


I love my Living Hopers!

Kari said...

Hey Heather!

I have my older, Susan Couch.

We both want our hair done and so does Kelly Williams. She is still looking for an older, but hopefully will have one by tonight or tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as she tells me, as she doesn't have internet access at home!


Williams Family said...

Dena can't make it. Has anyone asked Michele Smith yet?


Hendrick Family said...


Why don't you try Levita Marshall? She's amazing!

I think it will be hard to get in touch with the Smiths right now.


Kari said...

Kelly Williams has an older: Mindi Greene!

freemans4jc said...


This is Sydni..

I am so excited that i am going!!
Bekah Gooden has invited me to be a younger..!!

Ms.Heather you come up with the coolest ideas. P.S. My mom is really jealous but she hopes we have a really good time!!

Also we are still looking for an older so any suggestions???


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Kerri Kalmbach has her younger, Ashley Apel and she is asking Debi Stoll today to be her older. I will let you know if she can do it.


Hendrick Family said...

Sydni! I'm so excited you are coming!!

Why don't you and Bekah just ask Mrs. Kelly Heslip to be your older? She has already commented on here that she wants to go...why don't you check if she still can and then your group is complete!


Heslip Twins said...

I should be able to go. Going to see if I can get a hair appointment late that day!

Kelly Heslip

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Hey Heather
Do we know how many seats are in the theatre and also if we want to try to purchase our tickets ahead of time to guarantee that we can all get seats.
Just a thought.

Hendrick Family said...

That's so funny you just asked that, Kathryn.

I've been talking to the manager of the theater this morning.

She is giving us the student rate for our tickets since our group is so gynormous. The tickets will be $4 each. Right now, she is trying to make it where we can order them online with a credit card, so we can each pay separately...that way, I don't have to deal with collecting money...another thing I would NEVER do without Ashley!

Stay tuned!


The Houstons said...

by order of Karen, Abby and Stacey I have to come too! I cant wait!! :)