Monday, July 16, 2007

One of Our Favorite Things

First let me preface this post by saying that we probably only make Kool Aid at the Hendrick House about five times a year.

I'm on a lonely, horribly unsuccessful crusade to make the whole world drink more water. There could be no one more unsupportive of my liquidy mission than my own family members.

So, when we do drink Kool Aid around here, it's one of the most exciting days we have in this house all year.

For two reasons...the first one is obvious. My kids love it and wish their mother was not so weird about their choice of beverage.

The second is we have this fun little Kool Aid tradition around here.

Are you ready for this?

If you drink Kool Aid a lot at your house and you have a lot of kids...I can't imagine the fun you are about to have.

First I say..."I'm making Kool Aid!" Pure joy and rapture breaks out in my house. They literally hold hands and jump in circles screaming.

We dump the Kool Aid packet into the pitcher.

Then all the boys stick their heads inside and SNIFF with great gusto...your kids must sniff passionately for this wonderful trick to work. They must snort like they have never snorted before. You must have your troops ready...lined up in a row...this is serious stuff. You have to get the sniffing done IMMEDIATELY after pouring in the powder.

Then I finish making the Kool Aid. Yes...we still drink it...only because I'm convinced that nothing my little boys could do to Kool Aid could make it worse for you.

The boys giggle and hop around the kitchen...waiting.

Then I hand each one of them a white Kleenex.

They take turns blowing their noses and showing their siblings their Kool-Aid colored snot.

You would not believe how dark red, blue, purple their snot will be! It's incredible.

Much laughter.

Many screams.

Hopefully many fun memories.

I thought for a while that maybe only boys would love this mucus marvel...but oh no...

A little girl was here today and we let her have a turn.

She said, after looking at her snot..."Wow! This is great!"

Colored snot is not a respecter of persons.

No gender is removed from it's power.


The Uptons said...

So maybe someday we will have to try sniffing kool-aid powder...only if I can bring myself to buy kool-aid. Your "lonely crusade" is not so lonely. I too, much to my husband's chagrin, am in the battle with you. Did you know that you should drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water per day just to stay hydrated? That is a lot of water! Who has time to drink anything else? Really.

Hendrick Family said...

Right! Who has time to do that? Who even has the bladder capacity to drink all the water you're supposed to drink plus extra stuff? Who has the time to rid such a bladder or it's contents!

Yet another reason why the world should drink water.

Let's get t-shirts printed Maria!


Anonymous said...

We will definitely be trying that out! How fun!

And where is the picture caption? Your man is as funny as you are.


Hendrick Family said...

Your kids will LOVE it, Aimee...and I'm looking at my man right now out the window. He's building a DECK!



BrunerAbroad said...

I too, am on a crusade to get the world to drink water. However I do have a plethora of fabulous memories that revolve around the Kool-Aid pitcher at my grandma's house. I'll have to try the snot thing sometime.

Hendrick Family said...


I'm putting a link to your blog on ours. We want to know how to pray for you. So proud of what God is doing in your life, how He is going to use you...and surely they have Kool Aid in Europe...right?


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Water...water...water...the boys each have their own sports bottles in the refrigerator so they can drink whenever they want.
We don't even buy juice except V8 fusion...blueberry pomegranate, yum.
Not a lonely crusade!!!

King Family said...

I love how weird you can be with your boys. I like to be weird with mine too, yours are just a little bit ahead of mine in age so we can take ideas from you. Kool-aid sniffing is definitely one of them, although Sam's never had Kool-aid. I'm sure he'll love it, I's Kool-aid.

the lewisi female said...

My husband is a water-only junky as well... I love water and have my nifty hot pink sports bottle I keep on me at all times for water purposes... but I just can't get over how wonderful Dr. Pepper is! When we have kids I will do them a favor and never even let them taste the stuff!! That'll work I'm sure! ha. I'm not sure if there is something specific you need to link but our address is and we like to call the Lewis plural the Lewisi... Drew's bff thought of that and it's kinda stuck!

Garratts said...

I think Reese tried to tell me this story, but it didn't really come out like this at all.

Hendrick Family said...

That's why I emailed you! If Hayden had come home telling me this, I would totally blow him off, thinking he was making up another weird story. But it's not a story...unfortunately! It's great fun.


Ryan Price said...

I would have never guessed that you were on a quest to save the world by water consumption based on the amount of incredibly sweet tea that is pumped through that house every day.

I think I'll be needing kidney dialysis by the time I leave in August at the rate I'm going with that tea!

Hendrick Family said...

I know! I'm making some right now as I type.

But do you ever see me drinking it?


We just keep sweet tea in the frig for our guests...for hospitality sake.

Now that you've moved in, are going to have to exercise self-control like the rest of us Hendricks.

Except Aaron.

He refuses to drink water.

One time he came home from work and said, "Today I had to drink water."

Like it was a punishment.

Crazy man.

joshlangston said...

yeah... i heard some similar stories from my patients in the psych ER. let's just hope it remains Kool-Aid and never becomes Cocaine.