Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This will be the first of, I'm sure many posts that contain words we are using at the Hendrick homestead. All families do this, I'm sure...have their own made up words that mean funny things. It's a sweet phenomenon that happens in houses full of people who talk to each other.

We love words.

We are lovers of words.

Is there a name for people who love words, because if so, I would seriously consider naming our next child that word that means we adore vocabulary. Aaron would be all for it too.

I love when my kids get their words mixed up.

Last night Hayden called a katydid a ladydid.

I will never say katydid again. Never. They will forever be ladydids.

I have always wanted to have my own language.

I think being bilingual is like the coolest thing EVER...it ranks right up there with having super powers, or being able to do pull ups. I'm not kidding.

Growing up, I kept a notebook of my new language.

My dream was to coin my own vernacular.

I only got up to like 20 words, because I'm sure I got distracted with some other odd idea, like making jewelry out of old tires. That never took off because no matter how small you make them, earrings made out of tires are heavy and make your ears look like the naked ladies' ears out of National Geographic...and let's all get real...those ladies aren't exactly the driving force behind fashion, my friends.

Back in the day, instead of saying, "Well, you don't say" in Heatherench you would say, "Gooda Howbouty." Why I chose that phrase first to translate in my new language, I don't know. I didn't ever say, "Well, you don't say" in ENGLISH, but I guess it was going to be a common phrase in Heatherland. We shouldn't waste our time trying to figure out my thought process back in those days because I also kept another notebook full of sentences that contained one cuss word. Of all the cuss words, it was my favorite...not too vulgar but still startling. I wrote down all the ways I heard people use that word...especially the creative ways, and I even made up a few of my own.

When I grew up, I was going to have my own language, my own business and I was going to cuss, using that one word in very awe-inspiring ways.

Good thing I'm normal now.


The word we've been saying today in the big green house is:


It's a dumb movie with an elvis rooster and a lot of rain...but that word...Rockadoodle. I love it.


When you say it...it's like the word, "Rockadoodle" is a two year old and your mouth is a joy jump. It bounces around in there for awhile before coming out.

These are my favorite ways to use it so far:

Hayden: I made a map mom, want to see it?

Mom: Yes!

Hayden: It has a long road, and this red is the lava you have to go through and this blue is murky waters with sharks in it, but when you swim through it, you have tongs, so you can catch all the sharks...so don't worry...and then this black part, that's the dark forest, and then this right here...that's a monkey that throws poison at you. (He really said all this today...I love that kid...I think he's our child that will be making tire earrings one day too, God bless him.)

Mom: Hayden...I love it. That map Rocksadoodle.

See how you add the s to mix it up?

It's bouncy and versatile. Love it.

I've also been using it to mean, "Well of course" today.

I can't decide which one I like better.

Ashton: Can I have more watermelon?

Mom: (as I walk to the kitchen) Rock-a-doodle!!!

He started clapping. See...he speaks my language.

Love that kid. He rocksadoodle.


Anonymous said...

I think we would be friends if we lived by each other. My husband and friends get a kick out of how I mess words and sayings up. I always think they sound right. Ex. Kill a bird with two stones, tape duck, sore eye (eye sore), and the list goes on. Enjoyed your rockadoodle, I'll have to use it. Carrie

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Yes...I am constantly doing that as well. I once YELLED...and I mean YELLED...as in, I could not have physically said it any louder...this phrase at someone across our church parking lot...


What does that mean?

But I was so confident while saying it. Aaron was next to me and said, "No. You did not just say that."

He had to repeat it about three times back to me before I could even see anything wrong with what I said.

I was supposed to say swing...and the shake...well that went in some other saying that was making fun of someone walking in a sexy manner.


The Kramer Family said...

This is too funny!

Kaylyn says 'bagusting' instead of 'disgusting'. So, Jason and I refer to things being gross now as 'bagusting'. It is so fun!

I wish I kept a journal of all of the crazy messed up things that I say that have Jason rolling on the floor. It's probably a good thing I can't remember all of them because then I would have low self-esteem:).

I will have to tell the boys 'rockadoodle' when I see them tomorrow!

Bill, Heather, and Company said...

Top 5 things you should never do with a unicorn:

5. Football... the pre-game is killer.

4. Bungee Jump

3. Eskimo kiss

2. Hang sheet rock

1. PLAY LEAP FROG!! (Thanks Aaron!! Again, laughed out loud - which for the past week and a half has sent me into painful coughing fits, but it was worth it!)

oh yeah... i liked the post too. Made up words rock. To this day I call almost every Jennifer I know, "Jeffiner". Noah's favorite Bible story is "Jophess". He also use to give us "a biss and a dug" before bed (Heather is still bitter that I corrected Noah). And a more recent one = "constroy" instead of "destroy".

More than made up words though, I tend to speak in movie quotes (and some tv) "These pretzels are making me thirsty", "You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you", "The rules of haircare are simple and finite, any cosmo girl would have known", and "sometimes a man likes to wear stretchy pants." These come out at random or in actual conversation. It's amazing what your mind holds onto.

Hendrick Family said...


Aren't they just great.

They are on my top 5 list of things I wish were real.

Ok...so tonight, we played charades in our HOPE Group. The category was Sports and Kaycee pointed to the holes in her jeans.

"HOLES! HOLES!" all the girls yell out.

Then she points to her ear and acts like part of it is getting ripped off.

"I know this, I think to myself." I can't even explain my excitement. I'm thinking, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to guess this...and it's sports related...this is going to be awesome."

So I yell out...


Yelling it.


And I can't stop yelling it, because obviously, since the game is still going on, people aren't hearing my right answer.

It feels like it really should be the answer we're looking for.

But the game does not end. I'm so confused...but then I see Aaron next to me laughing so hard he's wadded up in a ball...and can't breathe.

Holy Vandevanter is not the man's name who got his ear bit off.

Evander Hollyfield is.

Holy is a word we use to describe God and the Vandevanters go to our church.

And why do I always have to YELL OUT how stupid I am? Why?

But...if you say, "Ho-ly Vandevanter Batman..." that's fun.


Anonymous said...

My OBGYN's name is Dr. Hardey. When I was pregnant with my last baby, my 2 year old came with for doctor visits all the time. She called him "Chocolate Party". That's got to be my favorite of all the things she's said.

Then there are the classics that she still says at age 3 1/2: emalade (lemonade) and Chick-a-lay. I hope she never outgrows these!


Bev Brandon said...

what are words?
they are 26 letters put together...
unless you are Brooke...
her words in Thailand have 42 consonants, 32 vowels, and 5 possible tones (ascending, descending, static, low, and high) for each phoneme
so how do you say rockadoodle in Thai?
what are words?
they come from the face
from the mouth
from the heart...
and what I see is a Hendrick family enjoying each other immensely...don't ever lose the wonder of words, the wonder of life--I don't think you will...
i hear laughter and love...
i loved it when aaron laughed at your Holy Vandevanter---I don't know the Vandevanters but as I read it, i thought you were on to something...oh dear...
makes me think of Deut. 32:47---words are not just idle words, they are our very life, right? only if you choose life-giving words like rockadoodle

The Kramer Family said...


I so have this pictured in my head.

Even the look of pure excitement on your face as you thought you were guessing the correct answer. I imagine that you probably even stood up and waved your arms up and down.

You crack me up!

p.s. Rain, Rain, go away!

Melodi said...

I just told Mark this week that Hannah was singing in the van, stopped and said, "That part is so hard! I can't say it fast enough....it's the fool-ness part that is so hard." I asked, "What did you say??" She said, "Fool-ness. You know! Fool-ness and self-control." I died laughing! I said, "Hannah! It's FAITH-fulness and self-control!" She said, "Well, that's not what the people around me were singing at VBS." ha!!!! Mark and I decided some people DO show that fruit!

Ryan Price said...

Yes! Holy Vandevanter almost made me pee in my pants. One of the funniest things I heard all night.

Other than... the way me and Aaron totally had the Barbara Walters impression thing down... that kinda scares me!

Grandma said...

Philologist, I'm sorry to say, means a lover of words. But since it does not start with A or H, I'm assuming we won't actually be naming the next baby Philologist. Phil. Philo. Philolo. Nope, won't do.

Bill, Heather, and Company said...

Holy Vandevanter!! How incredibly stinkin' HI-larious...

"Evander Holyfield Batman" might be a new saying of mine.

And though Philologist doesn't start with an A or H, Holyfield does... or Hi-lo, or perhaps "Ander Philologist" or maybe "Hill O. Hendrick"

just some things to think about.

Hendrick Family said...



We can't name our child Philologist.

I wonder what the word is for the person who is terribly disappointed in the word, "Philologist."


the amy's said...

Pampakes (pancakes), bayjays (PJs), mannah-nade (lemonade), paatula (parking lot), wasgusting (disgusting), basgetty (spagghetti), biapers (diapers). I love the words kids come up with. It is priceless. ROCKADOODLE!!

P.S. I love that you say "pants" too.

King Family said...


So funny! We have our own language too and sometimes it's so weird I am glad no one else can hear us. But for now, the funny stuff I can actually remember is we call pancakes--cake-cakes, and we say Bonkey any time we bump into something or get bumped. It's really fun to say.

Jennifer Bacak said...

I really like Bonkey, Stac!
We also have made-up words. My favorite to say right now is what Jax used to call Navasota. It will always be "Wappasota" to me.