Thursday, July 19, 2007

Going Through the Big D

And yes, I mean Dallas.

Aaron and I are here celebrating 11 years of marriage...11 years of refinement, 11 years of nakedness, 11 years of laughter, 11 years of blowing it and saying we're sorry, 11 years of falling asleep next to each other every night.

11 years.

We left our sweet kids with their sweet grandma...Anson laid in the dry bathtub, in his clothes and cried while I fixed my hair. "I don't want you to go, mom. I'm going to miss you so much."

Sweet.  But I was still leaving.

Aaron and I are having so much fun together. We talked for 3 hours on the way up here, we are staying in a fancy pants hotel, we ate at an eclectic sushi bar last night called Fuse. Fuse. I ate at a place called Fuse. We pretended to be the coolest people ever while we were there. 

It was such a great experience. Except for the part of the evening where we looked at the menu and had NO IDEA how to eat or order Sushi. When the waiter came to the table I said, "Look, I'm just going to shoot straight with you." He said nervously, "Okay." Then I said, "I love sushi, but I've only eaten it at HEB." This was funny to him. The whole time he was explaining things on the menu he would filter it through the HEB in, he would say something, I would look confused and he would say, "Oh...sorry...they probably don't sell that at HEB." He was great. I loved that HEB was the point of reference.

I got to eat one of those tiny, pretty salads...I've always wanted one...those dishes that are MINISCULE, multi-colored and a million dollars! Skinny rich people food. When they sat down the dish, I beamed. I had no idea I was about to get a piece of cilantro, a speck of cheese and one tomato for my salad. It was a dream come true. Just looking at it made me die laughing.

Aaron ate raw fish and drank one sip of an alcoholic beverage...both were a first for him. Such a sweet, loyal Baptist. He didn't order the drink, it just came with the meal. He took one drink because I begged him. It was some Asian whiskey. He about choked. He was not impressed that the smell of it was stuck to his nose hairs for hours after he took that drink.

I tasted it too...and realized that alcohol tastes like White Rain. I've always wondered what they did with all that hair spray no one uses we know. They pour it into wine glasses and serve it at high dollar, non gay, sushi restaurants.

And then...we saw Evan Almighty. I loved the guts out of it. I especially loved my Lorelai, who was pretending to be married and pretending to answer to the name, Jane. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her...and where was Rori?

Then the HIGHLIGHT so far of our trip was that we slept until 10:30 this morning! 10:30!! I want to make up a 10:30 dance! I don't think I have slept until 10:30 since we've had kids...unless I was super, duper, deathly ill...and really...I'm just guessing there, I still don't think I would have slept that late.


I still haven't gotten over it.

I wanted to stand up on the bed, my hair looking like Medusa, my mouth smelling foul and sing a song about 10:30. I wanted to sing a song TO 7:30 and 8:30 and 9:30...mocking them...telling them how glad I was that I didn't see them today. I did not know they existed. I ignored them. In your face 7:30 through 9:30! I shake my rear at you and say, "uh-hu-uh-hu...uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh." I would have done all that, but I was too starving and dizzy to stand up and dance and mock imaginary hours that I was personifying into humans. I needed something to eat and a lot of coffee.



Ryan Price said...

HA! I love the gay sushi bar comment! I can totally picture that...

Aaron... I'm not a big fan of Asian alcohol either (I'm assuming you drank some Sake... the rice wine stuff that's really hot?)... I don't understand why someone would just want to drink that. Nice cultural experience though!

Glad you guys are having a good time! Maybe I'll pass you guys on your way home as I'm heading to Dallas this weekend.

Hendrick Family said...

Yes...Sake suckies.


We miss you Ryan. What are you doing this week while we're gone? What have you eaten for supper?


Jennifer Bacak said...

My friends, I am so happy for you! Live it up, and enjoy every minute. Soak it all in, and make memories.
10:30...that makes me misty-eyed.
And please stop jay-walking Heather. Listen to Aaron.

Ryan Price said...

Withdrawls... that's all I gotta say...

I don't know what I'm gonna do next week (I guess a week of fasting...ha!)... You guys should leave me a key to the frig... Me and Matt & Erin can just hold down the fort!

Melodi said...

ha!!!!!!! I yelled to Mark, "She's blogging! From DALLAS! On her anniversary trip!!!!" That in itself cracks me up, but I'm so happy to hear that you're having a blast and that you saw Evan Almighty!!!! You must sleep until 10:30 again tomorrow. You simply must. Happy Anniversary! Love you!

rk said...

You should try White Rain Schnappes. It goes down smoother, and helps dry hair to look soft, shiny, and beautiful.

Glad you guys are having fun. Sad that blogging ON YOUR VACATION!!!

Hendrick Family said...

I got Aaron to Jay Walk today! Raw fish, a sip of whiskey and a jay walk...he's turning into a rebel! I thought he was going to pee his pants breaking the "law."

And yes...Melodi...I am blogging. It's funny to me too. When Aaron asked me what would be the perfect get away, I thought...

Nice hotel
Sleeping late
Eating salads I didn't make
Watching Movies during the day
Blogging without getting up and saving 15 times before posting.

Aaron only had one thing on his list.

This has been the best trip ever.


LD said...

I posted lots of picutres of your kids on my blog - I hope you don't mind.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Jennifer Bacak said...

We saw "Evan Almighty" tonight too! We liked it.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary Hendricks! Hope yall are having LOTS of fun!
PS Is that pic the guy from Top Chef? I watched it last night for the first time at Melodi's!

Anonymous said...

If you guys are still in Dallas and you like cupcakes you should try "Sprinkles Cupcakes." It's a hot spot for celebs in Beverly Hills and now Dallas...yippy! I wanted to make myself throw up after eating 2...I was so so sad that I ate 2. I was happy after one but then very not happy after 2. If you like meat and have some extra cash (uh, like $50 a piece)...Texas de Brazil..that's all I have to say. Yet another good way to want to make yourself barf. Connie

Anonymous said...

Oh, and The Melting Pot is a great date...fondue heaven. Connie

Hendrick Family said...

Is this in the was in my wedding Connie? If wonderful is that to have you commenting on my anniversary post!

And Lauren...those pictures are so great. D.O., Matt, Cwaire, Brooke...go look!

My babies were so little! I need another one. Mine are getting too big.


Liz said...

i am up way too late reading blogs...
it can be a little addicting.
I love love love reading your blogs so i thought i should say something-
this is liz seay (jenn's sis in law by the way).
i love all the smart, thoughtful, convicting and funny things you write about.
i can't figure how you find the time to do it all?
please pass on time management tips if you have 'em!
just wanted to say hi!
(we've met once or twice before)
blessings! congrats on 11 years!

Garratts said...

SO glad you are having fun.

Getting away just the 2 of you is a must. You need to do it more often.

Keeps the marriage SPICEY!!! Like Sake.

Keep on having a blast and make Aaron break the law some more.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is and I can't believe it's been 11 YEARS! I got so excited thinking about all the wonderful food around here that I forgot to say happy anniversary to both of you! My mother-in-law is making your brides maid dress into a "dress up dress" for my girls along with my prom dresses. I just can't let things go. When she's done I'll e-mail you a picture. Have tons of fun in big D! Connie

The Kramer Family said...

Anniversary trips are the best. I know that it is a much needed break for you two. I'm so happy you get to enjoy eachother and share lots of laughs.

I keep trying to talk Jason into taking me to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary......since we didn't have a honeymoon. I don't think he is going for it.

But, I'm really not bitter.

Love you guys! It's raining here......of course.

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

What's funny too is that up here in the DFW Metroplex (aren't we fancy?) there are no HEB grocery stores. In fact, Matt and I live in the Mid-Cities area between the D and the FW and "HEB" stands for Hurst-Euless-Bedford, which are three suburb areas that are back to back...and yes that did cause a bit of confusion when I first moved here. One of my least favorite aspects of living here is the terrible lack of H-E-B grocery stores.

Happy anniversary Aaron and Heather!!

brandon Rogers said...

loved the white rain comment...

I used to use that stuff when I was little and had a flat top...I would make my spikes as hard as a rock by spraying on tons of white rain and then putting my head in front of a fan.

i was so awesome.