Thursday, July 05, 2007

Born in the USA

Fourth of July highlights.

We ate until we were physically ill. Really.

My dad and Aaron tried to blow up the Earth...and Jason's dog.

Jason, my farming, fireman brother calmly sat back and watched the whole thing. I suspect having Jason and his fire skills standing by only increases the nerve of the men holding explosives. Something about fire is very funny to Aaron, which always makes me worry.

Then we got drunk on watermelon. Look at these kids. A keg could not do this much damage or bring this much enjoyment! No need for liquor when you have ice cold watermelon. Much cheaper than booze...and no hang overs...but Ashton did poop 5 times today. After the fifth time, he said, very irritated..."I just pooped AGAIN." He stomped his foot and aimed both fists down towards the floor. Funny!

Cute cousins

They could be twins.

My punkindoodle baby

Sweet brothers devouring sweet watermelon

My precious hubby

My dear dad.

My drop-dead gorgeous niece.
People look at her.
Really. Breath TAKING!

Giggin Em Anson
He's been writing a book this month,
so I'm sure he was in the hammock
thinking through plot lines for Chapter 14.

Discovery Channel Hayden.
I'm pretty sure he may have just
caught every bug in Brenham.

Goober boy doing his Johnny Bravo face.
Then I said, "Quit doing that," AND...

He turned handsome.

We had such a great time. It rained. Lynsey was super sick. But there's nothing like hanging out with people you love...even if they have strep throat. 

I think freedom tastes like watermelon, smells like kids dipped in fun, sounds like laughter and feels like family.


Jennifer Bacak said...

Since I'm potty training Justus, do you think I should feed him lots of watermelon? That might speed up the process!
Happy 4th, Hendricks!
Love the pics.
And Anson's Johnny Bravo face.

Melodi said...

I haven't heard the name Johnny Bravo in forever! Love the face!

3 of the kids and I drove to our favorite spot to watch the big fireworks, in the pouring rain, only to find we had missed them! I guess they did them early because they knew the rain was coming, but never mind, the kids had a blast playing in the rain while I sat in the van and read a chapter of the latest book Aaron loaned me!!

It looks like you had a rockadoodle 4th of July!!!

SaraEaker said...

So I was just telling Ryan that 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays because it is all about the stuff you wrote in your blog. Food and fellowship...its such a spiritual day in my mind! No gifts, no major stress (except for fire hazords!) just fun with people that you love! What a ROCKADOODLE (to quote a recent post) holiday it is! Sad that it rained...but hey its all good! Glad you had a happy 4th! What a great day!

Anonymous said...


Love those layers!


The Kramer Family said...

When the Hendricks visit the country:

- Every mason jar in sight is filled with some creepy, yucky, and scary! I think I found 4 of them laying around in yard and on the porch. All of them had something horrific in it!

- Heather will STILL be stylin' and cute!

- Some one will POOP in the grass!

- There will be little pairs of shoes found the next day that have been left all over the place. I haven't quite figured this one out. But, we have 3 pairs of little boy shoes at our house!

- There will be lots of laughs!

Thanks for coming even though I was sicker than a dog! I'm still glad y'all had fun. I hope this is a tradition that we do every year- minus the sick part, plus more friends!

Love you,
Aunt Lyns

Bev Brandon said...

precious pictures!

to love and be loved is what your family is all about...i just think about your little ones growing up with a mom and dad like then you come alongside my Brooke and mentor her and make her want to love her Lord so much more...thank you on this 4th holiday for your love and kindness and care and is so evidently seen...bev

Hendrick Family said...

Yes...I thought I should clarify the SOMEONE in the someone will poop in your grass comment! That leaves too much to the imagination...and your imagination can be limitless when the Hendricks are involved! child who I'm really not sure if he EVER pooped in his underwear, even when potty training last summer POOPED in his pants! Poor kid! He hates poop. He is my clean baby. He is my only child that actually acted RELIEVED when we showed him how to poop in the potty. He could not have been more grateful to have that stuff out of his diaper! He acted a little annoyed at us for not teaching him sooner.

So...I walk up to him and he says, "I pooped in my pants." I was shocked and said, "Why?" And sweet as can be...and SO honest, he said, "I don't know." And you could tell...he really didn't know...and he was so perplexed.

I said, "Ashton...that's gross. Why would you do something like that?" I wasn't being mean. I really was shocked, given the kid. Again, the same way, he said, "I don't know. I'm tired."

It was kind of funny. That day I had decided to let him skip his nap, which I think he has only done twice in his life. He really was tired! Even after cleaning him up he said, "Am I taking a nap now?" I thought he was trying to get out of it, or was about to talk me out of it, but when I said, "Yes," he said, "Okay."

Then he went to bed! Such a sweet boy.

And I think I left Hayden's tennis shoes out there that he actually wears every day AND all the boy's boots! Hayden was NOT happy about his tennis shoes being gone, because today I made him wear his flip flops and about 20 times in Target he said, "I can't make these shoes work!"

Sorry Lynsey about leaving so much behind! Will you bring them to church this weekend?

Such fun times!!!


Anonymous said...

You don't have to post this. I just wanted to let you know that I happened on to your blog by mistake and really enjoyed the family pictures. I was a Baptist pastor's wife for many years then 10 years ago he had a massive stroke and I've been alone since. I am from Atlanta and have endeavored to continue the ministry as best I can alone. Keep the is what sustains you when you find yourself old and alone. When my husband had his stroke it was like we became lepers. I received no help and people I thought were good Christian friends just disappeared. So, now I have to try and take care of myself alone. When my husband had the stroke we were living in the pastorium and I was promptly evicted and abandoned. It was hard to go to church after that - but, I love the Lord - and the church will have to answer for abandoning a widow. So, I travel a good bit now and continue ministering as best as my limited income can allow. Thanks for letting a very lonely woman peek into your happy family.

Barbara Brown
Atlanta, GA

The Kramer Family said...

I love all of my little reminders of my precious nephews....even the smelly ones. I'm so glad that they had so much fun.

I'm glad you clarified the 'poop incident'. Atleast people know that it wasn't Aaron pooping in our grass. It was very funny how I found out myself.

I came out of my dark cave-like room after drugging myself to take a nap. I was still a little loopy when I stumbled into the dining room. I glanced out of the window and saw you and Aaron looking down at the ground with your arms on your hips.

You didn't have the look of anger, or sadness, or excitement. It was more of a perplexed look. Like, 'what in the world just happened' look?

It was priceless.

It was also a funny moment in my brain guessing what in the world would cause you to look at this 'thing' with such a question mark. My imagination went all over the place.

And then, the truth.

I guess it is payback for the time KK pooped on Aaron.....oh, and the other time when she was a baby that she pooped on all of the boys while she was in the bath.

Love ya!
Aunt Lyns