Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby's Got Brains

How cute is my little punkindoodle head?

If I was one of "those" parents I would pretend like he's a genius and I taught him the continents because we're so advanced at the Hendrick Academy in Da Hood...

Put down the razor blade. Really, Ashton probably couldn't point out Africa on a globe from...really, I don't even know if he knows what a globe is...

We started Kindergarten with Hayden last month...his first unit was on the Earth...the continent and oceans.

We sang this song to remember the names of all the continents.

Ashton never joined in. He just quietly plays with his fire trucks at the table while we do school.

Then, today, he was sitting playing with his cars singing this song so softly and sweetly and smartly.

We all were astonished.

He has done this sort of thing before...I think he's off in la-la land, playing with his toys near where we're doing school.

I will ask Hayden, "What does P say?"

Hayden will say,with his eyebrows raised, very interested... "I don't know. What DOES it say?"

He doesn't understand that I'm trying to ask him a question to see if he knows the answer. Instead, he acts like I'm trying to tell him a joke. He thinks I have a punch line for my question. School with him is already very interesting.

Then, out of nowhere Ashton will stop playing and say, "Hayden...P says pu" then he goes back to lining up his cars.


I look over at him, already back into raising his fire truck's ladder up and his own little world again.

The room is silent for a moment as the boys and I look at each other in amazement.

Then, that's when I remind Ashton ONCE AGAIN that he is the baby...he needs to play and stop learning...that babies play with toys...they don't climb tall walls or know phonics.

We really need a new baby quick.


The Kramer Family said...

Such the baby! I love this kid.

'they are seben continents' adorable.

It is so amazing how they are all so different and so wonderful.

Love you!
Aunt Lyns

Bev Brandon said...

oh my...that is the cutest thing i have heard today...warmed this mom's heart...wanted to just squeeze his little cheeks...and smother him with kisses...he is a doll!!!!!!!!!! And I am home tonight doing driver's education on the web with my 16-year-old who used to be "seben" seems like last Saturday

Ryan Price said...

Such a smart kid... And I love the last line... "I wanna see me!"

As if I haven't heard that about a million times while taking pictures!!

Ninja Pleeeeaase!

the Apels said...

I love him...he IS a doll!

Bethan said...

I watched that video several times just so that I could feel like I was in the Hendrick's home again!! Ashton's getting bigger! I will always have imprinted in my mind a picture of Ashton, hand-in-hand behind his back, strolling aimlessly by the pond at Central Park...this kid will have some amazing "higher order thinking skills!!"

Karen said...

Oh my goodness! Ashton you are the cutest, smartest little boy! I just love you! Good job on all that learning! I am so proud of you!

The Mosiers said...

I love it!! He's so cute and smart!

Grandma said...

SSSOOO sweet! Makes me need to hug him and his cute little duck lips.

The Kramer Family said...

Hey, Erin is commenting as 'The Mosiers'. How fun is that??? So, glad you are back you cute married couple.

I can't wait to see you!

Hendrick Family said...

I know! How cute is that!!!

And they ARE cute.

Even cuter in "the next house" like Ashton calls it. He never asks them if they are going next door. Ashton says, "Are you going to the next house?" And Hayden wants to move in with them...we aren't letting him...yet.


Melodi said...

ha!!!!!!!!!! I have already played the video twice, showing all the kids. Like Ryan, the "I wanna see me!" was my favorite. I howled when I read about Hayden thinking you were going to give him the punchline! Homeschooling ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

I am totally stealing that song! My kids will love it. We started Kindergarten last month also!