Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Last weekend, we went to the Texas Red's Festival a few blocks from our house. I was so impressed with all the cool things they had down there for kids! I was also impressed that in the grown up section they had a "butt sketch booth." It's what it sounds like. A man stands there and draws a picture of your backside. Really. I kept waiting to come upon the "stretch mark sketch booth." I would want a sketch of those as much as I would want a sketch of my behind.

We had a great morning walking around with Allen and Kendra and Ryan and Sara.

Our silly family

High Hayden

High Anson with High Hayden Behind Him.

My baby. He looks a little unsure at this point.
But he got over it.
I kept telling him, all day, "You can't do that one, you're too little. It's for big kids." Then he would say in his tiny, Ashton voice, "But I want to do it, please, mommy?" Then I would let him, and then he would do wonderfully at all those big kid things. Where did my baby go? Could someone please tell me and bring him back? I mean it!

Ashton and Hayden climbing a super tall tower. Again...that's my baby up at the top. What on earth is happening? Anson climbed it too, but was so fast, we didn't get any pictures. Crazy!

My crazy little pirate!

One would assume that since he's in a pirate costume, he's probably headed to a party, or a festival, or just hanging around the house.


This is what he wore to the library this morning.

He was not happy at all until his costume was complete.

He had to have a mustache.

And not just a regular mustache.

A "pirate one."

This is a mustache, that goes around your mouth, in case you are ever at a loss, as I surely was, to what a pirate mustache should look like.

We had a great time with the Bacaks, Kelli Williams and all her boys, Fernando and Kathy and girls and to Hayden's excitement, both of his favorite Ms. Beckys were there!

This is who we all went to see. A singing zoologist. It was so great! This man rapped about wetlands. He had puppets. Really. It was incredible. His songs were so smart, but sounded super. Anson bought his CD with his own money...which is a HUGE compliment to this man, because my goodness, the boy is FRUGAL. After the singing zoo man gave Anson his CD and said, "Thanks for buying this, I hope you enjoy it," Anson stood there and then said, "Um, I gave you a $20 and so can you please give me my change?"

So smart.

The man apologized profusely.

Everyone in line laughed.

I was so proud of my sweet, brilliant son.

I've only caught one math error in my entire HEB...and I was so nervous to bring it up, I was almost sick...because SURELY I could not be right about math and the cashier be wrong.

But she was wrong.

And I ran home and insisted Aaron celebrate with me, because it felt so good to catch a math mistake.

And Anson is only 7.

My heart is filled with pride.


D.O. said...

Hayden's going to be alright. Climbing rock walls and desiring mustaches, that kid's good to go. I'm glad to see I made an impression on him.

Ryan Price said...

I laugh out loud when picturing the look on Anson's face when he stares at this man and ask for his change! That is so funny!! Cool kids... cool kids.

Bev Brandon said...

i LOVE this post...
hayden hanging in the air
i can only think what you must have been feeling---it's a long way down and you trusted...
reminds me that our God asks us
to jump off cliffs
and His rope is tied to us
and catches us right before we hit
rock bottom...
back to your post
loved the HEB story---I identified with the mom not wanting to
confront the clerk...
i've always thought
everyone else is right...not me
and i wonder why...
i am learning even today why...

you have such a good heart for Him Heather honey...

i love your post!