Friday, June 08, 2007

The body, a truck, a jeep and a baby

This is a little story.
A little story about the body.
It all starts with a Jeep.
A Jeep is not a part of the body, but that’s where this story begins, nonetheless.
A jeep.
Aaron’s jeep.
Sitting in our driveway for years.
This is also a story about a truck.
Aaron’s truck.
But is
Run Down.
Aaron has driven this red truck for years. It was a free gift, so generous and such a blessing. It has served our family well. It has no air conditioning. The seats are ripped. Hayden can’t ride in it because it’s too hot, he gets itchy and because it’s hot, Aaron rolls the windows down and so the red truck is also…
Down right dangerous for Hayden.
I can't drive it.
Kids can't fit in it.

So, we're basically a one car family if the family is indeed the ones that are traveling.

It also burns oil like nobody’s business. Aaron is single handedly destroying the ozone with his one, red truck.
But does Aaron complain?
That’s just not the way he rolls.

Does the ozone complain?

I'm sure.

And so does Al Gore.

Enters Wade Amy from Living Hope.

Wade is not going to like that his name is on here, or next to Al Gore's name.
Wade Amy is from our Hope Group.
Wade Amy is husband to Liz, father to Grady and Will.
Wade Amy is the man.
He found a friend who wanted the red Jeep and Aaron sold it to him last week.
We love Wade.
So we have money.
Aaron can FINALLY buy a different vehicle.
Our hearts are elated.
Aaron would have already bought some wheels, he was so excited. But, VBS was this week and after VBS ended at LH everyday, VBS started at our house. Our home has been full of kids from noon until dark every day this week.
Good thing we were busy loving kids.
Today, someone from Living Hope GAVE Aaron a truck.
They gave him a truck.
A Truck.
Not a gift certificate, or a lawn mower.
A Truck.
A Good One.
A Perfect One.
For real.
This man told Aaron that God said to give him his truck.
His truck.
His Trrrrrrruck!
Holy Cow a Truck.
God told him two weeks ago, and he fought with God about it ever since.
But God won.
The man gave.
My eyes well up with tears just typing that.
Can you imagine the talks we have had with our kids today about God’s provision? About generosity? About the body sharing with those in need? About gifts so big that saying, “Thank You” sounds absurd and stupid? About grace? About Jesus?
We’ve had camp and revival in our home this evening with our kids.
But why did God give Aaron a truck NOW?
It’s so weird.
We finally sold the Jeep last week.
Aaron could finally buy another vehicle…not a very nice one, but better than the one he has.
Why today?
Why not weeks ago?
Why when we have some money?
Because this man had no way of knowing it, but he didn’t just give us a truck.
He gave us a new Hendrick.
We have wanted to adopt a newborn baby so badly.
And not just any baby.
There is a great need for families to adopt children who have African American blood running through their tiny little bodies.
The only reason we haven’t…
The money.
Who has a lump sum of money just sitting around?
Not us.
Now us.
One day this man will see a brown little child running around the halls of Living Hope and know that his truck…that unfathomable gift…was so that child could run the halls of Living Hope.
One day that baby will drive around in that new truck he gave to Aaron.
One day, because we were connected to Wade Amy, and he had a friend and that friend bought our jeep, Wade can squeeze that new little baby and know it's because the body works when the body works the way God intended.
I love God's people.
I love my church.
I love my HOPE Group.
Praise the Lord.
Praise God for the body.
Praise God for adoption.
Another gift given to us as believers that is so big, so grand, so unreal that saying, “Thank You” sounds silly.
Thank you simply isn’t enough.
It simply will not do.


brandon said...


That is some good stuff.

I don't know what else to say.

Melodi said...

OH my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm screaming!!!! This is AMAZING and so GOD and I can't wait for the next little brown baby at Living Hope!!!!! The TRUCK! I just yelled it to my family and they said, "Just like Facing the Giants!" Thank you for your example of obedience and of making sure we all know what God is doing in your family. I love you all!

aggie07 said...

Yay!! I am so excited for you Heather!! Enjoy the truck and I can't wait to love on the new Hendrick to be when it gets here.

The Kramer Family said...

This is some great news! God is sooooo good. He would still be good if He didn't do all of this incredible stuff, but I have to give Him glory for all of this. He orchestrated the entire thing! He knows our every need and the desires of our heart. I was just thinking about Aaron's sweet little truck the other day. He takes the 'do everything without arguing or COMPLAINING' to a whole new level.

I can't wait to have another cute NEICE (??) or cute nephew running around. That is just amazing.

Thanks for sharing this amazing testimony. I sure do love y'all!

Aunt Lyns

Garratts said...

This is so cool! WOW!! PRAISE GOD!

Mike was telling me the story, it is amazing. Our GOD IS an AWESOME GOD!!!

We love you guys so much!
Ash & Fam

Garratts said...

Does Lynsey have a blog now?


duane and marylou said...

that is awesome.
we are soooo happy for y'all.
God is so good.

texasmcvays said...

That is great! I am glad I have internet access today! You guys rock!

Ryan Price said...

Oh snap... that rocks!

I'm gonna have to come over and go cruisin' through the ghetto with you bro!

Man I love Living Hope. How amazing is our church!?!

Bev Brandon said...

You made me think of the verse Exodus's I AM who sent this truck to you. I AM is sending a baby. God wanted you to know one more time that He is your great I AM. I AM everything to the Hendrick family.

We were looking for that red truck last Saturday as we drove around and around CS trying to find the Sat pm LH worship service. We were in town for the Great American Shootout. Never found LH. You were in our thoughts. Wanted to surprise you & hug your neck. See you next go round & remember who is with you--I AM (3:11).

SaraEaker said...

I AM CRYING...that is not too unusual; He just constantly amazes me! This blog post reminded me of a verse in Ephesians:

"...we are to grow up in all aspects of Him, who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes growth of the body for the building up of itself in love."
-Ephesians 4:15

THE BODY IS AMAZING! And I love how paul talks about how when each part supplies its part growth happens. It is so neat that this growth is going to happen in the form of a new baby. I just love how God weaves us all together so that we truly learn about community and learn how HE desires to grow His body. Thanks for sharing and allowing God to increase our faith! Praise God!

Hendrick Family said...

Oh man! I would have LOVED to see you Mrs. Bev! It would have been such a great surprise!


Laura said...

That's amazing. I hope you don't mind that I sent the link of that to my friends and family. Because I did. We serve such a great God.

Oh yeah, I'm another one of your non-creepy blog stalkers. Reading your blog is sometimes the highlight of my day. Like today. =)

-Laura B

pbmciver said...

WOW - what an amazing story! God truly works in such amazing ways. Heather you have such a way way with words - I just wish I had half of your brain, lol. I truly enjoy reading anything that you post - you make it sound so exciting and it is like reading a good book - you just can't put it down, 'cept here it is just a click of the mouse, lol.

Jennifer Bacak said...

I love it when God turns a truck into a brown baby!
Seriously, I've been floating on God's goodness all weekend for you guys.
I am anxiously awaiting what is to come. I love you guys!

Tania Hernandez said...

Soooo amazing. THANK YOU for sharing. God is so awesome!!!!!
Soooo awesome!!!

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Watching Will's salvation and how the Body works together and how He brings the right people into our lives has me standing totally in awe of our Savior.

I so love the generosity and unselfishness of Living Hope. I believe that we live out Acts 4 every day of our lives.

Praise God!!!

Ber said...


i'm in africa for two more days. only TWO more days to love on these orphans. i have so many pictures and stories to share when i get back. maybe even on your couch. ;)

just wanted you to know i'm thinking of you. your heart is so close to theirs. and by that, i mostly mean your heart is so close to the Lord's, whose heart is so close to theirs. it's been unreal. i've seen things you wouldn't believe.

amazing. wonderful. so many tears. so hard. yet so very worth it.

i can't get email to work right now, so i'm hoping the blogging will. send kirby my love. i miss her dearly, and can't wait to sit on her couch as well. :)

couchs said...

to echo Ryan's awesome "word-of-the-day" - OH SNAP!!

Thank the Lord He increases our understanding of what the word "good" really means through marvelous displays like that.

Heslip Twins said...

God is awesome! What a beautiful blessing the body and this baby is and will be. Don't you just love how God knocks our socks off?